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Rajigaze Nov 11

(Unexpected mail)

Kai: “I first discovered the GazettE when I was in middle school. When I first saw Uruha, I thought, ‘they’re totally tryna sell this guy as a narcissistic fuckboy kinda character!’”

(both laugh)

Kai: “But then, when I saw the Nippon Budokan documentary DVD, his character was completely different than what I had expected. Later on, when I was searching online, I found his blog and saw that he was writing such serious stuff, and watching him live, it was just one surprise after another. Now I love Uruha, I think he’s so cute. If Uruha has ever surprised you two with something unexpected, I’d love for you to tell us!”

Aoi: Hmmm, something unexpected…?

Kai: Pretty much all he ever does is unexpected stuff tho

Aoi: Oh really?

Kai: Well, I think so. 

Aoi: Ahhh….

Kai: Like his opinions on stuff, like……sometimes I’m like “oh, I see,” but some of them are like, “oh you went there?” …Like he’ll say something really cool, or like…“oh, you actually pay attention to that?” 

Aoi: Ahhh….well, yeah, I guess so.

Kai: Yeah, so I think he’s a pretty unpredictable person, but…

Aoi: Ah, I see. But I don’t really get how he would come off as a narcissist. 

Kai: Yeah, right? 

Aoi: When you read stuff too, it’s like, “damn, he’s so cool~”

Kai: (laughs) About Uruha? Like interviews and stuff?

Aoi: Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Kai: Yeah for sure….a fuckboy tho, eh? For real? I’ll have to let Uruha know. (laughs) Like, “people think this about you.” 

Aoi: Mhmmm……

Kai: But for real, he’s a really reliable person. I’m always relying on him. 

Aoi: Yeah…

Kai: And he’s really cool. 


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Shoutan's Blog Update - 2016-10-12 - To Shooting Next!

*Do NOT repost*

Good morning!
I got up early today!

I’m going out for a shoot!
And, the new single release date is soon!

Also looking forward to Budokan DVD release on the same day!

I’ll also do my best todaay (*^_^*)