electricbluetempest  asked:

And because I love seeing you get super hyped talking about it: Budnat.


Which one gets super sappy when they’re drunk/high?

dshkdsjhsdkj would they ever tho.. but i guess nat qualifies for this more  just bc buddy is always sappy bye//// ;w; i could see him getting even MORE sappy tho.. hdksdhjkds ♥

Which one wears the ‘Im with stupid’ t-shirt?

NEITHER (all my fav ships have neither for this one hsdkjhdsjk..) they’re Wholesome and sweet i love them

Which one decides to play their music at an obnoxious volume while the other is sleeping?

HSDHDSKJ BUDDY PROBABLY!! most likely on accident tho haha. do u think he listens to elevator music in his free time. i feel like he would

Which one has the dorkier dancing?

GSJDGKHDS BUDDY!!!!! he trips over his own gotdam feet by e,, they can be dorky dancers together tho

Which one tries to make the other breakfast but ends up totally DESTROYING all the food? [Bonus if the other one eats it anyway even tho it’s disgusting]

NAT just bc she wants to do smth special im ;__; buddy would probably eat it anyway bc he’s weak

Which one complains more about the other’s choice in music?

neither i feel like they’re both functional n chill when it comes to that sorta thing?? they probably share earbuds like nerds.. aaawwee

Which one plays with the other’s hair more?

aaaaa!! buddy probs plays with nat’s hair more ;u; it’s short but he likes running his fingers through it a lot!! i could see her doing the same tho– his i see as being super golden blond and curly hskjdshkj

Which one is more salty about minions? [Bonus if the other one thinks minions are hilarious]

idk like.. nat is probably neutral and buddy can’t be salty abt anything he’s so Good hdskjds.. mayb buddy collects the little figures and nat freaks out. why are they Everywhere

Which one is more needy when they’re sick?

NAT just bc being nurtured and loved is so foreign to her she’s just so ‘!!!’ and can is probably more needy but she never crosses any lines.. she’s Pure..

Bonus for height difference: Which one casually rests their arm on their partner’s head? [Extra if the shorter one gets PISSED AF]

pffff neither!! i don’t think they have a signif height difference so!! yah!!