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What are best workouts to do at home?

Whatever you have room for!



Cardio and strength…

Pop pilates… 


Workout plans…


Disco the parakeet trying to quote Monty Python.

But do men and women really face equivalent tradeoffs between work and family? After all, as the aphorism goes, having children is supposed to help men’s careers and harm women’s. Indeed, Michelle Budig of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, has found that men’s earnings increase by 6 percent when they become parents, whereas women’s earnings decrease by 4 percent. “Fatherhood may serve as a signal to potential employers for greater maturity, commitment, or stability,” Budig reports, whereas employers may “view family responsibilities among female employees as a source of instability.”
University of Massachusetts sociologist Michelle Budig has found that, on average, an American woman’s earnings decrease by 4 percent for every child that she bears, a figure that sounds even more brutal when compared to the fact that after men have kids, their earnings increase, on average, by 6 percent. Researchers have also found that fathers are more likely to be hired and to be regarded as more competent employees than mothers.
—  Rebecca Traister, Labour Pains

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Do u have any favourite hoppers on YouTube ? :-)


Who I follow on Youtube :

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