dirty dirty dirty dooka-do *muffled chanting*


Need something to hold up your important notes and reminders on the fridge?

Well this cockatiel and budgie can do just the thing for you! These adorable birds not only enlighten your fridge, they also prove to be useful by sitting on top of your notes. You’ll never forget what you wrote on that note with the help of these feathery friends!

The magnet comes in two bird types, cockatiel and blue budgie. Choose which one you want or by both for a discount! These magnets are based off my cockatiel and budgie, Obi and Luke!

Get yours from Etsy!

“There’s gotta be more, I know there’s more–there’s always more!”

This piece was 100% inspired by the Moana soundtrack and my visit to SeaQuest yesterday. It felt nice to just–finish something with full color! I feel so accomplished!

Anyways, have a sprite with her birb friends!