I’m looking at getting my first bird and I really would appreciate 1 on 1 advice!

I’ve narrowed it down between a pair or trio of budgies…. And a green cheek conure.

I’ve done a lot of research on both.

Budgie pros: shorter life span. Less expensive. More talking skills. Less attention needed (though I understand this is still vital).

GCC pros: great companion type. Less noisy (I understand still noisy). Larger. Hilarious. I have already started socializing one at work and I just love him.

I used to care for my old roommate’s cockatiel and so I know- baths, pellet food (I plan on Harrison’s) plus fruits and veggies, no teflon, be 100000% careful around cats, UVB light, keep warm, etc…

I already have a 2.5ft x 2ft x 3ft high cage (able to upgrade), infinite newspaper, and a few perches.

So what I need help with is….

Which bird?

What toys (I can find nothing I know to trust please help this is my biggest confusion)?

Should I be talked out of having one in general?

Ahhhh I just really want a companion pet who I can learn and grow with and I really wanna think it would work well for me. But I know they’re a big deal… But I want one to be MY big deal! Ahhh!


my bird is so weird



I’m posting this out of concern for others, as this is not a single outlying case. Please visit this rescues Facebook page and read through the comments on this post, there are others who have had similar thing happen to them.

If you feed Zupreem or Vitaseed (And possibly nutriberries, but cross referencing through the comments shows that this isn’t likely the problem) I highly recommend pulling it temporarily and following this page, as they have sent away the food to be checked.

This is the rescues page