Who doesn’t love a super chic fur coat? Some prefer real and some prefer faux, I personally prefer faux for obvious reasons. 

Winter is coming and every winter, fashionistas everywhere strut down the streets in their fur jackets. Price tag of a fur jacket? You’re looking at anywhere from $650 to $10,000. Yeah, I don’t want to drain my entire life savings for a fur coat.

Here’s the solution!


on SALE for $30 plus shipping but there are usually good promo codes on the website’s homepage. 

I actually ordered one for myself a few weeks ago and it came in no time at all. I am OBSESSED, I can’t wait to wear it everyday. It’s super warm and comfy. You’d think it’s real the way it looks in person, some of my friends actually asked me if it is. 

Enjoy Budgetistas!

50/30/20 Financial Rule

I have been using the 50/30/20 rule for about a year now and it has seriously transformed my finances. The holidays are coming up so it is vital to save smart, budget wisely and splurge consciously. In my latest BeenieTV Youtube video I break down the 50/30/20 Financial Rule and how that helped me save $5,000 in 4 months.

If you…

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You, Me and Everyone we know market

A new experience

The “You,me and everyone we know market” was held on the 2nd of March at the Labia Theatre on Orange. The atmosphere was electric as the Dj spinned some beats while the crowd took to some well deserved retail therapy.

With a variety of designers such as Vintage Lover and Black Rose Bouquet you are sure to find something you through the bustling crowds and its free to enter so it is a perfect way to start your weekend without blowing crazy amounts of cash! We took to the market in a pack of four, ready for action, in the mood to have some fun.

Crazy shopper alert!

Introducing Charne our latest intermediary frugal shopper!!

:) this post is just a an introduction to our experience at the You,Me and Everyone know market… I’ll post our bargain treasures tomorrow :)

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Slightly obsessed with the Celine luggage purse. Okay, a little more than slightly, EXTREMELY.

Butttttt, it’s too expensive for my budget. Oh where art thou money tree?

I’ve got a solution!

Granted, it does not say Celine in extremely small letter, but it looks exactly the same, am I right? 

If the fact that it does not say Celine on it bothers someone, you can buy the small Celine label online through Ebay or a Chinese website and put it on the bag yourself. There, you will officially have yourself a “Celine” bag. 

The Celine on the left is $2,500+ (SHEESH!!)

The bag on the right is $37 plus shipping. 

So, you save a whopping $2,463!

Here you go Budgetistas: http://www.vj-style.com/smiling-face-bag-p-307.html

Don’t like the black/white one? You are in luck! There’s a black one too for $39, here: http://www.vj-style.com/smiley-face-bag-phantom-p-1242.html

Hello fellow fashionistas!

Welcome to The Budgetista! I can now officially call you Budgetistas too! 

Have you ever gotten oogly eyes over the latest fashion trends and all those beautiful brand spanking new designer items that come out each season? You get really excited imagining yourself wearing or accessorizing with whatever that expensive, designer item may be but then you realize, “wait…that’s way too expensive, I can’t afford it :(” ME TOO. Trust me, you are not alone.

Well I’m here to help! Granted, what you’ll see on this blog won’t have the designer name on the product but they will pretty much be identical. I’ve gotten items that look like the designer one and I get asked if it’s so-and-so designer. “No, but it looks like it right? and it was ALOT cheaper”, is always my response. Their response? Dropped jaws followed by oo’s and aah’s. 

See shopping on a budget has it’s perks. 

So prepare to get oogly eyed, prepare to get excited and prepare to wear the latest fashion trends without breaking the bank. 

LEGiT VDT Hot Squad

Thanks to all the votes and endless support and encouragement, I am proud to announce that I have been chosen to apart of the LEGiT VDT Hot Squad!!! 

Nicole Dirks

Lynn Jasmine Martin

Gugulethu Kubheka

Yolokhazi Jakalase

Bhavna Ishwarpersad

Thanks once again for all the votes and I will be sure to keep everyone updated :D (biiiig smiles) and congratulations to the girls who won.