August Budget Wrap-Up

I did pretty well this month and I came in under budget overall! I didn’t end up buying my friend a wedding gift since I was in the wedding, so that cut $50 out of my overall budget! I had to pay for my next 6 month car insurance policy, so I was only able to put about $200 into savings. But next month I’m hoping to put away closer to $800 if I can keep expenses low.

Car payment: $200 spent of $200

IRA contribution: $250 spent of $250

Student loan payment: $250 spent of $250

Gas/transportation: $118 spent of $150

Food: $250 spent of $250

Phone: $45 spent of $45

Entertainment: $10 spent of $10

Gift: $0 spent of $50

Wedding expenses: $55 spent of $55

Oil change: $70 spent of $70

Total budget: $1,248 spent of $1,330


The Easy Way to make black salt.

1. Fill a tea cup or a shot glass, nothing too big, with salt.

2. Stick your stick incense in the salt. Straight up. Or put your cone incense on top.

3. Burn your incense. Let the ashes fall in the salt.

4. Stir the ashes into the salt after every stick or cone.

The resulting salt is technically brown. But works just the same and smells so good.

~witch tip!~

do you knit or crochet? great! here are some things you could make to incorporate it in your craft

  • a small pouch to keep crystals in
  • a bag to keep your vials and bottles in
  • a small spell bag (fill with herbs, crystals, salt, etc to help with sleep, protection, luck, etc)
  • a blanket to sit on when you meditate
  • a cosy cover for your tea cup to keep your tea warm
  • a handmade poppet
  • a bag for your pendulum/runes/tarots
  • a little basket to put your crystals in while they charge outside
  • scarves with constellations stitched onto them
  • socks with sigils stitched on the bottom to help you move silently
  • a cover for your grimoire to help disguise it
  • a pillow for your furry friends to sleep on
  • a cover to place over your altar when you aren’t using it
  • a hat with sigils stitched in to help bring mental clarity
  • a cosy plant pot cover to keep plants warm during the cold months

and since you’re spending your own time and energy making these things, your power goes into them! 

PSA: You don’t need charcoal to burn resin and loose incense.

For that matter, you don’t need a charcoal burner, tongs, sand, or the willingness to handle something that sparks and burns dangerously hot. You don’t need any of the things that every website insists you need to burn resin, herbs, or loose/granular incense mixes.

All you need is a tea light, aluminium foil, and a shallow (fire safe) dish.

Drape the aluminium foil over part of the dish and pinch around the rim so it stays securely in place. Turn up the inner edge or dent it a bit if you’re working with resins that liquefy when they heat up. Put the resin/herbs on the foil. Light a tealight and set it so the flame touches the foil (it doesn’t have to be completely underneath). Done!

My setup looks like this:

If you want, keep delicate herbs further away from the flame so they don’t burn until they’re acrid. Try to avoid touching the foil because it conducts a lot of heat, though I’ve never gotten an actual burn from it. Most herbs you can just brush off when you’re done and reuse the foil. If you’re using resin, some residue will probably remain after several uses and you might want to replace it if you don’t want a slight undercurrent of frankincense or whatever next time (or keep that piece of foil reserved for that specific resin).

This cost me nothing. It’s sturdy and I can’t knock it over accidentally. It’s not as smoky as charcoal methods because it doesn’t burn as hot, and if you arrange things right you can get scent with no smoke which is great if you’re concerned about smoke inhalation. I can just blow it out when I’m done. It doesn’t get the nasty smell that people complain about with self-igniting charcoal. Resins last a long time because they are heated gently and just ooze, solidify, and ooze again when reheated. It’s not as pretty as fancy burners but it’s safe, fast, and functional.

I never see methods recommended that don’t use charcoal, and charcoal burning just isn’t accessible for me. Hope this helps others having similar issues.