Forgot my credit card at home, car is near empty and might not make the ride home, and I have no food to sustain me for this 12 hour day.

But nothing is gonna get me down!

Next round of soda tax fight brings piles of cash

The beverage industry and health advocates are gearing up for another round of soda tax fights this November in what promises to be the most expensive election cycle yet for the issue.

Three cities in the Bay Area — San Francisco, Oakland and Albany, Calif. — are all looking to follow in the footsteps of Berkeley, Calif., the nearby liberal bastion that made history in 2014 by voting to impose the country’s first big sin tax on sugary drinks, and Philadelphia, where the city council recently approved a 1.5 cent per ounce fee. Boulder, Colo., is also close to getting its own measure on the city ballot, which means the war could be fought on four fronts.

Drink manufacturers, who until two years ago had a perfect winning streak, are already spending big to try to blunt any further pro-tax momentum. The beverage industry has reserved $9.5 million of TV air time in the San Francisco media market. It’s an early move to ensure tax opponents have air space in a cycle where city voters will consider dozens of other ballot initiatives.

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Can’t get enough of those magical metal-finish lip products? Well you can get the most dramatic effect with just a metallic loose pigment and vegetable oil. 

Yes the stuff in your kitchen that comes in a bottle?

HOW TO: Add a drop to your fingertip (or dip a lipbrush in), dunk into loose pigment, and then apply straight to your lips.

It sounds weird but lightweight oils are the best medium for a truly foiled effect. They give super-smooth glide, grab the right amount of pigment for opaque dramatic coverage, feel super-light on the lips, and don’t change the texture and finish of the pigments. 

Glosses, lip balms, petroleum jelly and typical lip product bases will never work quite as well. That’s a big reason why those metallic liquid lipsticks tend to be a bit duller and not as intensely metallic as you expect.

Staying power is actually pretty decent with these - the oils will condition your lips and then “set” and dry up a bit instead of staying gloopy and sticky, or running. If you’ve ever used Lip Tars, that is exactly what they are. Pigments and hemp oil. If you want extra staying power, just apply over a layer of lip liner. (P.S. This won’t work with matte pigments. Just sayin’.)

To recreate this look, try MAC Tan pigment.

Final Tip: pick a pigment about 2-3 shades deeper than the shade you really want. Metallics throw back light like mad, and that nice beige nude will look a like a crazy champagne silver once it’s foiled and on your lips.

Scott Morrison has complained not enough people who pay tax, dividing people into “the taxed and taxed-nots.”

“There’s a whole generation of Australians who see government handouts as a regular part of their income support throughout their whole life and not just some last resort for the disadvantaged,” Morrison said.

“You mean your generation with free education and negative gearing for their investment properties?” asked a journalist.

“No. I mean the young people who can’t find jobs in today’s economy. Those fucking leeches expecting us to help them when they’re not even rich enough to be political donors. So anyway, I think the solution to our tax problem is cutting health funding and welfare, as is our annual custom in the Liberal party.”

“But big corpor-”