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Ayano is a Budget Yuno. Muja is a Budget Mikan. Taeko is a Budget Lesbian. Hanako is a Budget Monaca Towa. Mida is a Budget Version Of My Math Teacher From Last Year Who Never Made Us Do Work, Was Probably Drunk, And Gave Detention To Someone For Sharpening Their Pencil. And Kizana is a Budget Kokona With Salt (shots fired)

mida’s just bitch-sensei without the attitude and ability to control herself

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  • makes the bed in the mornings: ginny. she’s used to being tidy while pansy is used to having it done for her
  • has sole posession of the T.V. remote: ginny only keeps the tv around for when mr. weasley visits, so he can oogle about the muggle “inventiveness”
  • stays up until 2am reading: pansy does. she was always under draco and co.’s shadow at hogwarts, but she really did like learning.
  • is the bigger cuddler: ginny. she comes from a crazy affectionate family. she’s slowly getting pansy to open up
  • does the laundry: ginny at first, but pansy now takes care of the folding. she's particular about that
  • mows the lawn: ginny did, but grew tired of it and coerces one of her brothers into doing it
  • is better at budgeting: pansy. she’s a math whiz. 
  • instigates the sex (and who’s into the kinkier stuff): pansy always starts, grabbing ginny as soon as she walks in sweaty and dirty from quidditch practice. but ginny takes over from there. sometimes pansy wonders if ginny should have been in slytherin after their bedroom endeavors 

9.3.16 | 2:18 PM 

I’m feeling extra productive today so I went straight to revising precal after having breakfast. I think my sleep cycle is really close to being fixed which is good because school is now 5 days away.

i cleared out the mini drawer of my desktop for my favourite stationery. you can see I got more owl sticky notes, and my fortune cookie eraser (it actually came in a set with a takeout box, rice bowl, and toy sauce, i know it’s probably super stereotypical about asians but i found them more hilarious than oppressive. and they were only $1 and they erase surprisingly well!

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Pregnant Beca! So a few days before her due date, Beca and Chloe are out doing some pre baby shopping and Beca's water breaks in the store. She's super embarrassed and wants to clean it up but she's already starting to feel contractions and Chloe's freaking out because shes convinced the kid is gonna pop out in the store and they look like an absolute freak show in the store.

“Ugh,” Beca eyed the contraption that Chloe was holding up suspiciously. “I don’t even know what that’s supposed to be for.” 

“You act like you’re not nine months pregnant, Beca.” Chloe rolled her eyes. 

“Just because I’ve been a human submarine for nine months doesn’t mean I know what the hell is going to happen once this guy pops o—” Beca paused, wincing slightly. “Ow.” 

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I mean, the “8th grade is the source of all knowledge” is such a consistent annoying lefty thing.  I work in education and in relatively left-wing circles around education and so I encounter so many wingnuts who agree with the Amish that the sum total of useful adult skills can be gained with a solid 8th grade education.

Unschoolers and homeschoolers seem to basically believe in this in terms of actual content…full of tips for helping kids learn academic concepts through day to day life (biology is gardening! math is budgeting and baking!) that clearly go on the assumption that entirety of “academic concepts” are things that Laura Ingalls Wilder would have learned in a one-room schoolhouse. Even very nice white girls with real teaching degrees who want to open charter schools in “underprivileged” neighborhoods will invariably be like, “oh we’re going to learn science with our community garden!” which always makes me think, “okay, 1)do you think no one before you has ever heard of project based learning? and 2)how does the existence of winter factor into this plan?”

But also, infuriatingly, the more radical someone’s approach to education the more they assume that education itself is a topic that one learns everything one needs to know by just having been an elementary schooler. I mean, it’s just a variation on being a mom, right?  Ask someone who is really into unschooling exactly how a kid learns to read sometime.  The answers are AMAZING and almost always boil down to “step 1: want to read, step 2: read perfectly.”   

Watch a surly radical complain about the time their math test answer was right but the teacher said their work was wrong! How oppressive! Clearly the purpose of testing your knowledge of mathematical concepts is to see if you can get the right answer by any means necessary! 

Listen to people moan about the evils of making kids line up quietly.  This is just wasted time! Nothing is being taught or practiced when small children are scaffolded to transition smoothly from one setting to another and manage their emotional responses so that they don’t distract other people .