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Cosplay Progress: Using a Gantt Chart

By day, I work an office job in a manufacturing company. One day, during a meeting, someone presented this gorgeous chart on tracking projects and tasks. I later found out that it was called a Gantt Chart.

What is a Gantt Chart?

Thanks Google!

Basically, it’s a chart to track projects progress over time. It’s usefulness is being able to see multiple deadlines and track the progress of your work. I recently started organizing my cosplays into a Gantt Chart. 

Each cosplay is its own project and separated by its cosplay components (i.e. wig, clothing, prop, and shoes). I would mark the start date and the deadline that I would need to finish it. The number of days is calculated in the next column and also, a colored horizontal bar appears on the furthest right. This shows how many weeks I have to complete the cosplay. In the other columns, I have my budget, the actual cost, progress (%), and the con I plan to wear it at. Also, the cosplay components also have their own start date, deadline, budget, cost, and progress.

I color coded the chart to keep track of my progress and cost by using conditional formatting. If I’m over my budget, the actual cost will turn red. As for the progress colors, I assigned colors to be as follow:

  • Green -  Done
  • Yellow - In Progress
  • Red< - Just Started

In this chart, I’m able to visualize my progress and keep track on how much time I have to finish a cosplay. It also acts as a to-do list for me as well. I know exactly what component I need to tackle and how much time I have left I have to finish it.

I know there’s a lot of great apps to help organize your cosplays and track your progress, but I really love spreadsheets. There is a reason why they are an industry standard. It’s so versatile and flexible. I mainly use Google Drive because it’s easy to use and I can access it on all my devices.

Below are the Google Drive templates for the Cosplay Gantt Chart. I made two versions of the Gantt Chart, and it’s really up to the user preference. The two templates can be viewed in each individual sheets. The first template keeps track of the cosplay and the cosplay components. It’s aim for those who want to see a breakdown on how to complete their cosplay 

The second template only keeps track of the cosplay. If you need something to give you a quick glance or the first template feels clutter, the second template is another option.

Template: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iDIS9iwQHJ_pKPjPbM_LE0AtqWGaVN_f9qrfnkShYRU/edit?usp=sharing

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olds4ilor  asked:

heya! do you have any tips for going to thrift stores? (in case you buy things in there) I feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of things and never know if the price of the thrift isn't too close of the price of the new ones

hello, yes i love thrifting! however, im not sure if my tips will be applicable in other countries (bc the standard of living is different, meaning some of the expensive things for us may just be relatively cheap for you) but i hope it helps!

1. before going to the shop, list down the kind or type of clothes you want to purchase. no details yet. just the general ones. pants? shorts? shirts? idk. just make a quick list.
2. make your budget chart-ish!! normally, before thrifting i tell myself: okay daphne, no purchasing of anything above 50php (~$1) or if that’s the case, it should be a++ quality or a pair of cute shoes! you should do something like that too.
3. quality > quantity but quantity > overpriced goods. yeah, i really do prefer purchasing more relatively okay shirts than one real good quality shirt because idk, i find that more efficient tbh!
4. check the diff parts of your thrifted clothes before purchasing because there might be some hidden damages!!
5. normally when im in i thrift shop i proceed to sections with the cheapest stuff and just peel (idk the term wahaha) clothes off of each other patiently. patience is the most important detail about thrift shopping!! if u dont have it, i promise you’ll never get the good stuff!!
6. stay updated. as a huge thrift shop enthusiast, i legit aske the sales people to text me when they’re on sale or they have new stuff coming over!! lmao this is really good because you have like an inside info and you know it’s the real deal!!

okay, thats it! i hopw it helps in a way!!