🍛10 minute vegan curry🍛
low spoon and budget friendly

-golden curry (found in Asian food section at Walmart)
-instant rice
-steamable bag of veggies of your choice

cook veggies and rice according to instructions. place 1 bar of the golden curry in ¾ cup of water and microwave for about 1 and ½ minutes or until boiling. stir until the curry has completely melted. pour over veggies and rice. enjoy!

I have been seeing a lot of posts and questions about how it’s hard to keep up with the “studyblr aesthetics” and I’m disappointed that being a studyblr has become synonymous to owning expensive stationery and having impeccable organization skill. As a broke college student, I understand the concerns of many studyblrs who cannot keep up with the mainstream contents that showcase such things. Let’s be honest, studyblring can hurt your bank account. So I have come up with some alternatives + tips & tricks that can give you the same aesthetic feelings and function without breaking the bank:

Disclaimer: This post, by no means, is meant to depreciate the use of common “studyblr aesthetic” items. I will admit that even I use the “mainstream” items sometimes. Once in a while, it’s okay to give into the craving of buying all these nice stationery for the sake of self-happiness. Please also note, some of this may be biased and is solely reflected on my opinions; you are free to discuss your standpoint.

An eternal reminder: Being a studyblr has nothing to do with what stationery you have, rather it’s about actually studying. So get off Tumblr and hit the books. For some people, stationery is a means of motivation to get started on said studying.


  • Muji Notebooks: Need cute notebooks that look really nice and aesthetics like those Muji notebooks? Buy a composition notebook and cover up the marble print with scrapbook paper or washi tape (just leave the black binding alone for a complete look). Trust me, it will not only look cute and unique, but your going to love using it. Spiral notebooks are just as great to decorate! (Update) Some notebooks are really cheap from JetPensDIY Custom Notebook Covers by @studyquirk
  • Five Star (*updated): The Five Star 5-subject notebook is pretty durable, but unless your book bag happens to be a battlefield, you probably don’t need to spend the extra money on the Five Star when you can get a generic 5-subject notebook. In the meantime, there are also several notebooks out there that also have the same poly-covers and pockets inside the notebook, for those who need that extra protection and space.
  • Mildliners: I admit, those Mildliner highlighters are gorgeous to look at on those notes. But…Crayola markers (especially the tropical/pastel ones) can do the same thing and give the same clean look on your notes. Tap into your inner child (don’t worry, they’re washable)! 
  • Staedtler/Stabilo/Copic Markers: You don’t really need 20 different colors to color-code your notes. Three different shades of greens and blues is not needed. Instead, Papermate flair pens are a good alternative, same colors, more ink, less money. Sharpie Pens are also a good alternative if you want nice thin strokes. 
  • Muji pens (*updated): I admit; writing with the 0.38mm Muji pen is like euphoria because it makes your notes look so pretty. Pilot Juice: same 0.38mm/0.5mm gel pen, and it comes in colors (and much cheaper)! It even has a clip thingie! Ah, Paper Mate InkJoy is also a beautiful set of colored pens for a cheap alternative as well. See @fuckstudy’s stationery review. 
  • Kipling 100 case: Let’s be honest, what are you going to do lugging around enough pens to supply the entire lecture hall? You do not need that many pens (unless you chronically loose all your pens). A simple minimalist pencil case or a medium size makeup bag can serve the same capabilities of holding all your utensils. 


  • Get a small succulent plant for your desk. It brightens up your desk space and makes it look more pleasing to the eye.
  • Tea light candles + succulent plant + coffee mug (throw in your notes for extra effects) make the absolute trio of deskspo.
  • Pin-boards are great for putting up syllabi, class schedules, and calendars. Don’t like poking holes on your paper? Hang binder clips on push pins.
  • Woah! There are so many nice people on Tumblr that post free printables. Maybe you can use one of those calendars to stay on track with everything?
  • Use post-it notes for reminders, deadlines, and inspirational quotes. Black sharpie usually makes things stand out nicely on the post-it note.
  • Redecorate boxes (e.g. shoe boxes) with wrapping paper for some cute organization space/bins. 
  • Clipboards. These magical boards with a spring clip can keep all your loose-leaf papers in one place and still look nice, instead of a chaotic mess. Plus, that back support when you want to write notes on your bed/lap.
  • You can customize your binders/file folders with washi tape. 
  • Use Mason jars as stationary holders! The washi tape-covered metal can pencil jars are cute as well!
  • Binder clips. Mini staplers. File holders.
  • Yes white desks are perfect for getting the perfect picture of your notes. But, wooden desks are just as classy. Black desks makes things stand out nicely too. 
  • Don’t clutter your desk. You just need your bare essentials to study.

Textbooks & Tech-y stuff

  • Paperback is cheaper than hardcover. This goes for textbooks, novels and books in general.
  • Ebooks are cheaper than paperback. Sometimes they’re even free online. You just have to know how to google for it. 
  • Buy used books. Can’t buy? Rent it! 
  • Here’s a guide to buying textbooks
  • If you gotta buy tech stuff, see if you can buy them with a student discount. 
  • Wait for back-to-school sales or tax-free holidays or Black Friday to buy stuff, especially tech-y stuff.
  • Always consider university program specifications before buying an OS versus Windows.

Apps, Extensions, Etc.

  • VSCOcam app. Yes, we do filter our pictures to make it look 100X better. Natural light also makes the picture look really nice, so sit next to the window or something. 
  • Note taking on your laptop? Google Docs, Microsoft OneNote and Evernote are free note taking websites that allow you to sync your notes across several platforms. 
  • Pomodoro with Flat Tomato (free on iOS)
  • FocusNow is an alternative to Forest on iOS. 
  • Lanes is a to-do app, week planner and pomodoro timer extension
  • Momentum is a Google Chrome extension that is a personal dashboard for to-do list, motivation, etc.
  • Minimal New Tab Clock is a minimal clock extension (light and dark theme) for new tabs on Google Chrome
  • See more here and here
Bad News, Republicans: President Obama Has Erased Bush's $1.4 Trillion Deficit Mess

Bad News, Republicans: President Obama Has Erased Bush’s $1.4 Trillion Deficit Mess

Sorry, Republicans. It looks like President Obama has successfully cleaned up the federal deficit mess left by former President Bush despite your repeated attempts to sabotage him. Republicans claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility – despite running up record deficits and ballooning the national debt with tax cuts for the rich and never-ending wars. But that title is about to be owned by…

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I know this has been done before somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it, so I made my own post! 

Things you can get at the dollar store for witchcraft

:: Herbs 

:: Salt 

:: Goblets, good as chalices 

:: Altar decor (little flowers, etc) 

:: Jars 

:: Candles 

:: Statues around halloween 

:: Little dishes and plates, good for altars 

:: Little journals and notebooks 

:: A frame (to create a black mirror or to print out pics of your gods and insert) 

:: Organizers and containers 

:: Knives, for use as athames or bollines 

:: Craft supplies to help you diy stuff 

:: Incense, incense burners 

:: Matches 

:: Trivets you can diy into pentacles 

:: Books for bibliomancy 

:: Garden stones. Paint runes on them = instant rune set 

:: A lot of other random stuff - check one out!


When Leanne Brown moved to New York from Canada to earn a master’s in food studies at New York University, she couldn’t help noticing that Americans on a tight budget were eating a lot of processed foods heavy in carbs.

“It really bothered me,” she says. “The 47 million people on food stamps — and that’s a big chunk of the population — don’t have the same choices everyone else does.”

Brown guessed that she could help people in SNAP, the federal government’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, find ways to cook filling, nourishing and flavorful meals. So she set out to write a cookbook full of recipes anyone could make on a budget of just $4 a day.

The result is Good and Cheap, which is free online and has been downloaded over 700,000 times.

Cheap Eats: A Cookbook For Eating Well On A Food Stamp Budget


Best Vegan Recipes of 2015 - Part 1

Plant Based On A Budget - $25 Week Meal Plan

Tomato and Roasted Lemon Salad

Cranberry Strawberry Sandwich

Vegan Mocha Chocolate Cheesecake (GF)

Avocado Pasta

31 Vegan Recipes for $3 or Less

Cheap Vegan Meal Ideas

Vegan Halloween Treats Roundup



  • don’t sign up for morning classes. allow yourself time to wake up, go get breakfast, and not be in a rush.
  • don’t take classes that end later than 5 or 6 so you have enough down time and study time in the evening, without having to overlap with dinner.
  • go to seminars on interesting topics that don’t necessarily relate to your major.
  • don’t take back-to-back classes. allow yourself to grab a snack or rest. you might also have to cross campus and not give yourself enough time otherwise.
  • check out ratemyprofessors.com before enrolling in a class.
  • take every extra credit opportunity.


  • pour your own drink.
  • don’t mix liquors.
  • drink as much water as you do alcohol.
  • don’t hesitate to call 911.
  • if you’re hungover, drink water, and eat bananas and saltines
  • stay active.


  • nobody else has friends the first couple weeks either. you’re not alone.
  • leave your dorm door open when you’re in there and don’t mind distractions.
  • go to as many events as possible.
  • decorate your dorm with your roommate as an easy bonding experience.


  • make dorm rules with your roommate to set some basic boundaries in the first couple weeks of school.
  • empty your trash regularly.
  • keep a surplus of a quick snack, like cereal or granola bars, for when you’re running late or not hungry enough for the cafeteria.
  • bed bath & beyond, as well as daiso (or find a store), have good and relatively cheap dorm supplies. 
  • save receipts for everything you purchase. figure out how much you spend per week on the bare necessities, and set a weekly budget slightly above that.
  • plan on spending an extra $100 on things you forgot for your dorm.
  • here’s a list of what you should pack.


  • check your student email very regularly. your class might get cancelled, or a free event might be held.
  • take advantage of free services.
  • don’t take your paid services for granted, either. do your homework and don’t sleep in class.
  • explore your school’s website for interesting or useful information.
Here’s How to Eat Vegan for a Week For Under $50

Some of the most affordable foods on the planet are vegan, including rice, beans, legumes, pasta, and all kinds of fruits and veggies. Despite this, people will often ask us about eating vegan on a budget.

So we’ve compiled some handy tips and tricks that will keep you veg without breaking the bank:

Dry beans are worth the wait.
Sure, you have to soak them overnight, but dry beans are exponentially cheaper than canned. They’re also a delicious, protein-packed essential in a budget-friendly vegan diet.

Buy it frozen.
One great way to save money is to reduce food waste. Frozen veggies like corn, peas, and green beans are great because they last almost forever.

Get into oatmeal.
Yeah, oatmeal is a super secret vegan hack. It’s filling, loaded with iron and calcium, and one of the cheapest things you could eat for breakfast.

Stick with produce under $2 per pound.
When choosing fresh fruits and veggies, try to stick with items under $2/lb.

If you want to splurge, buy some Vegenaise.
Of course you can just use it like mayo, but you can also create sour cream (just add lemon juice), salad dressings, and sauces with this must-have specialty item.

Soup is a thing.
Soups loaded with veggies, grains, and beans hold well as leftovers, stretch your dollars, and make great filling meals!

Stick with staples.
Rice, pasta, and peanut butter are all great choices for affordability and versatility.

Every night can be taco night.
Put those tasty veggies and beans to use inside a toasted tortilla! Add some Vegenaise sour cream and you’ve got yourself a tasty and inexpensive vegan dinner.

To people who say that there’s no such thing as ageism against the young:

- The new budget has announced a minimum wage stratification in which workers under 25 earn £6.50 an hour (about $10), but workers over 25 earn £7.20 an hour (about $11).

- The budget also says that the over-25 rate will rise to £9 (about $14) in 2020. The under-25 rate will remain at £6.50 however.

- In addition to the current housing benefit rules that deems under-25s ineligible if they’re not living in shared accommodation, Tory plans include making 18-21 year olds ineligible for housing benefit at all.

- Maintenance grants (in which a portion or all of your government provided student maintenance loans, meant to pay for your living costs at uni, are written off as a grant and don’t have to be paid back, if your parents earn under a certain threshold) for university students are to be scrapped entirely. This comes only years after tuition fees were raised from £3000 a year (about $4600) to £9000 (about $14000). 

- In the new budget, state pensions and benefits aimed at people over 50 will account for £95billion, more than every other sector of benefits put together. The benefits that have seen the most cuts - benefits aimed at under-25s and benefits aimed at the unemployed - account for less than a ninth of that.

Like, wow, this current budget couldn’t be more of a Let’s Screw Over The Young Manifesto if it fucking tried.