CEO Angel Stanz has been invited to discuss how digital media is changing the way patients and entrepreneurs communicate about cannabis at “The State of Marijuana” event to be held on July 26(th) in Hollywood, California. This exclusive conversation with industry insiders is a unique opportunity for shareholders, emerging entrepreneurs and the public to discuss key topics with influential marijuana companies.

Medical marijuana is currently legal in 23 states, two of which have legalized cannabis for recreational use. With the imminent reform on marijuana laws nationwide, many societal and economic issues are being brought to the forefront. Mr. Stanz will join key figures and opinion leaders across business, media, and academic sectors to discuss the implications of the nation’s evolving perspectives on cannabis and what the future will hold for this controversial herb.

Mr. Stanz will participate on the Digital Media Panel discussing BG Medical development projects involving Bitcoin, and the potential impact of future payment systems on the industry. Panel discussions will also include strategies for companies looking to create online cannabis brands, digital marketing tools currently available for cannabis companies, and how new cannabis entrepreneurs can position themselves within the evolving perception of cannabis in the mainstream media.

BudGenius is offering a limited time 20% discount to this special event for all BG Medical Technologies shareholders and BudGenius.com visitors. Eligible members are encouraged to visit www.BudGenius.com to receive this discount and learn additional event information.

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Why can't I find my testing results?

Strain testing results marked as “Public” are available to anyone who visits our site, whether or not they’ve logged in. If you submitted strains for testing and can’t find them, try using your Strain Owner log-in.You may have selected to have your new strains listed privately, in which case you can toggle their privacy from the Menu tab of your My Strains dashboard. 
 If you chose to have your strains shown off publicly on our website, but still can’t find a set of results, the lab may have chosen to mark it private.  We will hide strain results if we find pathogens, like mold (ew!), mites, or animal hair (yes, we HAVE found animal hair, and various bugs, and all sorts of other things we hope no one ever accidentally consumes with their medicine.) If you’re concerned, just ask your Bud Genius account rep!

Bud Genius, Inc. (www.bgmedtech.com) (OTC: RIGH), a leading laboratory for cannabis testing and profiling, developer of data-driven rating systems for marijuana strains, brand and retail development specialist, and licensee of celebrity-endorsed marijuana-related merchandise, commented today on an article in USA Today, which examined the potential role of major tobacco companies in the cannabis industry.
“Many fear that tobacco companies, with their deep pockets, longstanding experience dealing with heavy government regulation, and relationships with generations of farmers will jump into the burgeoning marijuana market,” the article stated. “At marijuana business conventions and in private conversations, it sometimes seems like everyone has heard a rumor about Big Tobacco getting in.”
Angel Stanz, CEO of Bud Genius says the corporate giants are inevitable and very few companies will survive the incursion regardless of whether they are publicly traded or privately held. “The one thing that the big tobacco companies will need is data, which they do not have and currently cannot collect. Multinational corporations base their marketing, brand positioning, and product management on data. This includes detailed demographics of their consumers and how attributes of each product appeal to them,” he said. “As the company with the largest combination of quantitative and qualitative data regarding cannabis strain composition and specific consumer interests, I believe that the day the tobacco companies enter the cannabis market is the day that our company value soars.”

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