hoe tips🌸

Decided to remake this post to change and add a few more things.

• Applying coconut oil after shaving your pubic area or any other areas helps prevent razor burns/rashes.
• Make sure to exfoliate your skin and soak in warm water for 5 mins before shaving anywhere to also avoid razor rashes/burns.

• Use coconut oil to shave.

• Men razors are so much better to shave with.
• Moisturize your body after shaving!

• Apply perfume or body spray on your inner thighs is a trick I’ve learned so when someone is going down on you, they’ll smell your perfume.

• Estée Lauder & Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo are two foundations that are sex proof (never budges for me) (matte or waterproof makeup in general is good for staying on well).
• Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray is great for keeping your makeup long lasting.

• Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow is another great makeup product that is sex proof.

• Always carry a extra pair of fresh underwear to change into after sex.

• Always pee after sex to prevent getting utis or other infections. This goes for men as well.

• Always carry baby wipes, hand cream or hand sanitizer, deodorant, hair brush & body spray in your bag to freshen up.

• For smooth skin, exfoliate your body/face with sugar & honey before taking a shower (works like a charm).

• To hide a hickey: apply green concealer and rub it in your skin, add translucent powder over it, then your shade of concealer and foundation. Set it with powder once again.

• Always, always, always drink water before, during and after!! So many benefits and it will keep you hydrated!!
• Be safe! Bring condoms just in case your partner or sex friend ‘doesn’t have any’ with them.
• Never feel pressured! If you feel uncomfortable or don’t want to do anything, don’t do it! Walk away if needed.
• If you ever feel that there’s something wrong or if you feel pain during sex, make sure to get checked out! Even if it’s nothing, you should always make sure.

Happy hoeing💗

We Put ColourPop's New Lipstick To A 9-Hour Test — & Here's What We Think

PSA: I’ve finally found a liquid lipstick perfect for those who hate the dry feeling of a traditional formula, but crave all-day color — and it’s only $6! You heard right: Long gone are the days of crusty or flaky long-wear lipstick, because ColourPop has introduced a highly pigmented option that stays bright and comfortable all day. How do I know? I tested it for a whopping nine hours and filmed the highlights. Here’s what I learned.

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Unlike the brand’s original cult lippie or its newer matte bullet — which both dry down to a super-matte, budge-proof, and oft-drying finish — this new formula remains creamy on the lips from your morning coffee all the way to your evening nightcap. 

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Despite the multiple doughnut holes, (large) piece of cake, and takeout sushi that I devoured during this nine-hour workday, this lipstick passed my test. The only downside I found during my experiment? It doesn’t set to a completely budge-proof finish, meaning that the slightly more creamy texture might leave marks on your mugs and potential lovers. That being said, if you’re looking for an opaque liquid lipstick that won’t have you reaching for balm all day, you’ve found the one

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Don’t believe me? Check out the full video here.  to see exactly how this lippie wore, and follow us on Snapchat Discover for more videos like this.

ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip in London Fog, $6, available at ColourPop.

By: Mi-Anne Chan. 

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