• Inquisitor:ugh, this Druffalo won't budge... Bull, see if you can talk to it or something.
  • Iron Bull:Eh, What? Why me?
  • Inquisitor:I dunno, you both got horns. Maybe it will listen?
  • Iron Bull:*shrugs* uh.. Ok... Druffalo... Come on. Move now. Go home.
  • Solas:Perhaps if you tried speaking in its native tongue?
  • Iron Bull:uh... Moo?
  • *Druffalo immediately becomes enraged, starts charging as the party runs like hell*
  • Iron Bull:I DONT KNOW!!!

Wammygate discusses and examines the narrative created in Innuendo Studios’ popular series of anti-Gamergate videos. 

Spoiler; they’re a pile of crap. Though I can see how the video equivalent of Clint Eastwood arguing with an empty chair might seem persuasive to antis.

There’s also a playlist!


Note how, in this part, it’s noted that IS says anti’s should talk to “Angry Jack” in order to show everyone else that he’s wrong, not to persuade him. Strangely enough, you’ll note that antiGG folks refuse to debate. Even Ian has yet to respond to someone asking him to support his claim that GG harbored a pedophile, and I’ve yet to see any evidence he really talked to a single GGer to form his narrative

Because he had his mind made up from before GG was even named, and then absolutely refused to budge.

Everything else was just window dressing.

* I endorse this as a rhetorical tactic. If your opponent refuses to debate, you’ve gone a good way towards winning in the audience’s eyes already, and indicate that you’re not really as confident as you think.

someone: (rides my ass while im driving ten above the speed limit)
me: (taps brake as a warning)
someone: (doesn’t stop)
me: k u asked for it (slows down to the speed limit and doesn’t budge)


Have you ever found yourself

With the need to scream

To punch, kick, and, freak out

But it’s all held down

Still there

With its defiant silence

You are wondering why

Just open your mouth

Words don’t even need to come out

Have you ever found yourself

With the need to feed

I mean, god I’m starving

But I won’t budge

For I’m good, I’ve got my drugs

Still there

With its rumbling hunger

The bloated bellies don’t deflate away

You are wondering why

Just open your mouth

Words don’t even have to come out

Have you ever lost yourself

Amongst the pillars of sanity

Deep fried, beer battered humanity

I mean, I mean, you don’t see

That this silence is devouring

But this doesn’t mean

This doesn’t mean

Much of anything

welcome to night vale headcanon

At the end, the very end, right after StrexCorp bought Kevin’s radio station, Kevin had his final stand right at the station doors.

He was afraid, but he would only let StrexCorp take the station over his dead body.

The army of smiling worshippers marched closer to Kevin and the station doors, but Kevin didn’t budge. He didn’t even move when he saw the Smiling God.

Then, the Smiling God flung him aside, and Kevin never saw again.

When Vibes are Down

“Hewwo, Cawwie!” Marie waves at her beloved cousin who she sees sitting on her bed all alone. Usually Callie responds back with an excited “hiyah!”, but to Marie’s surprise, Callie didn’t budge an inch, but rather shivered and looked over at Marie with a disdainful look. 

“Cawwie?” She asks quietly, going over to gently pet her cousin’s soft head. “Are you ok, Cawwie? We should sing to make you feel better…!” She suggested. 

anonymous asked:

Badboy!Luke plz

“Luke, come on. Take me home.”

“Babe, what’s the hurry?” He doesn’t seem rushed at all, rather relaxed as he leans against the hood of his car, enjoying his view of the city. And more importantly, his view of you wrapped up in his raggedy flannel. With your hair all disheveled and his scent covering you, he can’t soak you in enough.

“It’s almost curfew! I can’t miss it.” 

You’re desperate at this point, tugging his arm but to no avail. Your boyfriend even won’t budge. He just chuckles.

“Since when did you care so much about obeying the rules? Huh princess?” Luke pulls you into him, placing a lingering kiss on your lips, still red and swollen from the events in the backseat. His hands slip around your waist, landing on your ass and giving a light squeeze. “You didn’t seem to care about being late just a while ago? You know, when you were begging me to take my sweet time on you? Licked you up nice and clean.”

“Mmm, don’t do this to me.”

He smirks, moving his lips back to your neck and adding more marks to your neck.

“Don’t try to act like a good girl now. Not after we’ve been so naughty.”

Send Me A Number And A Boy From 5SOS And I’ll Write A Blurb To Go With It


So, a week ago, my friend noted that I’d “popped.” What actuall happened was I took advantage of my pregnant state and stopped making an effort to tighten up those ab muscles because really, “why?” But today on my walk I tried sucking them in when I caught my reflection and apparently that ship has sailed. I see a little narrowing above the bump, but the bump itself doesn’t budge. Hopefully I am just jutting out early and the sucker doesn’t just get that much bigger, or I won’t be able to reach the steering wheel by six months.

Honestly take a second to imagine Carmilla seeing Danny go after Mattie, and knowing that she knows, and crying out for her to stop, to wait, and her foot is centimeters away from crushing Mattie’s necklace, crushing Mattie’s heart, and she would have done it, would have done it to save Laura, to save them all, but she freezes and turns her head, and in the one second of distraction, Mattie gets her chance, and she lunges, and Danny is knocked backwards and bitten and Mattie is done with this imbecile trying to kill her and she’s not the girl that her sister is in love with, and she drains her, not to turn her but to kill, and Carmilla’s pulling with all of her strength to get her off, but she’s so old and so strong that Carm can’t budge her, and Carm knows that there’s one thing left to do, a locket left on the ground, and she squares up, she stomps down, and Mattie lifts her head, a shriek coming out like none she had ever uttered before, and she’s vulnerable, and betrayed, and there lays Danny, barely breathing, but breathing, and Carmilla never signed up to be the hero

but she was

  • interviewer:what's the most despicable thing you've done?
  • patrick:ooohhh despicable...i'm so despicable <giggles> so this is really mean. it's probably the most cold-hearted thing i ever did. there was this spider in my shower - and i'm usually very kind to all of the creatures of the world - and you feel very vulnerable when you're naked, and i didn't really want to be near this spider he was kinda big and gnarly looking. i kept splashing water on him to get him to go away, but he wouldn't budge, he was very happy where he was and i was very uncomfortable with that. so i gave him a lot of chances, i gave him a lot of little splashes, and i reached for a paper towel or something to squash him with and there was nothing. the only thing that i could reach in the shower was this hairspray. so i hairspray-ed the spider to death, which was awful. i felt like such a jerk. it was really, really harsh. and then i crushed it because i felt like i was putting it in a lot of misery. i feel very, very bad about that.

STEAL THIS IDEA: Random Adventure Hooks

  • The heroes arrive at an inn and begin preparations for rest and refuel, perhaps on the road to another adventure (maybe your central plot). The weather outside isn’t pleasant, so when yet another drifter enters through the door and walks with a measured pace up to the bar, few might take notice. But then he opens his mouth, and every ear in the inn can hear that gravelly voice speak. His words come calm, measured, the tone matter-of-fact as if everything was already inevitable: “I’ve come for what’s owed me. Tonight, there’s no leaving this inn. You’re trapped in here with me.” Trying to leave the inn reveals the doors won’t budge, the windows may as well be walls of iron hundreds of feet thick. Everyone inside can see out through them, but it is as if they are worlds apart. As the immortal drifter speaks, the floors bend and break, unnaturally, and unspeakable horrors begin emerging. “So go on. Run to your rooms. Bar your doors. When the sun rises, I return to my eternal prison. But I have all night to feed. And my friends and I… we’re hungry as the mouths of hell.”
  • The heroes find themselves pitted against a chronomancer - just as she realizes that her defeat is inevitable she activates an ancient relic, igniting a curse and bending time for 24 hours. A portal opens, revealed to be a window to the past: the heroes’ past! Through the window the heroes see their former selves (several levels lower than they are now). The curse placed upon their past selves will draw more and more monsters to them, in numbers far surpassing what they could ever withstand alone. The current day heroes can get through the portal, to try and lend help that might enable their younger selves to survive the ordeal, thus saving themselves in the process. Can the older, wiser, more experienced party keep their counterparts safe for 24 hours? And what happens when you’re literally forced to face yourself in such strange, stressful, uncertain times?  
  • One of the heroes has a dream, and in it they watch someone being violently murdered. Near the dream’s end, they see the murderer’s face -barely discernible in the shadows- but those eyes seem to be looking right at them! Can the heroes discover the victim, and find clues to identify the killer? Or will the murderer, just as aware of what happened and knowing the danger posed by the witness, be able to kill the hero before they can be identified?
  • The heroes recently (unexpectedly) died in an encounter - Total Party Kill. But the story doesn’t end. What felt like brief moments of darkness suddenly fall away, and a blinding light heralds them back into the living world. Familiar voices of the entire party can be heard all around as their allies are awakened as well… but something is wrong. At first it’s just a feeling, unfamiliarity with their physical form makes sense when the party sees one another - in the bodies of constructs (golems? homunculi? you decide). A psychic entity retrieved the characters’ minds at their deaths, using their thoughts to give true sentience to her creations. But she sees them as hers now, to do with as she wishes, and their free will is something hanging just out of reach. What will she force them to do, as the heroes struggle to regain control of themselves. And is there any hope to regaining their true forms?
  • After killing a LARGE wolf (or any animal type you want) and searching its remains, the heroes are surprised to find REAL treasure on its corpse: clothing, gold, a dagger (and other such nonsense that treasure tables sometimes yield up on animal kills). They learn the reason why when a woman, out of breath and calling someone’s name, comes into view and -seeing the dead animal and the certain party members elbow deep in its corpse- screams. The heroes discover it was a lycanthrope in beast form, and they’ve killed an important figure in a very powerful family. How will the family react? How do other powerful families in the region rise to take advantage of what could be a power vacuum left behind (maybe criminal organizations)? What events have the heroes set in motion, and what can be done to restore order… or to at least get away from this place without being hunted down by one thing or another?

I just made these up. Any similarity with existing stories is completely by accident. As such, they are free for the taking and can be used by you or anyone you know in your own games or even novels. I lay no claim to these ideas, and hereby give them over royalty-free, openly and happily to the community I love.

If you do end up using any of these ideas (or being inspired by them), then I’d love to hear which one(s) and how you used them!

For more adventures of my doing, check out this or this.

Check out Tabletop Gaming Resources for more art, tips and tools for your game!

calpokemon asked:

Dear Maggie, I am desperately trying to get my friends to enjoy the TRC novels as much as I have. I've thrown some mad facts about Glendower to them so that they'll salivate with the yearning for historical knowledge (they're total history geeks), yet they still haven't budged. Do you have any other suggestions as to what I can tell them so that they'll finally break down and make the best decision of their lives - to read the TRC series? urs, Ariel

Dear calpokemon,

I don’t want to doubt your choices in friends as I’m sure they have many other redeemable qualities but while we’re on the topic of that have you checked lately to make certain they have other redeemable qualities?

You are still reading, so I assume they must. Fine. Here are some of the more exciting aspects of the novels:

- pigeons 

- dogs

- some sort of scaly thing in book 3, I don’t even know, it lived in a cave

- men

- a rental car

- plural nouns

- a shirt with a Coca-Cola logo on it

- dog walking action wait probably not I think I deleted that scene in book two never mind continue about your lives

- text messages with lowercase letters because i wrote the first book before i had a phone with autocorrect

- cows

- mice

- corvids

- wasps that are maybe bees or hornets but it doesn’t matter because they become corvids

- contact lenses

- fuckweasel

I’m sure the series must have more to offer, but this is all I can think of off the top of my head. I trust this will push them over the edge.