Early Morning

Bts Seokjin

Smut lol Dom jin !


For my Unnie @beautifulloser92 since your Jin trash ;)

Tossing and turning in the bed next to your boyfriend, you were feeling horny still. Of course Jin had satisfied you but you wanted to feel that pleasure again.

It was about 4 in the morning and everyone was sleep including your princess. You slowly sat your palm on his thighs, rubbing softly. He didn’t budge, so you pushed yourself closer to his body, cuddling him tighter.

When he noticed your neediness, sleepy, he rested his hand on the small of your back. You took the advantage to put your leg over his, rubbing your core over his thigh. He groaned and you paused for a second, hoping he didn't wake up yet.

You stared at his face seeing him still asleep, so you proceeded to climb ontop of him. Burying your face in his neck as you straddled him. Your hands rubbing up his thighs, mentally thanking him for wearing boxers that are easy to get into. You began to pull them down, slowly sliding your body down towards his cock

Your hands squeezing around his member earning a soft moan from him. You took him whole in your mouth, bobbing your head up and down as you went down all the way. Tears swelled up in your eyes and you gagged several times. 

You felt his thighs move from under you, hearing his moans from above you. Moaning your name, to indulged in his pleasure to notice his eyes staring dead at you.

 His hands had a strong grip on your hair, your hands held on to his thigh for guidance as he thrusted slowly into your mouth. His cock hitting the back of your throat, and drool sliding down from the side of your mouth. You retreated your mouth from his cock, earning a ‘pop’.  

Seokjin closed his eyes back, pretending to be sleep. However, you didn’t pay attention to his face to see, you slowly positioned yourself at his entrance. As you were about to lower yourself down on his cock, hands on your waist and flipped you over so you were laying underneath your boyfriend.

“Jin” you mumbled, seeing his eyes staring into yours.

“What do you think you're doing princess?” Seokjin asked.

His lips brushed against your lips and you moaned wanting to kiss him back but he backed away.

“Please” you whimpered, rubbing against him.

“You want my cock baby?” Jin asked and you nodded,


He rubbed the tip on your clit and you closed your eyes moaning from the pleasure he brought you. You wrapped your legs around his waist, grinding into him steadily.

“You're so wet Jagi” Jin hummed into your ear.

“Only for you Oppa. Please I need you so bad” you whined.

A silent gasp left your mouth when he pushed his cock into your wet heat. It took awhile for you to adjust to his length, slowly thrusting into you, your nails raked down his skin.

“Oppa” you moaned out.

You were pretty sure the boys could hear your moans from the other room and just the thought made you blush. Seokjins hot breath blowing onto your skin creating the perfect pleasure as he thrusted deep inside of you at a delicious speed.

“Jin” you moaned out, wrapping your legs tightly around his waist.

“Fuck you're so wet for me” Jin moaned into your ear.

Only for you” you moaned out pulling him closer to your body.

He was hitting that spot that made you cry out in complete bliss. He was deep inside of you and filling you up to completion. You were on the verge of exploding and if Jin continued to fuck you like this, you wouldn’t last any longer.

Jins hands held onto your thighs unwrapping them and flipping you over on your stomach. The feeling of him pulling out and pushing back inside your warmth was breathtaking. Moaning out and grabbing the pillows as he gripped your waist to pound into you from behind.

“Your such a naughty girl, waking me up to fuck you” you heard him Pant into your ear,

he sent goosebumps down your skin, with his hot breath on your back.

“Cum for me Jagi.”

Your toes curled up, your thighs tightened and your eyes closed as you reached your climax. Letting out a long loud moan and panting out as you plopped down on the bed.

A few more strokes and Jin was filling you up with his warm seed. He let out a loud groan of release and crashed down on the side of you.

“Jagi” he mumbled, grabbing your sweaty body to cuddle you up.

Humming in responce.

How are you so good looking even in the morning” Jin continued placing a kiss to your forehead.


Sherlock Gets In Hot Water

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bnFc2x

by wendymarlowe

Sherlock slammed his bare shoulder into the door again, but it didn’t budge. “This was not a scenario I had envisioned,” he grumbled.

“You were just, what? Lounging fully dressed in the shower in the dark with the water off? Could have said something before I stripped, really.”

AKA John and Sherlock have shower sex after getting stuck in the bathroom together.

(Part of my “John and Sherlock’s Kinky First Times” series of shorts, all revolving around the same basic theme of “John and Sherlock get sexy for the first time and also discover some kinky stuff about each other.”)

Words: 4140, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 35 of John and Sherlock’s Kinky First Times

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bnFc2x

1. Canon Hisoka: pervert by action, lectures opponents about bungee gum, love expert, fighting is love fighting is life, good looks, sweet tooth
2. (my) HC Hisoka: extremely pervert, lectures not only opponents but everyone about bungee gum, knows how to pick up girls but when it comes to the real thing he is more clueless than chrollie, if he fights, he fights, if he doesn’t want to fight, he won’t budge at all, brings gum everywhere and uses all his heaven arena’s money on bungee gum, GOOD LOOKS

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Ah nothing happened to me anon-chan, don’t worry! There has been so much drama about several blogs lately, is all. I won’t leave, like I said before, it’s very difficult to get me budge out of this fandom~ You’d have to use brute force to get me to leave xD

I HATE, Haters who don't stop!

It takes a lot to make me dislike you, like a LOT .. someone is messing with my fandom family… And it is pissing me the frick off. Anyone can slam me, call me fat, say I’m ugly and I won’t budge, BUT If anyone hates on my friends, I will jump on them like a bat out of hell


In Pokémon Sun & Moon’s latest footage courtesy V-Jump, we get a look at how you can take on a part-time job that involves tossing Pyukumukus in the ocean to get some easy money.

As previously reported for Pukumuku’s Pokédex info, they’re considered unappealing to tourists due to their appearance and lifestyle. That said, part-time chucking back into the sea is something that you can do for money; however, once a Pyukumuku finds a place it likes, it won’t budge from it, and it’ll always find  away back no matter how far you toss it. If they run out of food to eat at that spot, they’ll stay there—and starve.

That said, the people of Alola found this so pitiful, they actually made it into a tradition of chucking Pyukumuku back into the sea whenever they come across any thin-bellied Pyukumuku. The video above shows the player taking some time to chuck a few of the Sea Cucumber Pokémon and was rewarded with a whopping 20,000 Pokédollars for doing so.

Door Mage

Context: Me as Marts the Illusionist, and my friends Yoswin the Paladin and Torwin the Rougue, and of course the DM playing Swords and Wizardry. The other two are break into an abandoned looking building while I’m searching a pile of bones. Opening doors in S&W is rolling 1-2 on a d6 for the others and 1 for me.

Torwin: I’m going to try to pick the lock on the door.

DM: roll lockpicking.

Torwin: *rolls a 6*

DM: For a simple farm building, the lock is much too complex for your skills to pick open.

Yoswin: Can I try to break down the door?

DM: Roll strength.

Yoswin: *rolls a 5*

DM: After a couple minutes beating at the door, it refuses to budge.

Yoswin: Marts, get over here, we need your magic to open this door.

Marts: You know I didn’t use magic the last time I helped you with a door, I was just lucky.


Marts: I try to open the door.

DM: Roll it.

Marts: *rolls a 1*

DM: It turns out, the door was never locked at all, and it was a simple pull door. Upon touching the door, you realize this, and in a single motion, pull the door open amazing your friends and hirelings.

Yoswin (OOC): the door mage strikes again.

Due to their appearance and their lifestyle, Pyukumuku are considered unappealing to tourists. Part-time work chucking Pyukumuku back into the sea is available at tourist beaches. But no matter how far they’re thrown, Pyukumuku will always return to the same spot.

Once a Pyukumuku finds a place it likes, it won’t budge from it. If someone moves it away, back it comes to the same spot. If it runs out of food to eat in that spot, it’ll stay there—and starve. The people of Alola found this so pitiful that they developed a tradition of chucking Pyukumuku back into the food-rich sea whenever they come across any thin-bellied Pyukumuku.

Pyukumuku are covered with a slippery, viscous fluid that has a moisturizing effect. Pyukumuku can stay on land for a week without drying out. The people of Alola use this fluid for skincare products.

Pyukumuku hate to have their spikes and mouths touched, and if you step on one, it will hurl out its fist-like inner organs to strike at you.

Pyukumuku has a new Ability, Innards Out, which no other Pokémon has had before. With the Innards Out Ability, when this Pokémon faints, it will be able to deal one last bit of damage to its opponent, equal to the amount of HP it had left before it received the final blow.

Do you still love me?                 Joker x Hurt!Reader

A/N: This is part 2 of Worried!joker x Hurt!reader. Sorry if it’s a little short.

Y/N cursed as she missed her target. Again. Apparently, losing an eye meant losing much more. Aim. Confidence. Sight (sorta). It doesn’t exactly help that she was a bad shot before this too. Missing again, she threw the gun down. She screamed and ducked as it went off and shot the wall next to her.

“Woah, there. Wouldn’t want to shoot your other eye out too.” She jumped and turned to see J standing beside her. Anger swelled up inside her, either at the fact he made fun of her condition or used it to his advantage and snuck up on her. She shoved at his chest. He didn’t budge, which made her angrier. Not to mention he apparently didn’t worry about her while she was unconscious. She made a move to punch him when he caught her wrist.

“Careful.” He growled. She tried to pull away so he wouldn’t see her tears, but he held on to her. His brow was furrowed, whatever was running through that mind of his was not a pleasant thought.

“Don’t you have somewhere to be?” She snapped, trying to control her emotions. Why weren’t you worried?

“I need to change your bandage.” Yeah, but why weren’t you worried?

“I can do that myself.” Growing tired of her attitude, he cupped his hands around her face, re-adjusting them slightly when his hands grazed tender flesh. She winced.

“Have you even looked at it?” Maybe he doesn’t love you like you love him. Don’t show him you care. Don’t show him you care.

“Why do you care? It’s not like you were worried about me.” Damn it. His face softened, the only indication he gave that showed he still liked her after the accident. He didn’t reply, only dragged her to their bed where he sat her down. Grabbing new bandages, a rag, and alcohol, he crouched down in front of her.

“You haven’t attempted to leave since the accident.” He noted as he took off her bandage. She grabbed her hand in his, stopping him.

“I don’t want to go out in public looking like this.” She murmured to the floor. He didn’t respond, just kept undoing the bandage. He tried not to let his emotions show as he revealed her disfigured face. It still looked god awful. There was a gaping hole where her eye should have been, part of her skull was showing, and the skin surrounding the wound was purple and black.

“This is gonna hurt.” He poured the alcohol on a rag and then pressed it to her face. She flinched and yelped, the noise fading into a hiss. His brow furrowed once more. At least he’s not getting off on this. Tell me, Clown Prince of Crime, what’s going on in that head of yours? She frowned. He was probably thinking of a way to tell her she was too ugly for him, that he needed a queen who was beautiful, confident, and most importantly, had her whole face.

“Don’t make me go get the marker.” She looked up at him, he had a small smile playing at his lips. She continued to look at him, not smiling. Which he didn’t like. He pulled her shirt off of her shoulder, placing his lips on the flesh there. He then blew her a raspberry, causing her to giggle. Her giggling soon turned hysterical, tears rolling down the good side of her face. He had on a sad smile.

“Do you still love me?” LIKE, you idiot, like. Not love. He grabbed her chin and turned it to the side, presenting the scarred half of her face to him. He then placed a kiss on her damaged brow.

“I think it makes you look sexy.” She smiled at his efforts in making her feel beautiful. He really was a charmer. Casually grabbing her new bandage, he went to wrap her face up. She glanced at it, and then did a double take.

“Woah, woah, woah. Really?” She looked over the bandage. It had a poorly drawn crown, with a messy heart that had ‘J + Y/N’ written in it. There was random ‘HA HA HA’s’ and  ‘Daddy’s little Cyclops’ in the middle. She snorted. Right when I was feeling beautiful.

He had an innocent look on his face when she looked back at him.

“Do you like it?” He sounded genuine, so she assumed it wasn’t one of his jokes.

“I love it.” He placed one last kiss to her brow before covering it up.

“I’ll help you practice shooting later. Right now there’s grape soda on ice and a bear skinned rug waitin’ in the next room.” She grinned as he picked her up bridal - style.

“Yes.” She glanced up at him, confused.


“The answer to your question, is yes.” She thought for a minute, then a large smile broke out on her face.

Holtzmann Head canon - Touch

Holtz loves/craves touch, is an extremely tactile person and totally lacks boundaries.

With Abby, she sits/climbs on her lap when she’s upset, when she’s having a total creating block or even when she’s sleepy.
Abby is protective of Holtz and is more than happy to let her do it, as she’s been with Holtz the longest and knows just what to do and say to help her
(or when to not say anything at all) and is well used to this being a thing by now.
It started at the beginning of the friendship when Holtzmann fell asleep at the lab table at the institute (having pushed herself and stayed up for 36 hours straight) and Abby finds her fast asleep, hugging a blowtorch.
She tries to get Holtzmann to even move over to the couch they keep at the back of the lab, but Holtz won’t budge. “Ok Holtzmann” Abby whispers, “Then I’m just going to have to lift you, ok?”
She asks first, because she knows that while Holtz is a tactile person, she doesn’t take well to being touched first without permission.
“Ok” Holtz sleepily grumbles back.

Abby lifts her easily (mentally making a note to get Holtz to eat more because it’s nearly disturbingly easy to carry her) and Holtz’s legs immediately wrap round Abby’s waist like a baby koala (Abby takes to calling Holtz this every time Holtz climbs into her lap now) But when Abby tries to set her down, Holtz doesn’t let go. Instead she bodily throws her weight down on Abby forcing her to sit down on the couch, and snuggles down in her lap.

Abby just shrugs and goes with it. She even gently runs her fingers through Holtz’s hair to get her over to sleep again, and Holtz snuggles her face into the crook of Abby’s neck. From then on, it’s Holtz’s place that she goes to for comfort.

With Patty she jumps or climbs on her back when she’s excited or has a breakthrough in her work.  
This has become a recent thing and it began shortly after the Abby-possessed-by-Rowan incident where Holtz was thrown through the window and Patty saved her.
Up until that point Holtz kept an eye on Patty, what with her being new to the group and therefore cautious about letting anyone new in.
Especially with Patty being introduced to so many new things and the paranormal. Although she definitely started to trust her after Patty’s reaction to Erin retelling her painful childhood memories of being branded “Ghost Girl” by merciless bullies.
For Holtz, that’s when she really started to accept Patty into the group.
But this trust was made truly permanent when Patty saved her life, at a significant risk to her own life in the process. Afterwards, Holtzmann is fast friends with Patty and to thank her (Holtz would, or even could, never say “thank you” out loud) she creates evermore elaborate and “scary but awesome” gadgets for Patty to try out, and constantly upgrades the “Ghost Chipper” that’s become Patty’s signature weapon when busting ghosts.
Patty becomes the one that Holtz goes to after that when she needs advice about things that have been bothering her (Patty being the most social and level-headed of the group) and Patty gladly gives it to her, cause she sees Holtzmann like a little sister to her (even more so being 10+ years older than her)
She’s also the one that Holtzmann goes to when she’s just created a new weapon, gadget or has finally worked something out after days of frustration
over it not working before. She whoops and hollers in celebration, “Patty! I did it! Looky here! D'you see it??” and in her excitement, adrenaline pumping, Holtz jumps on her back, piggyback style.
Every time Patty laughs and says “Knew you could do it, babygirl!” and it puts a Cheshire smile on Holtz face to get Patty’s approval.
And Patty is the one that makes sure Holtzmann eats and gets sleep and checks her when she’s being reckless with her own safety, and becomes very protective over her little “Holtzy”.

With Erin, it’s different. Holtzmann is constantly flirting with Erin in the beginning, much to the amusement of Patty and Abby (and to the confusion and bemusement of Kevin. The poor, oblivious guy) She constantly dances for her, to 80’s power ballads and love songs particularly, while maintaining eye contact and does and says and calls her cute names just to see Erin blush. It’s only after the battle to save New York (and by extension, the whole world) that Holtzmann’s way of flirting, and the meaning behind it, changes completely.
After that, Holtz still dances for her, but she persuades Erin to join in, sometimes even dancing up close with her.

When Erin gets stressed over her work, or not being able to solve something Holtz stops everything she’s doing, lowers the music to a much quieter level, hops up onto the table on Erin’s side of the lab (they share the 2nd floor after Holtz suggests that it makes sense to. “We’re the dream team, Gilbert. You’re theory, and I’m physical” accompanied by her signature wink and grin and Erin’s little smile and pink cheeks) and helps her to work through the problem.
She doesn’t smirk at getting a (cute) reaction out of Erin to her flirting, but rather smiles softly.
Her affectionate names for Erin are said with a lot more emotion and become more than just generic names like baby, or dollface or sweetheart, that she uses to chat any girl up, but rather much more personal names to Erin.
“Gilbert”, “bow tie”, “hot stuff” and she’s not using them to just flirt, but rather to give Erin confidence in herself and show her affection for the small bow tie wearing woman.
But “Ghost Girl” in particular, she uses regularly. Not to tease or hurt her (Holtz doesn’t have a malicious bone in her body, especially when it comes to Erin’s emotions and feelings) but to change it’s meaning from what it once was to Erin - a horrible moniker, made up by horrible kids. To show her that there’s no shame, to be proud of what was once a slur, because she was right all along. Ghosts are real.
When Holtz finds out that Erin has laid claim to her MIT sweater, she gently draws attention to it. “I didn’t know you went to MIT, Gilbert. You a closet techie?”
Erin blushes, “Sorry, I just lifted the first thing. I didn’t even look to see whose it was”  "Keep it, it looks much better on you anyway" Erin’s cheeks go from pink to beet red.

And when Holtz has finally perfected Erin’s proton weapon, she gently presses against her back, puts her hands over hers and shows her how to use it. And if there’s any kinks or issues with the weapon (and even if there isn’t at all) Holtz stays up all night to make sure they’re fixed and it’s as safe as it absolutely, possibly can be before Erin can take it out onto the field.

The most unlikely pairing though, has to be Holtz and Kevin. At the beginning Holtz nearly wrote Kevin off as an idiot, someone who she was absolutely amazed had even made it through life so far and survived. (She’s half convinced that he’s a government experiment cooked up in a lab somewhere that went wrong and escaped)

But one day, he comes up to her lab and sets a plate down on her worktable. Then stands and waits for her to notice it.
“Whatcha got there, Kev?” “Well I was just making myself some sandwiches and then I remembered you were here, so I made you some too.
Salty parabolas are your favourite, right?”
And Holtz can do nothing but stare at him in slight shock, ‘he actually remembered? And he called them parabolas??’ “Uh, yeah….thanks, big guy”
and he looks so proud and happy to have got something right “No problem, boss”
But when Kevin expresses a genuine interest in the invention that Holtzmann is working on, “hey, that’s a cool looking toaster!” she nearly falls off the stool
in shock at him getting it right. Even Patty, Abby and Erin never know (or guess right) what Holtzmann’s inventing 90% of the time til she’s finished
or actually tells them what it is.
After that, she develops a huge soft spot for the big lug and she even lets him (under strict supervision) help her out. She’s pleasantly surprised
to realise that he’s a really good assistant. Plus he makes for a very good, very sturdy support when Holtzmann can’t reach something high enough.
This is only something that happens over time though. Holtz has never been completely comfortable around men (it doesn’t help at all that during her childhood,she was teased and even beaten up by boys as a child) and so definitely doesn’t like it, or trust men at all when it comes to touch.

But with Kevin, it’s different. There’s not a bad bone in the guy’s body.
It starts off with fistbumps and high fives and eventually progresses so much so that one day when Holtzmann needs to reach the fire alarm on the wall (because it’s been going off at random times of the day) and the stepladder isn’t tall enough, she calls Kevin over.
“Hey Kev, come over here and give me a boost, would ya?” “Sure thing, boss!”
He bends down and she climbs up onto his shoulders to reach. And when he has to hold onto her legs to do so, “This ok, boss?” he asks, quietly, that soft spot she has for him, grows even bigger.
One day Holtz is working on something and needs to tighten a few bolts on it.
She goes to reach for her favourite spanner but realises it’s lost, and is throwing everything everywhere in her pursuit of it.
Completely unaware that Kevin has come over to see what the fuss is about, “Oh I’ll get them for you, boss” and proceeds to tighten the bolts with
his bare hands. Holtz realises what he’s just done, and pushes her googles down to stare at Kevin in awe.
And one afternoon, she actually does fall off her stool when Kevin states that he’s off to take part in a hacky sack tournament in the park on his lunchbreak
and gives her the gay salute.

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Just had to get all this out in one go.

After their shower, the birds dry off with a bit of flapping in @thegreatbirdiegames’ flying competition! They manage to expertly navigate the close quarters of this bathroom. :0

(This is, btw, an example of how cockatiels can get bullied by budgies despite their size advantage. Boggle usually leaves Curry alone, so with that plus the large size of their cage and how little time they spend in it, we cautiously let them live together. That said, the two species are generally not suited to close quarters - it’s clear they don’t understand each others’ body language at all! Poor Boggle just wants to tell Curry how pretty he is.)


The Joker x batman’s daughter: imagine

Imagine being batman’s daughter and the joker kidnapping you. You soon realise that you feel intrigued by him.

Lol it’s very hard to do the joker justice, but I’m very much taken by his character and so I decided to give it a go.

As someone took off your blindfold, you tried to adjust your eyes to the light in the semi-dark room you found yourself in. There were no windows, so the only source of light was a lamp hanging from the ceiling. You assumed you were in some kind of basement or room under the ground, but there was no way to be sure. As you tried to move, you quickly realized that both your hands and your feet had been tied up and so you were stuck to remain in one position. You budged against the restraints, trying to free a hand, but quickly froze when you heard a voice; “That’s useless my dear, you’re stuck in this room.” You looked up to find a green-haired man in front of you. He looked at you in a way that made your legs go weak. “Luckily for you, you’re stuck with me.” It took you a few seconds to place the madness in his eyes, but with his pale skin, metal mouth and his manner of moving, it couldn’t be anyone but the joker. You chose not to reply to him, not knowing how to handle the man standing on the other side of the room. He walked over to you, very slowly, surely it was just to add to the frightening scene that he had created, but it worked. Once he had finally reached you, you could really define his features. Damaged was written all over him, not just on his forehead. His green messy hair that was pushed back, his white, ghostly skin, his devil red lips, his steely blue eyes, his tattoos all over his body, oh he was a psychopath, alright. He roughly placed his hands around your neck, his long nails digging into your skin. It hurt, but you decided not to give him the satisfaction of reacting. He chuckled, his mouth curling up, it was the kind of laugh that haunted you in your sleep though. “Think you can outsmart me by not speaking doll face,”He said as he smacked your head into the wall behind you. “well think again.” Your head started to sting straight away but you tried to keep your expression as neutral as possible. “I’m sure I’ll be out of here before you know it.” You said, but the joker picked up on your hesitation. “Think daddy will come and get you, love?” He laughed again, his manic laughter filling the empty room as he placed his hands on your cheeks this time. You tried to nod, but his grip was so firm, you could barely move. “Than we can officially agree on that matter.” His expression changed once he took notice of your appearance. And for a split second you were sure that the madness in his eyes was replaced by something else. His hands were still placed on both of your cheeks, heat radiating off of them. Or maybe it was just you who felt fuzzy from him being so close to you. You couldn’t decide whether you were scared of him or if you were intrigued by this man who seemed to come from another planet. Maybe both, but that was what made him so interesting.

As you were trying to place the impression the joker gave you, he was still looking at you with an intensity that made your pulse quicken. “Am I making you nervous doll?” his tone was light and in his eyes you found humor. “Think I didn’t notice how your blood is running faster, how you’re practically gasping for air? I can almost see the thoughts forming in that brain of yours, your fragile body gives it all away.” Your mouth formed an o, you were looking for an answer, but his wicked smile prevented you from speaking. He traced his finger over the little scar present under your right eye, it was barely visible, but he had seen it right away. “Who gave you this scar?” the mood had shifted in a matter of seconds, his tone no longer holding humor, he sounded mad, his posture changed from relaxed to tense, his hands forming into fists and his famous smile no longer present on his handsome face. “Answer me!” he demanded. “Why does it matter?” you asked, more confident than you had intended. “Don’t try and play games with me little girl, just answer the damn question y/n!” He backed you up against the wall once more and his lips were so close you could smell the hint of mint on his tongue. “It was some guy, who wanted to take revenge on my father, and so he tried to hurt me, he got ahold of me, cut me and after that I punched him in the face and ran away as quickly as I could.” The joker’s expression was so dark you almost regretted telling him the truth. “If I ever get my hands on the man who tried to hurt a girl so pure, he won’t live to see another day.” His smile returned, but this time it was so full of venom, a cold chill ran down your spine. “What are you talking about?” you said, anger taking over, “You kidnapped me, tied me up, smashed my head against the wall and now you wanna teach the guy who hurt me a lesson?” your outburst had caught his full attention, amusement twinkled in his eyes and played with the corners of his mouth. “What you did, what you’re doing, is much much worse, you are sick, but that’s the point right? You pretend to be a sick, psychotic bastard, so people are frightened of you, so you can rule everyone, so you’re in charge. Look how you tied me up, put me in a room without windows, all so you can play the role of the alpha male who is above everyone. Guess what, I’ll pass, I’m in no mood to play your little mind games. Here I am, in front of you, so if you intend on hurting me or killing me, I suggest you get it on with, cause I’m done wasting my time here.” You looked him straight in the eyes and saw how he began laughing, his laughter so loud you almost wanted to join him, if only you hadn’t been so mad. His laughter sounded carefree, like he was the happiest man in the world, but you knew very well he never quit playing his little games. This was the joker standing before you, he knew very well how to trap a person. “I have to admit, you take after your father, you’ve got nerve.” his eyes locked on yours as he took a step forward. “And as for killing you..” He said as he raised his hand, “I think I’ll let you live,” he placed his hands on the restraints and freed you, “for now.”  

Once he had freed your feet as well, your tried to loosen up the sore muscles, from being in one position this long, but it didn’t seem to be very effective. The joker kept his gaze on your movements and it didn’t really help you relax. “I know what you’re playing at, but you don’t intimidate me.” you blurted out, it wasn’t true at all. He scared the hell out of you, but you couldn’t help wanting him to think you were brave. “I don’t?” he smiled, turning your body around so you were now facing the wall. He placed his hands on your shoulders and started rubbing them gently. His fingers kneading into your skin felt heavenly. It seemed so out of character of him to show kindness, but your body seemed so responsive to him and so you couldn’t help but lean into him. His hands went from caressing the outlines of your face, to massaging your back and when you felt his breath in your neck, a feeling of desire came over you. “So you mean to say, that a man who’s pure evil, yet who shows affection towards you, does not scare you?” he whispered so softly, you swear it was your imagination. He turned you around once again and you were faced by another color blue than before, it was softer, more kind than before. It felt as if his eyes possessed you, as if he had power over you. “You do scare me.” you whispered and before you knew it, he had pushed you against the wall and his lips found yours. His mouth dominated yours with such passion you could barely stand up.  He was more aggressive now than before, but he held back a little, you could feel it, respecting your tenderness. His hands found their way to your face as he cupped your cheeks. His tongue entering your mouth made you let out a small moan. He too could feel how your body responded to him, very obediently, and he realised that he had won you over. But what you didn’t realise, was that he couldn’t get enough of the taste of your lips either, his hands roaming around your body as if trying to map it out. He felt how you blossomed in his presence and he had to stop himself or he would lose his character in you.

And so he pushed you away roughly and put his guard up again. “That’s how easy it is for me to play with your mind doll face.” he said as he plastered an evil laugh onto his face.

forcefully trying to make michael the little spoon but all he does is cringe and try to unwrap your legs from his torso and you not budging so he just lets out a whine and yells “noOoo gET OFF ME” but eventually giving up bc even he knows he loves all that attention from you

bad boy!michael always skipped class, even when he was dating you. you would try and persuade him to do otherwise but, as stubborn as he was he wouldn’t budge. so imagine one day you’re having a really boring day at school and you were staring out the window and discreetly texting Michael under your desk. unfortunately your teacher had caught you and had confiscated it for the rest of the day. Michael, being Michael, became extremely worried that you weren’t replying as you always had your phone so, he waited at your house for you till you got out of school. you walked up your street when you saw Michael’s car in the driveway, which was weird because nobody was home. he was sat on the porch waiting for you. once he saw you, he jumped up and came and attacked you with hugs and kisses he could. ‘I got worried about you’ ‘I thought something happened to you’ ‘why didn’t you respond’  you just smiled at him because he was just a giant softy at heart 

Stupid, dumbass, moron, asshole, Dexter repeated to himself as he checked his pockets. It was past midnight, he had just left the Tidal Wave after a very weird night. The blond hated himself for being there, but he was so bored at home he made himself get out of his trailer and try to have some fun. He didn’t have many friends in town, it was Saturday night and he just wanted to enjoy himself. So, of course, what better place to be than a nightclub, right? Wrong. Dex was not having any fun in there, so decided to leave. He had just stepped outside when realized he had left his keys somewhere in there. He tried to persuade the bouncer to let him back in, but the man said he would have to pay again. Bullshit, Dex thought as he went to the back of the club, trying to open the gate and realizing it wouldn’t budge.

A noise behind him made him jump. “Look, it’s not what it looks, alright?’

C Major Scale: A Solangelo fanfiction

My favorite things about Nico di Angelo are how he absolutely refuses to acknowledge his own feelings, tries to fight his own feelings and everyone else, and really loves Will Solace. Which is what makes this before-they-get-together fics so fun. 



“Nico, if you are going to stay at camp, you ought to actually participate in camp activities,” Will pointed out to him with a smile that would have looked annoyed if he were anyone but Will Solace. But of course, Will Solace was Will Solace, so it just sort of was a fond chiding look. His hands were planted firmly on his hips, his feet were stuck to the ground, and it didn’t look like he was about to budge an inch on this.

“I do participate,” Nico muttered under his breath as he kicked a rock with the toe of his boot.

“In sword practice and capture the flag if you are in the mood. There are other activities besides sulking in your cabin,” Will explained with a roll of his eyes.

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