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Hello!I would like to ask what's your take on Kuchel Ackerman as a mother and what kind child was Captain Levi?Many thanks♡

Gladly, anon! It is my belief that Kuchel was a loving and caring mother who did her absolute best in caring for him. Levi’s empathetic nature is a reflection of her love. That’s the tl;dr, of it, but I’m going to grab a few moments from the manga to support this.

Chapter 65: “She won’t listen to me and says she’s gonna have it”
Kuchel and Kenny argued about the pregnancy but Kuchel wouldn’t budge. She stood firm against her notorious big brother. With or without family support, she wanted this child. 

Chapter 69: Levi is a clean freak because of her
I saw a post floating around not too long ago that suggested Levi was raised in filth but I don’t think canon supports that. The curtains are shabby and worn, but otherwise the room is spotless. Levi was dirty when Kenny found him, but Kuchel had been dead for days at that point. I suspect while she lived she took great pride in keeping him and his environment clean. Levi’s tidy nature is a reflection of his mother.

Chapter 69: “They were all slaves to something”
As part of Kenny’s “everyone is a slave to something” speech, Kuchel is shown with the word “children”. Levi was her purpose in living. He was the thing that kept her going. As a whore in the underground her situation was terrible, but she was proud of her child and devoted her life to him.

Levi wearing her clothing long after her death is indicative of his love in return. He held onto that small part of her.

The best evidence that Kuchel was a loving mother is Levi himself. His caring and empathetic nature didn’t happen by chance. I’m going to quote @teetanjaeger from this post. Amazingly, she wrote it before we learned about Kuchel in chapter 69:

In developmental psychology, empathy is generally considered a learned ability. We are not born with an innate sense of empathy for other people. This is why children are really egotistical little humans. (You know that joke about children being sociopaths? Its kind of true…) So, in order for Levi to have this level of empathy, he had to have learned it somewhere. It certainly wasn’t from Kenny…

Generally, empathy is learned during the toddler years. Children model their behavior off of the adults around them, its how they learn to interact with the world that they don’t understand. 

In case you haven’t see it, this art by Sophie is amazing and best captures my personal headcanons about Kuchel and Levi. 

Thanks for the ask, anon!

She’s lying on her stomach proofing her dissertation, nibbling on the end of her pen when she looks up to see him staring. She’s not surprised he’s staring, as she’s been pretended not to be listening. It felt like the easier approach, than fully admitting that she didn’t know. She felt like it was her job to know. She of all people should know, but she didn’t. 

He of course did. 

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Do you think that sooner or later people will relize the way in which Simon and Perrie used Zayn and all the lies that they tell about him?

Hi anon,

I hope so. Maybe not everyone but I do believe his vindication will come.

As soon as he gets the chance to speak for himself, not through print, but to express himself and show what a lovely intelligent man he is, and how he’s everything but what he’s portrayed then people can realise that and maybe some of those people will see the lie in what’s been portrayed already. 

Won’t be overnight and some won’t budge of course because they’d give Zayn shit regardless and prefer to believe what’s presented to them by the gossip media and UK tabloids. 

Then again, its predominantly the UK tabloid media and gossip mags who entertain all this nonsense and the good news is not THAT many people read that shit.

I can never believe that people trust the likes of Cowell anyway and want to believe in any of this nonsense anyway even a little of it, and still hoping one day he’ll get his. 

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Hi, How do you get the lip lingerie from nyx formula to work? I have given up, for me it comes off in under 20 minutes after doing my makeup and leaves my lips bare on the inside half of my lips. It even does this with liner. Even my anastasia ones do this omg

Whatttt really? That’s so strange my nyx lip lingeries stay on all night be don’t budge, can anyone help with this???

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Banter for Sene and future Redcliffe/Red Lyrium!Solas. Possible topics: death, failure, second chances

@fairymelt bringing the heat. I love it. Your prompts make my heart beat and my head swirl. <3


“Sene,” said Dorian.

Her boots were heavy, sopping. She was soaked to the waist, and so was he. This was total and utter shit. “What, Dorian?”

“You’ll want to see this,” he said.

“Did you find something?”

Indeed he had.

The last cell on the left. Sitting on the floor, she saw, elbows resting on his knees. His head tilted back against the stone wall. It was a familiar posture for Solas. He was dreaming. But everything was so dark. Sene approached, dropped to her knees beside him. “No,” she said, a whisper. He didn’t budge.

“That is your sad, elf boyfriend,” said Dorian. “Is it not?”

“We’re just friends,” said Sene.

“Could have fooled me.”

She reached through the bars now, nudged him on the shoulder. “Solas,” she said. “Solas. Wake up. It’s me.”

Finally he surfaced, his head lulled toward her. “Sene?” he said, his cold, red eyes. He seemed to lose his breath. “You’re alive?”

She tried to smile, but he looked so weak. Still, the relief was like a whip inside her chest. “Your eyes,” she said. She reached for him, but he flinched. “What’s happened to you?”

“How did you find me?” he said.

Sene had no idea what to say. She glanced up at Dorian, who nodded.

“The spell Alexius cast displaced us in time,” he said, quietly. “We just got here. So to speak.”

“Can you reverse the process?”

“Presumably,” said Dorian.

“I dreamed this,” said Solas, looking at Sene now. He held to the bars, shook his head. There was something wrong with his voice, but he was still Solas. She was certain. “Do not be afraid, lethal’lan.”

“This is so fucked up,” she said in a whisper. “I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing, Solas.”

He inhaled, exhaled, heavy and shaken. He slid his hands down the bars, put them on top of hers, and he held them hard. “It is so good to see you,” he said.


“You have no idea,” he said. “Look at me.”

She did. It was scary.

“Breathe, Sene.”

She closed her eyes. She pictured Haven. Rooftops, tabletops. Surfaces. That is where they spent their time. Legs dangling off the floor and looking up at the wide open sky. Doing stupid things. Trading secrets. “I’m okay,” she said, eyes open.

He smiled. It was so painful to see him this way. “Very good,” he said.

“We have a key, you know,” said Dorian. He held it up in his hand. A jagged metal thing. “Your semi-jailed reunion, quaint as it may be, is terribly depressing.”

“I see you haven’t changed,” said Solas, looking up at the Tevinter. The faintest hint of a smirk.

“No, I have not,” said Dorian. “Unlike you. You look terrible. May we leave now?”

Sene looked back at Solas, eager. Red. “Yes,” she said.

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12 and 19 on david?

12. At least one thing that they tend to overreact to.
His mom and aunt with people he doesn’t know. he gets incredibly jealous when he see’s them with someone he doesn’t know.

19. Is there anything they refuse to budge on? What are they stubborn about?
oh gosh, this is something i’m not really sure of at this time! I guess he’s stubborn on the thought of dying? Maybe how witches aren’t bad people and shi. 

I Always Knew by Ollie

It happened on a Saturday.

There hadn’t been a case for weeks, and Sherlock was bored. Not his normal storm-the-flat-and-shoot-walls bored, but his lay-on-the-sofa-and-stare-at-nothing bored. It might’ve been around eight in the morning when John emerged from his room upstairs. He moved quietly to the kitchen, not wanting to disturb the possibly sleeping detective, to make their morning tea.

Carefully, he carried the mugs to the sitting room to find his flatmate awake. “Budge up.” he said, and Sherlock obliged. Until John sat down. He found himself with a lap full of the head and torso of six foot detective. But he didn’t question it. After returning to Baker Street, it didn’t take long for their routines to return to normal. And it didn’t take long for John to realize his feelings for Sherlock had grown tenfold.

He set their tea aside and tentatively ran his hand through Sherlock’s curls. The detective’s eyes widened as he realized the gravity of the situation. John’s hand, small, calloused, warm, was in his hair. It was just, there. No questions. Just there. His breath caught.

And then John stopped. “Shit, sorry, sorry. I just thought— I don’t know what thought. Sorry.” His words tripped and fell from his mouth and he wished he could take it back. That maybe he read things wrong. That maybe he was right all those years ago. That Sherlock doesn’t do that. That this is unrequited and that it’s a mistake and—

There’s a hand on the back of John’s neck. He looks down at his lap. There was a smile on Sherlock’s face. One that reached his eyes. A smile John hadn’t seen in god knows how long. “Stop thinking.” And then he just pulled John’s head down and kissed him. Just. Kissed him.

Both of their heads were spinning when they broke apart, but it didn’t take long for an equally incandescent smile crossed John’s face. “You have no idea how long…” he started.

“Yes. I do.” Sherlock said, sitting up. He turned his body to face John’s and tucked his legs up under him, leaning into John’s side. John’s hand moved up his back, down his arm, and then returned to his hair. “We’re idiots. You know that?”

“Something cemented in stone since the day we met, love. Since the day we met.” Sherlock marveled at how easily the endearment fell from John’s lips. He kissed his jaw lightly and settled his head in the crook of John’s neck.

“What we went through to get here.” Sherlock said quietly, almost timidly.

“I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s made us realize how much we need each other. I always knew it would end up like this. Or at least I hoped.” John replied, mouth against Sherlock’s temple.

Sherlock laced his fingers with John’s, “I knew. I always knew. Now can we just?”

“Of course, love. Of course.”


This is a gift for @softedetectives because I promised xem holding earlier. Enjoy 💖

I have a lot of opinions abt rvb Harry Potter aus but none that I will fight ppl over quite as much as Grif being in Hufflepuff

Like he goes to the sorting hat and the hats like, “hmmm yes, I see a lot of cunningness here, a dash of bravery-”

“Yeah yeah, that’s great. Can you put me in Hufflepuff?”

“Hufflepuff? Yes, the loyalty is definitely there, though I don’t think you would excel there quite as much as in Slyth-”

“Excel? No, no, listen. You put me in Slytherin, people are gonna start expecting shit, y'know? I wanna cruise the next seven years, I don’t need people to think I’m gonna excel.”

“That’s… One of the most Slytherin things I’ve heard.”

“Plus? I hear the Hufflepuff dorms are right next to the kitchen. I wanna get in on that.”