Future Card Buddyfight (フューチャーカード バディファイト) characters Tasuku Ryuenji and Jackknife Dragon dressed and ready for Trick-or-Treatin’ in Animage Magazine (Amazon US | JP). Illustrated by character designer Kazumi Ono (小野和美).


Halloween fun from Future Card Buddyfight (フューチャーカード バディファイト) in these posters illustrated by character designer Kazumi Ono (小野和美) for Prince Animage (Amazon Japan) and Animage Magazine (Amazon US | JP).


[ FCBF Sketch Meme ] (won’t be here tomorrow so, Day 2&3 group post)

Day 2: favourite Buddy monster: Qinus Axia

A transgender/gay dragon…(?), Axia is a prideful noble as well as a willful romantic who enjoys cuddling and nicknames. A quirky but sweet and vivacious character.

Day 3: a character to be feared: Sakharov Sofia

If looks could kill… —-well, even if it couldn’t, Sofia will still get the deed done. Poised and deadly, a little lady who won’t blink twice at the thought of sending someone to their grave… (…and this is a kid’s show!?)