buddy's day out


the heart rate of a mouse //  i see him perfectly in the gentle light of dawn and can’t look away.


what if buddy system ends like this:
they defeat their crazy ex gf and now they’re in the gmm desk, happy that everything is over and taken care of. Link sighs and puts his feet up on the desk and his hands behind his head. neither say anything for awhile, just enjoying the quiet after the chaos… Rhett giggles to himself and Link joins without knowing the reason. “what’re you laughin’ at?” he says as he puts his feet down and leans closer to Rhett. “oh i was just thinkin’…. what the hell were we doing dating that crazy woman?” they both laughed, ofc having eye contact the whole time. “i find myself asking that about a every woman i date…” Link said…. it slipped out… Rhett’s eyes got wide as he tried to process what Link had just said. Link looked down, avoiding eye contact now. “me too…” rhett didn’t know if he said it because it was true or to make it less awkward, but nonetheless he said it. Link lifted his head up to meet Rhett’s eyes, music starts playing, and in a quick motion Rhett grabs Link by the collar and then IT CUTS. GOES BLACK. CREDITS ROLE AND THATS BUDDY SYSTEM.

🎶on the sixth day of dhmis my teacher gave to me

two lil buddies


digital dancing~

roy on a laptop

another teacher

and a favorite student of mine!🎶

day 6: favorite pairing! (in this drawing this pairing is platonic)

good ol object buddies tone and sketch 🕛 📒


Some oddly specific yoi fic rec requests

-Any fic about that one post of Yuuri going back to college and his college buddies finding out one day that he´s married and is a world champion figure skater cause some fans ask for his autograph?

-any yuuri stripper au. idk why i love this au so much but just aah

-soulmate aus. i´m a sucker for soulmate aus. like the countdown clock or whatever you write on your skin shows up on your soulmates skin

-cute domestic fluff. like the kind of fluff that would make a dentist faint cause its so sweet

-au where viktor and yuuri are both so drunk at the sochi banquet that they get married and don´t realize it until they actually try to get married

-anything with like drunk yuuri at the banquet and flustered viktor.

-parent viktuuri. i want to see them have kids

-time travel au where either one or both of them travels back in time to before/during/right after the sochi gpf

new ship : @m-arci-a and a decent amount of sleep

Dragon Queen Week: Day 2 | Drinking Buddies