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Welcome to the roundups for our impromptu weekend mini challenge - #DrunkenKissesChallenge - in honour of Hugh Dancy’s birthday.

The roundups will be by OTP to make it easier for you to work your way through from your favourite to your squick - or vice versa if that’s how your wired.

As always, MASSIVE THANKS to all the contributors who took the time to write, draw, create and tag correctly! XD

As always: Please check all tags and read responsibly. In no particular order -

Round Up: RAREPAIRS (non Hannibal) & AUs

HanniStag AU:

Drunken Kisses (fanart) by @flyingrottenhannistag
Hanni and Will discover fermenting apples

Vampire AU:

Drunk? He most certainly was. by sofialhene
Mature // M/M // Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter // Tags: vampire AU, Young Will, Vampire Hannibal, Drunken Kissing, Drinking, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Will is drunk, Fluff, Nice Hannibal, Brief mention of an erection, Mild Sexual Content, Hannibal seems almost too nice?
Summary: One night, after supper, Will and Hannibal are sitting in the living room in front of the fireplace, drinking wine. Apparently, the young man had not stopped after his second glass…

He Bit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss) by damnslippyplanet
Teen and Up // M/M // Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter // Tags: Alternate Universe - Vampire, So Blood Warning Really Shouldn’t Be Necessary?, And yet, Blood, Alcohol, Even As A Vampire Hannibal Has Very Little Chill
Summary: Hannibal’s reached Will’s jaw and his kisses are clean now, the trail of bloody lip-marks faded somewhere around Will’s collarbone. He lingers there for a moment, savoring salt and skin and stubble. Pacing himself, or trying to, but Will’s snaking his unbloodied arm around Hannibal’s neck to urge him upward. Terrible, impatient boy. Hurried as any human, all heat and no perspective. Of course, he is not any human. And so Hannibal lets himself be tugged and shifted until their mouths meet.
Or: A little interlude in my Love, Blood, & Rhetoric vampire-‘verse, for the sake of the Drunken Kisses challenge.

Teacher/Student AU:

Oh! You Pretty Thing by Aquielle
Mature // M/M // Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter // Tags: Underage, Teacher-Student Relationship, Drunken Kissing, Spanking, I was having a bit of a Lolita!Will moment
Summary: Will misbehaves to get the attention of his headmaster.

Professor Will and Student Hannibal Ficlets by Jhonni
Not Rated // M/M // Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter // Tags: Alternate Universe - College/University, Professor Will, Teacher-Student Relationship, Age Difference, First Kiss, Slow Burn, Slow Dancing, Flirting, Awkward Flirting, Awkward Conversations, student hannibal, drunken kisses, Alcohol
Summary: CHAPTER 4 is for DrunkenKissesChallenge. Will is a university professor. Hannibal is a sophomore. A collection of scenes from throughout their relationship, in no particular order.

School/College/University AU:

Six Minutes In Heaven by mokuyoubi
Teen and Up // M/M // Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter // Tags: Fluff, Drunken Kissing, Alternate Universe - College/University, Drinking Games
Summary: Beverly has somehow roped Hannibal into joining in on drinking games, and she has one clear objective in mind for him and Will…

A Kissing Tale by 9_of_Clubs
Teen and Up // F/F, F/M, M/M, Multi // Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter, Alana Bloom/Beverly Katz, Alana Bloom/Margot Verger/Beverly Katz, Franklyn Froideveaux & Hannibal Lecter, Jimmy Price/Brian Zeller, Bedelia Du Maurier & Hannibal Lecter, Alana Bloom/Margot Verger // Tags: Alternate Universe - College/University, Fluff, Polyamory implied, Hella Flirtation, Best Friend Bev - but double duty, Everyone Wants Hannibal, FranSquared - Franklyn/Francis aka The Cheese Folk, Everyone Is Gay, Except Bedelia but she is the Professor and Hannibal is a terrible flirt, everyone is drunk, this includes Bedelia
Summary: Jumped on the College AU Bandwagon for this one, and then decided to go all out on the kissing, so see how many kisses, real, imagined, almost, or otherwise, you can spot ;)
He’s had a fair amount to drink, socked feet crossed under him on the couch, and maybe he’s almost drunk, and maybe he’s watching Hannibal a little too intently, Hannibal whose hair is still falling into his face where Will pushed it, who is watching him back with his usual level of intensity, a little more concentrated than usual with drink, but not by much. Hannibal who is so close.

Cuddles Husbands AU:

Drunken Pandas by @avegetariancannibal
Teen and Up // M/M // Will the Red Panda/Hannibal the Panda // Tags: drunken kisses, jealous Will, Hannibal and Tobias kiss
Summary: Tobias and Hannibal get drunk. Will gets jealous! 

LuChiffre (Luke Brandon/Le Chiffre):

Chatty by snaxo
Casino Royale (2006)/Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)
Teen and Up// M/M // Luke Brandon/Le Chiffre // Tags: drunken kisses, Alternate Universe - College/University
Summary: One too many always held the potential for good or bad. Tonight, it was good.

Once Sober by TigerPrawn
Casino Royale (2006)/Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)
Explicit // M/M // Luke Brandon/Le Chiffre // Tags: Eddie Lane, Ned (Pushing Daisies), Christian Grey, Rebecca Bloomwood, drunken kisses, Sexuality Crisis, 5 Times, 4 Times + 1, Chance Meetings, Missed Opportunities, slightly repressed sexuality, unexpected drunk kiss, smoooochies and the promise of more!
Summary: The four Times Luke Brandon kissed whilst drunk, and the once when he was sober.

Grigg Harris/Lenny (Bleeder):

Grigg´s bad, awful, terrible, horrible week by The_owner
The Jane Austen Book Club (2007)/Bleeder (1999)
General Audiences // M/M // Grigg Harris/Lenny (Bleeder) // Tag: Fluff, First Kiss, drunken kisses
Summary: Grigg showing us the meaning of the saying: “Every cloud has a silver lining.”

Griggel (Grigg Harris/Nigel (Charlie Countryman):

Oops! by TigerPrawn
The Jane Austen Book Club (2007)/Charlie Countryman (2013)
Mature // M/M// Grigg Harris/Nigel (Charlie Countryman) // Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Omega Verse, Alpha/Omega, Alpha Nigel, Omega Grigg, drunken kisses
Summary: Omega Grigg travels to Bucharest for an IT Conference and has a chance encounter with Alpha Nigel, that may change his life forever…

DogPath?? Cal Roberts/Nigel (Charlie Countryman):

Low Places by mokuyoubi
The Path (TV)/Charlie Countryman (2013)
Teenand Up // M/M// Cal Roberts/Nigel (Charlie Countryman) // Tags: Drunken Kissing, Nigel unsurprisingly responds to violence, the depths of Cal’s fucked upedness have yet to be plumbed…
Summary: Then Max looks up from his drunken stupor and squints at the newcomer. “Hey!” he shouts, and again, until the guy looks up. “Aren’t you that guy from the tv?”
The man’s shoulders rise up around his ears and he hunches over his drink, posture screaming fuck off. Max doesn’t take the hint. Now that he’s mentioned it, though, Nigel thinks he remembers where he saw the guy, a few months ago on some news talkshow.
“Yeah,” Max says, sliding off his stool. “Yeah, you’re in that cult.”

StrangePath (Kaecilius (Doctor Strange)/Cal Roberts):

Bring me the Light by foxbanana
The Path (TV)/Doctor Strange (2016)
Not Rated // M/M // Kaecilius/Cal Roberts // Tags: StrangePath, Drinking to Cope, Angst, Emotional
Summary: During another breakdown Cal gets a vision or a visit of a certain Sorcerer.

StrangeBookClub (Kaecilius (Doctor Strange/Grigg Harris):

Posession & Manifestation by @slashyrogue
The Jane Austen Book Club (2007)/Doctor Strange (2016)
Not Rated // M/M // Kaecilius/Grigg Harris // Tags: Drunken kisses
Summary: Grigg runs into his new neighbour when he comes home drunk. 

Galahad/One Eye:

Reaching for More by dandelion_wishes
King Arthur (2004)/Valhalla Rising
Teen and Up // M/M // Galahad/One Eye // Tags: mentions of Tristan, kiss, drunk, Drunkenness, ale, Fluff and Angst
Summary: One Eye looks up at the stars before his eyes look at Galahad. The young knight sways a little as his head tilts back. The stars seem scattered among a blue pool that his Galahad’s eyes.Then slowly the knight’s head turns toward One Eye. Their eyes meet and linger.

Christian Smith (Our Idiot Brother)/Lucas (Jagten | The Hunt):

Movie Night by solitarysister
Our Idiot Brother)/Lucas (Jagten | The Hunt) 
General Audiences // M/M // Christian Smith/Lucas (Jagten) // Tags: Movie Night, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Lucas is homesick, watching Brooklyn doesn’t help
Summary: Short little one shot about the boys’ date night

Buddy Wittenborn (Evening)/Jacob Stolze (En Kort En Lang | Shake It):

Somebody Tell Me, What’s Better Than Love? by murdergatsby
Evening (2007)/En Kort En Lang | Shake It (2001)
Teen and Up // M/M // Buddy Wittenborn (Evening)/Jacob Stolze // Tags: Fluff, Drunken Confessions, Drunk Kissing, First Kiss, Cuddling, falling asleep together, No Spouse No Problems, I just want Buddy to have this happiness
Summary: Buddy and Jacob go home together after sharing more than a few drinks, and Jacob takes the opportunity to ask him about something that’s been on his mind.