buddy revell


BMEotD #02: 

Three O'Clock High is one of my favorite unsung classics of the 80’s. I think of it as the anti-Ferris Bueller.  There aren’t many comedies that capture this much tension and dread (Scorsese's After Hours comes close.)  Look out for cameos by Phillip Baker Hall, Jeffery Tambor, Yeardley Smith, and Mitch Pileggi.


Sure you’ve seen all the classics; Pretty in Pink, Goonies, Footloose, Heathers, John Hughes’ entire filmography, The list goes on. You’re probably pretty sick of them too, After all, one can only watch Sixteen Candles so many times. As jammed-packed as the 1980s were from all these memorable teen movies and all their not so subtle rip-offs, There were some gems that fell through the cracks of 80s nostalgia.

So here are 5 movies that always seem to be left out of conversation that I personally find in desperate need of more attention.

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