buddy quote

  • craig: *drunk* okay bro, so run this by me again.
  • dadsona: *also drunk* okay: jump on that dumpster, flip onto the fire escape, crawl up the roof, then do a front flip on to the adjacent roof, back flip over brian, and then back onto the sidewalk.
  • craig: ... you lost me after dumpster.
  • dadsona: *groans* dumpster. fire escape. roof. other roof. brian. sidewalk. don’t care how you do it, just make it look cool. camera’s rolling.
  • craig: are you sure they’re going to use this footage in the new assassin’s creed?
  • dadsona: uh, yes? definitely.
  • craig: fuck yeah.
  • dadsona: you’ve got one shot because i only have 3% battery and i think there’s two cops fast walking their way over here.
  • craig: let's do this, bro!

Captain Charming Swan | Buddy Cop AU

How complicated can life be, when you’re in love with your co-worker who also happens to be your boss’s sister and neither of them are aware? 

…Pretty much as complicated as that sounds.

for @spartanguard :)