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Things That Are Funny To Me:
—"I could slip you off. That wouldn’t be picking. That’d be slipping.“
—Neal giving Moz $2M to leave
—"Sour grapes…”
—"Neal, I don’t know what you’re doing, but whatever it is, stop!“
—The sheriff’s badge
—"You don’t even need him.”
—"Wow, you’re strong.“ *immediately gets dropped on the floor*
—"Is this Steve? What’s up, buddy? You never call.”
—"Like an impudent child chasing after an untethered balloon.“
—The fact that there are always half finished sketches of naked people lying around Neal’s room.

Things That Are Not Funny To Me:
—Matthew Keller
—Neal’s face at “Kate”
—"You’re the only one who saw the good in me.“
—"You’re my best friend.”
—"Stop it, Neal.“
—"He’s right there, Mozzie.”
—"You’re free.“
—"I see him. His face. I’ll catch him out of the corner of my eye…”

  • Akutagawa: I will make you feel sorry that you were ever born.
  • Atsushi: Well, for your information, I'm already sorry I was ever born.

<i>We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup.</i>

-Elf (2003)


“Tell me who, who would I be without you?
No matter how much we lose
Every time I bet my life on you”

“Music” - Jojo (x)

  • Kuro: *is sick* I'll just sleep it off
  • Kuro: *is sad* I'll just sleep it off
  • Kuro: *is stressed* I'll just sleep it off
  • Kuro: *is suffering constantly* I'll just sleep it off