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Raving: A Tribute to Buddy Holly

Published in Ginosko Journal

Oh, boy!
You made a
clear spectacle(s) of yourself!

Two in the eyes,
one full head of Crisco hair.
He must rave.
He must roll down the
glorious line, down the
victorious finish line.

She will be waiting for him.
Knock off the ape business.
Goodbye to so many cares.
You and the mate of your soul
are one and connected in a
plethora of commoner ways.

Such ways of true love
will not fade away.
Compare it to a
luxurious automobile,
cruising down the alleyway.

Rollerskating to the
’57 expectations!

We sent the demo, Charles.
Happy accident,
playing the latest,
playing the greatest.
Back up the vocals.

I can see clearly now
that the bifocals are on.
Pieces are appearing closer
everyday…every way.

Catch the Hank Snowflakes
on that wild-eyed tongue of yours.

Ah, Maria…
sweetest Maria.
What a lucky man he was
to have and hold a bird like her.

He gave to her what
we, the screaming fans,
only saw in memories.

Oh, boy!
That’ll be the day!

July 5, 2011

Copyright © Z.M. Wise 2011

Music Library Tag

I have literally been waiting FOREVER to be tagged in this thank you so much @ashstudeying

Rules = Set your music library to shuffle, write down the first 10 songs that come on, tag 20 people.

  1. Dating Start! by Toby Fox (Undertale Soundtrack)
  2. I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers (Strange Desire)
  3. We’re All Human by Harley Poe (Lost and Losing it)
  4. Girls/Fast Cars by The Wombats (This Modern Glitch)
  5. The Ball (Original Cast Recording of The Great Comet of 1812)
  6. Facade - Reprise 1 (Original Broadway Cast Recording of Jekyll and Hyde)
  7. My Unfortunate Erection (Original Broadway Cast Recording of 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee)
  8. Sleep by Nada Surf (High/Low)
  9. A World Alone by Lorde (Pure Heroine)
  10. Rave On by Buddy Holly (Buddy Holly)

I don’t even think I’ve talked to 20 people this summer lol so I tag @thewombatwhostakingyourdonuts that’s all.