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Fishing Buddies

“The guys from the lodge won’t go with me: they don’t ‘like’ or ‘trust’ me.” Stan pretended to not know why the other citizens of Gravity Falls didn’t particularly like him. It’d been years since he tried taking anybody from the lodge out fishing with him. He thought back to one particularly nasty incident a few years after he’d opened the shack up for business.

It was back when Manly Dan was more of a Boyish Dan and he hadn’t quite realized how stupid the town was yet. He’d gone down to the lodge to hang out and try to snag some free food from the building to sneak to his car. He still needed to spend every spare cent on the portal materials, but a man’s gotta eat. The guys were all talking about fishing and the best spots on the lake and Stan felt himself be interested despite himself. Maybe some time out on the water will do me some good, he thought. Stuffing a few more sandwiches in his suit jacket, he’d joined the men discussing going out on the water later.

-The men decide on a time tomorrow to head out and Stan gets invited along with them
-The next day, Stan is ready. He’d spent the previous night studying the journal for clues to the portal reconstruction, scouring every page, but then he’d realized Sixer had notes about the lake in there as well, with instructions on ‘how to catch the best stuff in the lake’ written on one
               -Stan was impressed Sixer ever took a break to relax from work at all
               -(Stan soon discovered that wasn’t quite right)
-Went out on water with a few locals
-Used Ford’s suggested bait
-Caught a lake monster that wrecked the boats (left some nasty bruises on the men, too)
-By the time everyone made it back to land, in one piece but freaking out, Stan managed to sneak off, battered but fine.
-Blindeye showed up and wiped everyone (except Stan, who was seen running down the lane to his car and leaving) of the memories of the event
-Everyone was generally disoriented after, asking what happened.
               -A cult member blamed everything on Stan, saying he’d pulled a stunt to get more notice for the Murder Hut
-This (understandably) ticked off everybody; they harbored a grudge against Stan from then on
-Vague distrust and anger directed at Stan for a long time after that
               -With more ‘incidents’ and thefts and lies over the years, Stan was eventually shunned from the group entirely
-Stan walked away from that first experience, though, with another reminder that whatever sciency, supernatural, mumbo-jumbo WEIRD his brother had been studying was DANGEROUS
               -(and it tears people apart…)