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Weezer “Buddy Holly” European disc (1994)

The original artwork featuring Rivers Cuomo and a female childhood friend was discontinued as she threatened to sue the band for unauthorized use of the photo. The alternate cover shows Rivers and brother Leaves Cuomo who didn’t sue him.

Lead singer Rivers Cuomo was about to nix “Buddy Holly” from the final tracklisting of their major label debut (1994), but producer and Cars’ frontman Ric Ocasek kindly persuaded him otherwise. It recieved a second wind when it was found inside the “fun stuff” of the Windows 95 operating system.

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Nac: so my mom literally thinks Girl Meets World is ending at season 1 (even though I clearly told her they've already aired season 2.) Her reasoning was that they "haven't made an episode in 10 years" ok mom, they totally started the show when the star was 3-4 years old. Makes sense.

no offense but i feel like your mom is operating on a different timeline