buddy boy hawkins

Buddy Boy Hawkins resided in Blytheville, Arkansas. He recorded 12 sides for Paramount in 1927 and 1929.  Hawkins played in an open A tuning and had a sophisticated style ranging from fast rags to slow blues. Despite his considerable talent, he was not commercially successful, and faded into obscurity.  Source for notes: Robert Crumb’s Heros of the Blues Trading Card Set.

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Buddy Boy Hawkins -
This one has it all in about 12 lines: despair, threatened suicide, double infidelity, and braggadocio.

I’m going to lay my head ; down on some railroad track

Boy when that train come along ; I’m going to snatch it back

Tell me brownskin mama ; where did you stay last night

With your hair all down ; your face is never washed

I say I love you pretty mama ; I don’t care what you do

You go to your black man mama ; I’ll stick to my gal

I say if you don’t [need your black woman, want me mama] ; you [don’t have to, ain’t got to] turn your head and stall

Because I can get more jet black women ; than a seven freight trains can haul

I got ooo ; twa twa twa twa twa twa twa

Ooo : ooo