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LeoKumi Supporrrts

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(taken from the gigantic text dump of localized supports)

Here’s the LeoKumi conversations for you, u goof

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When the situation has been finally cleared, with the hacker presenting enough proof as to get Nobuto out and to doom the person at fault, the chocolate eyed male was waiting anxiously for them to bring the other out, the guilt present in the same amount as the first day. As soon as the other could be seen, Leon approached quickly, undressing the long coat he usually wore and covering the other, cursing the idiots for not giving Nobuto his clothes back. His face was expressionless, however, hiding the rage and guilt he felt.

“We’re going home.”

The solitude and the torturing for all that long time where Nobuto had no idea when this all will end.. to either die or be free.. it felt forever. 

Leon probably had no idea how much it meant for Nobuto to see him again, to be rescued by him and to hear the word ‘home’ again. Yet the raven was too tired to say a word, to tease the other, to joke about all this situation and to be found naked like this. 

And Leon’s jacket.. did it always felt warm like this(?). Very warm, Nobuto shivering body wore the jacket with more appreciation that he wanted to admit. He walked behind the other slowly, got into the taxi with him without paying much attention to his surrounding or what the special forces had to say about all that. 

Nobuto’s face was emotionless, staring at the window and the outside world.. was the city been always this pretty when its raining(?). He wondered. 

He slowly started to gather his thoughts, he somehow knows what’s going through the other’s head or at least had a good guess. “They were shooting a porn movie, that why I was naked. Thank god you weren’t there, I know how much you hate porn.” He joked with a hoarse voice, hopefully, that would calm the other down and make him realize Nobuto is still Nobuto, he’s only a little bit tired

Vendetta, reasons I’m excited!

Chris and Leon buddying up

Proper old school mansion

Finally catching up with Rebecca

Action and zombie-fu

Hot new blond Wesker-style villain to lovehate

Just generally looks exciting and properly Resident-Evilly after the utter disappointment that was Resident Evil 7

Possibly last chance to see buff, dark-haired koi-faced Chris :’(

I’ll be writing about my impressions tomorrow after I get back from the theatre!

you: everything about mr. robot season 2 was a damn mess. the plot made no sense, they killed off the only gay character, the midseason twist was so weak, all the episodes before that didn’t need to happen? all that hype about the prison theory and it was all because of that dude’s stupid dog. why was Ray a thing? why was he the biggest threat for half the damn season, it wasn’t necessary. Why the hell did Mr. Robot and Elliot keep disconnecting from each other when it had nothing to do with Tyrell being an alter? Why didn’t Shayla come back at least once during the entire season even just to comfort Elliot? Tyrell came back even though everyone thought he was dead OF COURSE HE WASN’T GOING TO BE DEAD OMG and worst of all, Elliot kissed Angela why? The whole season was trash, all trash.

me: i mean, yeah, but–