buddy and leon

you: everything about mr. robot season 2 was a damn mess. the plot made no sense, they killed off the only gay character, the midseason twist was so weak, all the episodes before that didn’t need to happen? all that hype about the prison theory and it was all because of that dude’s stupid dog. why was Ray a thing? why was he the biggest threat for half the damn season, it wasn’t necessary. Why the hell did Mr. Robot and Elliot keep disconnecting from each other when it had nothing to do with Tyrell being an alter? Why didn’t Shayla come back at least once during the entire season even just to comfort Elliot? Tyrell came back even though everyone thought he was dead OF COURSE HE WASN’T GOING TO BE DEAD OMG and worst of all, Elliot kissed Angela why? The whole season was trash, all trash.

me: i mean, yeah, but–