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APPLE MUSIC 👈🏽hit this to listen

  1. Go Off // Ta’East
  2. Already // Kemba
  3. Namaste // Angelo Mota
  4. Black Gold // Ill Camille
  5. Juggin’ // Lute
  6. Rhymes to the East // Sampa the Great
  7. Streaming // Ivan Ave
  8. Johnny Law (Green Light) // John Givez
  9. Get Fonky // Elevator Jay 
  10. Once Upon a Time // Jonah Cruzz
  11. Bonds // Cousin Stizz
  12. Wezide // Clairmont the Second
  13. Red Light // EARTHGANG
  14. Vintage // Sean Leon
  15. Hate Government // Denzel Cury
  16. Came Down // Chaz French 

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  1. Come Home with Me // Joseph Chilliams
  2. Sam Cook// Illa J
  3. Pill // Danny Watts
  4. Everyday $Hit // Tha Vill$ide
  5. Luxury Vintage Rap // Nick Grant
  6. Revoke Thee // Latasha Alcindor
  7. Guillotine // Buddy
  8. Coldest / Gio Dee
  9. Baka // Azizi Gibson
  10. Brink // Lou The Human 
  11. Maryland Ass Nigga // IDK
  12. Blackmale // Ta’East 
  13. Raw // Daye Jack
  14. Methlone // Bas
  15. These Day // Derin Falana
  16. Shoe Box Financial // Chuuwee
  17. Losers // Translee

Note: This is the last time that the Dope Kid or Fresh Soul series will have such a huge roster across both playlists. From now on it’ll be the same artist for both versions, just different songs. I want to make sure I give attention to great artists and give myself time to look for more. I take it very seriously that I show you guys quality music. ENJOY! ~ The Music Plug // @lvdeo

I couldn’t get the full thing in this pic bc I’m on mobile but my good buddy Leon (@ofpraxus) on twitter asked this for me

And everyone told me…..everyone told me I was over reacting when I said brainstorm had red blood…everyone told me it was just dried up…

My RE Crush in order


2 - Billy Coen

3 - Carlos Oliveira (HueHueBr)

4 - Alexander (Sasha)  Kozachenko / “Buddy”

And yes. Besides Leon… My Crushes are forgotten charas LOL

Player: Leon Draisaitl – Edmonton Oilers

Prompt: This is a continuation of “The Baby Blues”

Mentions: Connor McDavid & Jordan Eberle


Preview:. You stripped off your flour covered dress. You had slipped on a pair of sweatpants and were currently admiring your belly in the mirror. You felt the arms that wrapped around you and your bump

Characters:. 1931 words.

Find Baby Blues on the Masterlist here.

Originally posted by wonthetrade

“Mama! Cookies! Misha shouted pointing towards the oven.

“Yes Baby, Cookies.” You nodded trying to clean up the counter. As much as you wanted to leave it, you knew you had to clean up.

You were trying your best to wipe the counter but your eight-month belly was not helping, neither was the toddler pulling on the bottom of your sundress. You suddenly had an idea.

“Misha, want to help Mama?”

Misha nodded excitedly. You picked up the small toddler and handed him the rag you were holding. “Misha, Mama is going to hold you and you wipe the counter with the rag.”

He nodded again. You held Misha out and he began wiping the back of the counter you couldn’t reach. You continued to do this until you almost reached the end of the counter when you heard a deep chuckle from behind you.

You turned your head to see Leon leaning against the doorway with his arms crossed, a lighthearted grin sprawled across his features.

“Papa!” Misha scrambled from your arms dropping the rag on the counter.

“Hey what happened to helping? Mama is just chopped liver compared to Papa apparently. Maybe the new baby will be more concerned with me.” You giggled taking out the cookies glancing at Leon who was currently peppering kisses to Misha’s belly, trying to avoid the flour.

“Not a chance, Mama.” He replied and you rolled your eyes.

“Why don’t you clean off your little monster and when you are done, the cookies will be cool.” You quipped.

Misha cheered and ran towards the bathroom. Leon came up to you and gave you a quick kiss. “Love you, even if you aren’t the cool parent.”

“You’re teasing me again. Let me remind you that I am pregnant with your child, or at least that’s what I want you to believe.” You giggled with a wink.

Leon acted fake shocked. “What?” he questioned dramatically

“What can I say, you have some cute teammates.” You both laughed at your comment.

“Now you better go before Misha has the bathroom flooded.”

“You’re right,” Leon called out as he sprinted towards the bathroom.

“Say it again! Are you trying to turn me on?” you called out with another laugh. You finished cleaning the kitchen and placed a few cookies on a plate. You put the plate on the coffee table and headed upstairs to clean up yourself.

You stripped off your flour covered dress. You had slipped on a pair of sweatpants and were currently admiring your belly in the mirror. You felt the arms that wrapped around you and your bump.

“You have never looked more beautiful.”

“Are you flirting with me?” you quipped


You chuckled. “Where is Misha?”

“He headed downstairs for the movie,” Leon replied kissing your neck.

“Your son has probably eaten the entire plate of cookies.”

“You are probably right,” Leon answered

“Twice in one night? Now I know you are flirting with me.” You slipped on your shirt.

“Du hast recht” he chuckled. (You are right)

“Leon Draisaitl are you trying to get in my pants?” You asked as you both walked down to the living room, where Misha was dancing around the couch, the last cookie half eaten in his hand.

You glanced at Leon who looked guiltily back at you. You both sat down with your now quite hyper son hopping between you and Leon. You leaned back on your couch and placed your feet in Leon’s lap. Leon was massaging your swollen feet as Misha continued hopping around.

“This is your fault.” You noted trying to grasp your toddler. Leon got a hold of his waist, pushing him down between you.

“Movie Time Buddy” Leon said firmly.

Misha nodded as you turned on his latest favorite movie. You listened as the familiar opening started, Misha clapped in delight.

“Finding Dory again?” Leon asked.

“No complaints, you don’t watch it at least three times a day.” You replied.

Leon nodded turning back to the movie, massaging your feet again. Misha cuddled into your side, his head resting on your chest. You couldn’t be any happier.

“Misha, tell Papa to stop hogging all the blankets.” You giggled. Misha put his head up looking seriously at Leon.

“Papa, Mama needs Blanket for Bruder.” He gave Leon a look, scrunching up his tiny face.

“Okay buddy, you are the boss,” Leon answered placing the blanket across you and Misha.

You smiled and they both turned the attention back to the fishes playing on your screen.

Halfway through the movie, you noticed Misha’s breathing soften.

“They’re so cute when they’re asleep,” Leon whispered.

“Yeah, asleep.” You added with a soft giggle.

Leon smiled and picked up Misha placing him against his chest softly.  

“Me Next?” you joked standing up from your place on the couch.

You followed Leon upstairs. You watched as Leon tucked in Misha. You couldn’t help but feel your heart swoon. You couldn’t wait for there to be another little one for you and Leon to spoil. What you didn’t realize was that was going to be sooner than later.

You walked into the bedroom, and into the in suite bathroom. You washed your face and put your hair up into a pony. You came back into the bedroom just as Leon entered taking off his shirt.

“Did the massage get me enough points?” He asked.

“Nothing could earn you enough points babe. I am as big as a whale, which in simple terms means no sex.” You quipped pulling the covers back and crawling into bed.

“You sure baby?” he tried peppering kissed to your collarbone.

“Um, babe definitely not. My water just broke.” You stated calmly.

Leon jumped from the bed. “Omg. Okay, We have to go. Where is your bag? You call the doctor…” He began rambling.

You shook your head. “We have done this before babe. Relax, I am not even feeling anything yet.”

Leon nodded as you stood up and went to the closet. You began changing your pants and putting on a new shirt.

“Can you pull off the sheets? I want to put them in the laundry room before we leave.”

Leon looked at you like you were crazy. “How are you so calm right now?”

“18 hours of labor with Misha will do that to you.” You quipped walking into the bathroom.

You sat down at the vanity pulling out your makeup bag. If you were having a baby, you were going to be looking good when you did.

Leon walked into the bathroom now in a t-shirt and sweats. “You are not doing your makeup right now.”

“Hey, I want to look good.”

“Since you have apparently lost your mind, I am going to go get our son dressed.”

You nodded turning back to the mirror. You finished your makeup and put your hair up into a bun. You walked into the bedroom and grabbed your hospital bag. When you reached the front door, Leon was holding a grumpy Misha grasping onto his teddy bear.

“Are you ready now or would you like to cook a five-course meal?” He asked sarcastically.

“Actually I could meal prep for when we get back…” You started turning towards the kitchen.

“If you don’t get in the car right now Y/N, I swear…” He started

You chuckled and followed him through the front door. You sat down in the passenger seat as Leon buckled in your son.

“Ready for baby number two?” you asked as he pulled out of the driveway.

“More than ever” He smiled heading towards the hospital.

You reached the hospital, got checked in, and headed towards your room. Leon was a mess and you calmly tried to settle down your toddler. Misha had gotten a second wind and now was playing with the model of a uterus, complete with a small baby. The nurse trying to hook you up the machines was getting quite the kick out of it.

“Leon, what are we going to do with Misha, I feel like it might get busy in here.” You asked.

“Connor and Jordan are on their way.”

“So he will be getting candy and ice cream for breakfast?”

“Probably” he shrugged trying to wrestle the ceramic baby from Misha’s grasp.

He had almost won when a frazzled Connor and Jordan entered the room. They both looked like they got dressed in the dark. You had to stifle your giggles.

Misha ran from Leon, dropping the baby and it shattering on the floor. “We will pay for that.” He quipped towards the nurse who was now chuckling.

“We are here! Did we miss it!?” Connor almost shouted.

“I haven’t even started contractions.” You noted.

Misha ran and jumped for Connor. “Captain!”

You chuckled at the name Leon convinced him to call Connor.

“You excited to come spend the night with Uncle Jordan and Uncle Captain,” Jordan asked scooping up your son.

Misha nodded quickly. You were sure he knew that the guys would give him whatever he wanted. You mentally noted to schedule him a new dentist appointment.

The boys said their goodbyes and offered you both good luck before they were off with Misha.

Leon came and laid with you. You turned on the TV and some baseball game was on. You both were watching well into the seventh inning when suddenly the contractions hit you like a train. You groaned in pain.

“Baby time?” Leon asked and you looked at him angrily.

“Yeah, I am going to go get the doctor.” He nodded and walked from the room.

10 hours later, your family of three had finally expanded to four. You held the small baby girl in your arms. You couldn’t believe you now had a little girl to spoil. You knew Leon and Misha were hoping for a boy but you secretly wanted a girl. You were already outnumbered.

Connor and Leon walked in with Misha. Connor was holding a giant teddy bear and pink flowers. It was nine in the morning and he was picking from a bag of gummy bears.

“Connor didn’t know how to say no in the gift shop.” Leon chirped.

“I have to keep my favorite uncle status.”

You just smiled shaking your head. “Thank you for watching him, Connor.”

“Anytime, I love the little guy. I can’t wait to watch this little cutie too.” He smiled stroking the hair of the newborn.

“Adeline” you noted

“The name is beautiful Y/N and so is she. I don’t know how you do it, with a guy like Leon. Must be all your genes.” He chirped.

“Hey. I make cute babies!” Leon tried.

“Sorry bud, all Y/N.”

You chuckled as Misha stumbled up to the bed to get a closer look at the baby.

Connor stepped back and allowed Leon to place Misha gently on the bed next to you.

“Misha you need to be very careful with your sister.”

“Sister?” he asked

“Yes, it’s a girl baby.” You added. Misha nodded as if he understood. He looked over your shoulder examining the small baby in your arms.

“Bruder.” He repeated.

“We will work on that,” Leon stated and you all shared a chuckle.

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“If today was your last day
And tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye to yesterday?
Would you live each moment like your last?
Leave old pictures in the past?
Donate every dime you had?
Would you call those friends you’ve never seen?
Reminisce old memories?
Would you forgive your enemies?
Would you find that one your dreaming of?
Swear up and down to God above
That you’ll finally fall in love?
If today was your last day”

LeoKumi Supporrrts

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