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Buddhism and the Swastika

In January of this year a jewellery store in Brooklyn USA was forced to stop selling Buddhist swastika earrings. Politicians claimed that the earrings were the latest example of anti-Semitism in New York and New Jersey and demanded the store immediately stop selling them. This, despite the fact that the symbol faced in a different direction to the Nazi swastika as most Buddhist, and even neo-Pagan swastikas do.

In the Western mind the swastika is indelibly associated with the horrors of Nazism. However, although the symbol  was adopted by the Nazis in the mistaken belief that it was Aryan in origin, the history of the swastika is rooted in antiquity. Like flood legends, the swastika is one of many spontaneously occurring symbols, found throughout many of the worlds ancient civilisations that had no possible contact with each other. The earliest archaeological evidence of a swastika motif dates from a carving on a mammoth tusk from the Ukraine in the late Paleolithic Age 10,0000 BC. It can also be seen on early Native American pottery and appears on Indus valley seals from around 4000 BC. In these early civilizations it is thought to have represented the Sun and its movement across the Northern Sky.

The name Swastika derives from ancient Sanskrit. It comes from the Sanscrit “Svastika” - “su” meaning “good”, “asti” meaning “to be” and “ka” as a suffix. Thus literally it means “that which is associated with well-being,” corresponding to “lucky charm” or “thing that is auspicious.”

In Hinduism, the right-hand (clockwise) swastika is a symbol of the sun and the god Vishnu, while the left-hand (counter-clockwise) swastika represents Kali and magic. It is commonly used on temples and in some religious ceremonies. In Jainism the swastka is given even more prominence. It is a symbol of the seventh Tirthankara (founding guru), Suparshvanath. It is also one of the astamangala auspicious symbols. Holy books must contain the swastika, and ceremonies typically begin and end with creating a swastika mark several times with rice around the altar.

 Whilst in Buddhism, the swastika is almost always used clockwise, the Bon tradition uses it counter-clockwise. The swastika is an extremely important symbol in Yungdrung Bön, all the more so because the Tibetan name for swastika - yungdrung - forms part of its name. Thus Yungdrung Bön could be translated as the Religion of the Swastika. In Yungdrung Bön, the swastika is rich in symbolism. Primarily, it represents the unchangeable, indestructible state, Buddha-nature, the Nature of Mind, the fundamental ground of existence, light. The Bon belief in the left-turning primordial spiral of the universe means they circumambulate holy mountains, shrines and turn  prayer wheels counter-clockwise. Hence they also use the swastika counter-clockwise. Within the swastika are the five directions of the universe. The four arms  represent four directions, with the fifth in the centre, and also the five elements.


In Buddhism, the swastika signifies auspiciousness and good fortune as well as resignation, and the Wheel of Law. It is also the first of the 65 auspicious symbols associated with the footprint of the Buddha. The symbol, often imprinted on the Buddha footprint (Buddhapada) was in use in Buddhism centuries before the anthropomorphic images of the Buddha began to appear in the 2nd Century B.C. It also represents the Buddhas heart seal, and monks often have the symbol placed on their chest when they die. The swastika is said to contain the whole mind of the Buddha and can often be found imprinted on the chest, feet or palms of Buddha images. The symbol has also often been used to mark the beginning of Buddhist texts. In China and Japan, the Buddhist swastika was seen as a symbol of plurality, eternity, abundance, prosperity and long life. In East Asian countries, the left-facing character is often used as symbol for Buddhism and marks the site of a Buddhist temple on maps. The swastika holds great importance in the Buddhist religion and this religious mark can be found on almost all the Buddhist sites including the temples.

As the incident in Brooklyn illustrates, symbols can evoke powerful emotions. They can be shorthand for complex beliefs and ideas. Perhaps it is time we in the west reclaimed the swastika as a symbol of peace and good luck.  


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Hello dear! Would you notice that Jaebum recently keep wearing a golden ring on his ring-finger?! Also Youngjae is wearing his golden ring on his middle finger?! T_T seem likes a couple 2jae ring for me. What do u think abt that?

Hi dear, 

Yup, I do notice it for some time. I’m not so sure if it’s a couple ring or not. I think Youngjae started wearing it last year somewhere in December and JB I’m not so sure if he also starts wearing the ring around the same time. If you notice Youngjae’s ring has a Buddhist Swastika symbol on it but I’m not sure bout JB’s one. Also, last night during New Yang Nam Show Jinyoung mentioned that Youngjae’s ring is actually a family’s ring when they showed photo of Youngjae tried to squish JB but not so sure if it’s really true.  But they both are still wearing the gold ring until today. 

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What's your opinion on Hetalia Nazi Germany cosplays? - I'm German so when I saw this the first time I was extremly shocked. Though I understand that not everybody might be as sensitive as e.g. I am but it still feels wrong to see anyone wearing uniforms from that time. It's just that I wish that at least the people who want to cosplay Germany in a uniform from WW2 would take the regular Wehrmacht uniform instead of uniforms from the SS. Sure they're nice but they're also still from the SS

Just no. Nope.

I think your reaction is entirely appropriate, precisely because the SS weren’t some random part of the German military but intimately connected to Nazi Germany’s genocidal machine as the ones running the concentration camps & the death squads etc.

In my opinion, it’s not that such historical clothing cannot ever be depicted but in some settings it’s not appropriate at all. It’s one thing if somebody is making a historical film set in Nazi Germany and they need some people to wear SS uniforms- I definitely don’t think people should do that for cosplaying a series that is in large part meant to be more light-hearted and full of gags. Also like because neo-Nazis and all still exist? It’s not the same as dressing up as a particularly notorious and tyrannical Roman emperor if you’re going to walk around in the costume of a regime still looked up to by many hate groups. Some of the European far right groups here dress in a manner deliberately reminiscent of SS uniforms still. As you said, if they are interested in historical clothing, they can choose other uniforms. 

The problem about this fascination with “Nazi chic” imo is that it’s hard to stop because it also goes beyond ignorant hetalia fans… Like that “BOY” t-shirt which is basically identical to the Nazi eagle and there was a KPOP girl band that had its members dress up in a stylised version of the SS uniform. And that’s the whole point…the uniform and imagery of the Nazi era was supposed to ooze power, style and prestige and was part of its propaganda about reviving “German greatness”. I think it’s also to do with how history is taught? Sometimes it feels like outside Europe people see the Nazis as just some faraway bad guys instead of real, living monsters who destroyed entire Jewish & Romani communities and oppressed millions of other people- and whose ideas still have power today. 

i literally don’t want to see anybody else comparing the swastika to the confederate flag how are you going to sit there and compare a religious symbol that existed long before hitler took it to perpetuate his bigotry to a flag that was born solely out of bigotry??? shut the fuck up

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Hey do you know anything about that gold ring youngjae was wearing that you posted a closeup of pic of? I don't know the context but it looks like it has a very uh bad symbol on it which seems v out of character for him??? And I was just wondering if u knew anything?

Hi dear, 

You are referring to this ring, right?  I know some of you might think the symbol look like a Nazi symbol but it is actually it’s a Buddhist Swastika symbol which means good fortune or well-being. So, with this, I hope fans can stop accusing of Youngjae using Nazi symbol ring because he’s not. 


“Buddhist people don’t promote the nazi swastika. If they do, I’m sorry, they are nazi, not buddhist.

Buddhist people only try to educate people showing the difference and how to recognize the Buddhist/Hindu/Jain Swastika from the one which symbolizes nazi ideas.

Would you tell Christians to go and trash their Holy Cross, or would you tell Jews to go and change their Holy Star of David if a fool used it to promote its own foolish ideas about human races?

I don’t think so. And let’s not even mention Christian Crusades. Those were Christians killing for religion in the name of the cross, while those who used the swastika to kill Jews were not buddhist people.”


Cultural Appropriation Rant Alert, Cuz I'm Tired

I’m getting really mad at this effing community over this effing headdress.

I don’t usually stick my glittery nose into these shenanigans, but enough’s enough – I’m sick to death of y'all – always tryna run simmers out of town because they had the nerve to use non-Western CC in their games. You effing CC Nazis. And yet everyone wants to talk about how open-minded and liberal they are around here; let’s give all our money to some wheelchair fund cuz we care about people look how amazing our hearts of gold are – but then turn around and try to shut down blogs and call people out of their names who are just spreading awareness to people about non-white cultures and giving people rather beautiful CC to help represent different cultures; a refreshing change from all the effing Western contemporary clone CC we’ve been inundated with for the last 5 years. But it’s only because we’re concerned about not offending anyone. T_T The second a piece of tribal or cultural CC comes out everyone’s having heart attacks, like oh no you can’t use that, you can’t make that, that can’t be in people’s games; it’s appropriation and offensive and Jesus outta slap your mama and nonsense.

Shut. Up.

Cuz really it just sounds like a plot to erase all non-Western influence from a sandbox game that I must have misunderstood the intention of – to play as YOU see fit, to represent YOUR idea of what life is like and express YOUR ideas and creativity. Smells like white-washing to me – the more CC creators listen to y'all drivel is the less cultural CC we’ll have, and the more the Western Overlords win – I think it’s a conspiracy, and effing racist as hell! And it’s hypocritical BULLSH!T too – but fine. If that’s the way it is, I don’t ever wanna see another non-Indian sim wearing henna CC ever again – how bout that? ;) If I see one more bedroom-eyed sim rocking a mohawk fauhawk I’m cutting all y'all bedsheets in the middle of the night. One more white sim in dreads and big-hoop earrings and I’m peeing in your bathwater. ^_^


Meanwhile everyone who plays Cowboys and Indians are mostly little white boys anyway, so we should round all them up, too, huh? Ban Peter Pan and take down all the DVDs and VHSs and rides at Disneyland, cuz it’s appropriation. Let’s call SilFantasy and the EA Store Team and tell them to yank down their Native American sets at gunpoint while we’re at it, too, cuz it’s just SOOOOOO offensive to give a dying culture you only ever hear about during Thanksgiving actual exposure, so that people can remain aware of the great nations that actually existed outside of Europe before they were da*n near wiped off the face of the earth by effing racists out to erase their history and steal their land.

And this crap really only ever appears when it’s non-white CC, too. So if we’re American simmers, why are we decorating out lots with British phone-booth shaped coffee mugs and lockers with the Eiffel Tower on them? Ain’t that appropriation? Why even have a croissant or berets? It’s not ours. Right? Right? Eff outta here. I remember some mess about Gypsy CC that happened a while back, and telling Goth CC blogs that they’re satanists and to make “normal” CC instead, and there was the idiocy over the big hoop earrings and the gelled baby hair that y'all clowns freaked the eff out over, and of course there was that insanity telling an Asian CC blog not to post Hindu/Buddhist swastika CC cuz it was offensive/racist/whatever, like it’s their fault Hitler APPROPRIATED their religion’s iconography and used it to help spread his agenda. THAT’S appropriation, people. THAT’S offensive. (Omg the nerve of people). But the really big one was when y'all dragged Creaturefearsims on out of here for just *asking* for some new CC, and that was a shame before lord, it really was, especially since no one said a PEEP to SilFantasy or any other creator that made something sorta similar. Yet y'all played Castaway in TS2 with all that generalized Tiki grass-skirt luau stuff like your lives depended on it, didn’t you. T_T GTFO

I just really HATE it in my BONES when people try to tell others how to sim. First: it’s a game. Even when it’s some pervy straight up hentai stuff, hey, it’s their game, and as long as they warn people with tags it’s their right to kill as many sims and flash as many dingalings as they want. Second: this is a free country, a free website, and we all have freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Some things truly are inappropriate and straight up offensive, without contest. But dressing your sim in a pair of dreamcatcher earrings or a pair of moccasin boots or a feather headdress is not one of those things. Oh, because only the chief or the shaman or whoever could wear them – excuse me; only anointed royalty can wear crowns and yet you can google them and get a crapton off CC accessories for those, so shut up! All these Laurel Leaf accessories we have in TS3, yet if the ancient Romans were still around they’d’ve had all us thrown in jail, too! No one talks about that though. Tch.

I’m sorry. I’m not as articulate or toned down as I should be, and I know I’m about to get cussed the eff out by some sensitive smarty pants (who probably isn’t even 100% Native) in a hot minute, but this is crazy, people. 200% crazy. And I really feel it’s counterproductive to what the game is about in the first place. Trampling down the presence of cultural CC is offensive, in my books. I wish we had more. I’m tired of all the contemporary Western crap, I really am, that’s why I do fantasy. It’s a game, people. Stop the madness. Please. I’m gonna throw up, all these bleeding hearts.

Feel free to report my arse in 3, 2, 1

No, Hydra and the Empire/First Order Are Not Interchangeable

Every time I mention on Twitter that the enthusiasm with which fandom has embraced Hydra as fun/funny/cool really creeps me out, I promptly get a small flood of people either demanding to know why I am trying to censor Star Wars fans, or using what I said about Hydra to castigate people who cosplay the Empire/First Order/Whoever.

No, and no. 

This is the difference, or at least the difference as relevant to this conversation:

Is there any risk that someone who glimpses your 501st or Kylo Ren costume from a block away might be survivor of the Jedi massacre or someone who was drafted during the Clone War? 

That would be a no.

Hydra, on the other hand, is a fictional entity situated firmly–in both narrative and popular perception–in an actual real-life genocide within living memory.

For me, this renders certain issues fairly black-and-white. For instance:

I don’t think it is ever okay to publicly cosplay in an outfit that is reasonably mistakable from any distance for a Nazi uniform, or which employs symbols easily mistakable for Nazi iconography. Period. 

As far as the rest of Hydra fandom: I don’t think that shit is funny, but I also recognize that it exists in a much grayer area than what I’m talking about above. I don’t think “Hail Hydra” memes involving Sesame Street characters are cute, and I will not respond positively if you tweet them at me or whisper “Hail Hydra” to me at a convention. OTOH, I found Hank Johnson: Agent of Hydra pretty charming. Like most humans, I am a creature of not entirely consistent passions. *shrug*


  • Yes, I am aware that the swastika was a Buddhist and Hindu symbol before it was a Nazi symbol. Yes, I am aware that there are subtle differences between those versions. Yes, I agree that it is totally unfair that genocidal fascists can appropriate and permanently ruin someone else’s perfectly innocent religious symbol. My heart goes out to you. Don’t wear swastikas.
  • And yes, if you are in the United States, you have the legal right to go outside in not only a Hydra costume or a Buddhist swastika, but full Nazi regalia, should you so choose. That does not make it an acceptable thing to do. There are plenty of things that are perfectly legal and also total dick moves.

  • If you are about to argue that Hydra isn’t really a Nazi thing, or it’s not that Nazi, or it’s more of a Nazi thing in the movies than the comics, please take a minute to consider whether “there is a medium in which they are maybe a little less actually Nazis but still kind of actually Nazis” is actually the hill you want to fight and die on. (No.)
  • There is probably an interesting and lively conversation to be had about the implications, ethics, and history of fandom focused around fantasy fascists. This is not that conversation.

The Type 24 Chinese Mauser —- The Zongzheng Rifle

Used by the forces of the Republic of China in order to fight the invading Japanese and Communists during the World War II Era, the Type 24 Mauser was a Chinese copy of the German Standard Model 33, a forerunner of the Kar98K .  Also called the Chiang Kai Shek rifle, after the leader of the Chinese Republic, around 500,000 to 600,000 were produced between 1935-1950.

At the time the Mauser action was the simplest, cheapest, strongest, and most accurate action in the world.  Thus it was ideal for production by a nation that was still not full industrialized.  The Type 24 was produced indigenously, however  quality often differed from factory to factory, year to year, or even work shift to work shift.  Some can be fine quality precision made rifles, others can be absolute pieces of crap.  Whats more, China often purchased factory reject Mausers from Germany and stamped them as their own. A Chinese soldier being issued a rifle was like a newly wed husband getting a Christmas gift from his mother-in-law.  He didn’t know what he was going to get.

Regardless the simple yet rugged design served the Chinese army well, and had several advantages against the weapon of their Japanese opponents.  Chambered in 8X57 Mauser, the Type 24 had substantially greater stopping power compare to the Japanese Arisaka chambered in 6.5X50mm.  In addition, the Type 24 was shorter, and thus had better ergonomics than most Japanese rifle, which tended to be excessively long.  Despite flaws in production, Chinese produced small arms overall were probably of better quality than their Japanese counterparts. Throughout the 2nd Sino Japanese War and concurrent World War II, many arsenals had to be closed or relocated due to bombing and Japanese incursion.  As a result, they were stamped with a wide variety of markings depending when and where they were made.  The link provided as a source for this post has an excellent markings guide for identification. Factories used the swastika, however it was a Buddhist swastika rather than a Nazi swastika.  All rifles were marked with the name of Chang Kai Shek. 

The Chinese Army also used Hangyang rifle, a crude copy of the Gewehr 88.  During World War II the Chinese Army phased out both rifles, preferring to use the American M1 Garand and 1903 Springfield.  When the Republic of China fell to the Communists, many would be used by the Chinese Red Army as the Type 79 rifle, with the old Chang Kai Shek stamped ground off and replaced with that of Chairman Mao.  They also saw action with Chinese and North Korean units during the Korean War.

Eight Nights With Mr. Gold, Chapter Five

Originally posted by thedisneydiaries

Summary: The town of Storybrooke is devoted to Christmas, so much so that they revile Mr. Gold for not participating in their celebration. Amid this tension, Belle French discovers that he is actually Jewish and he’s alone on Chanukah. Naturally, she can’t let that stand.

Author’s Notes: Thanks again for our overwhleming response. In fact, I’m so overwhelmed I haven’t been able to get back to everyone. Don’t feel like you have to stop, though. In fact, the comments helped shape this chapter. Happy reading and happy Chanukah!

Chapter 1 2 3 4

Belle made her first attempt at calling Gold around six. It was as long as she could wait.

He didn’t answer.

Just like the other calls.

Granny’s Diner was known as a place for the people of Storybrooke to gather, but the pairings usually stayed the same. Everyone stayed in the same spot, the biggest move had been Mr. Gold’s arrival the day before.

So when Mulan and Aurora showed up, that wasn’t unusual. The town was used to them, everyone knew the story of the girls who shared a high school rivalry over a boy until they finally went out with each other. They were soon joined by Gwen and Lance, relatively recent arrivals to town who had been the subject of gossip when Gwen’s bastard ex-husband came to town to get her back and ended up in the back of Sheriff Humbert’s patrol car. Then of course was Marian Locksley, the ex-wife of the mayor’s current husband.

“Sorry, I’m late,” said Marian, taking off her scarf and sitting at the table. “I had to get Roland from Regina and Robin’s, then we got to talking.”

“Did she say anything?,” asked Aurora.

Keep reading