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Battambang - Cambodia

Battambang is the second most populous city in Cambodia. It is a popular tourist destination due to the nearby ancient temples, Buddhist shrines, and the famous bamboo railway. 

Some of the more famous temples include Wat Banan and Wat Baydamram. Wat Banan has drawn comparisons to Angkor Wat, and sits atop a hill, nearby to the Sanker river. Wat Baydamram is a temple that houses thousands of bats, that are under the protection of the local Buddhist monks. 


MARVEL NETFLIX: DAREDEVIL & IRON FIST - MADAME GAO and the heroin she manufactured in Hell’s Kitchen was known on the street as the Steel Serpent. It’s a reference to 1 of the Immortal Warriors “Steel Serpent” an IRON FIST villain. The symbol on the drug packet is also a match to the symbol on the Steel Serpent’s chest minus the wings. After hearing Madame Gao’s cryptic hint that her home is “a considerable distance” farther than China. It’s likely MADAME GAO is really (CRANE MOTHER) the ruler of (Ku'n-Zi) one of the 7 Capital Cities of Heaven and adversary of IRON FIST who is from K'un-Lun hopefully they’ll mention the Crane Daughters & The Tournament of the 7 Cities which decides which city will be able to reveal itself to the world. It was made a bit more obvious when she knocked down Daredevil with the Buddhist Palm-Thrust.

Hand Chakras

Since the prehistoric age, hands have been symbolically powerful. Ice age cave paintings show depictions of hands; and the creation of this art may have been significant in rites of passage or shamanistic rituals.  All sacerdotal practices involve hand gestures of some sort, and hands are representative of holy acts in Indian mythology. Idols and pictures of the Indian God Shiva depict the hands with a radiant light in the centre of the palm. 

The Buddhist bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara has one thousand arms, and on each hand, an eye is in the middle of the palm. This icon is denotative of wisdom and compassion. Hands allegorically are also indicative of action, facility, and healing.

The hand chakras are located in the centre of the palm, and those individuals who are gifted with the ability to see auras portray them as brilliant turquoise whorls. The ability to heal sickness and infirmity with the hands is a common Christian belief, and I am absolutely convinced that Jesus of Nazareth used the power of his hand chakras to heal others. The hand chakras are connected to the heart chakra, so via the loving heart flows an energy to enable the hands to touch and heal yourself and others.

If you would like to awaken your hand chakras, first you should strengthen your resting awareness of them:

  • Pursue any artistic endeavor that you are fond of: pottery, painting, gardening, or playing a musical instrument. These activities help you source your Earth element and promote the flow of energy to your hands.
  • Become more cognisant of what you touch with your hands throughout the day, and how it affects you.
  • Practice the art of Tai Chi or Qi Gong, these forms expressly allow the power of the hands to blossom.
  • Indulge in providing massage techniques in order to promote your sense of healing with your hands.

In order to become more aware of the energy in your hand chakras, there are some actions you can practise to assist you in feeling the power inherent in your hands.

  • Place your hands, one on top of the other, then gently and slowly rub them in circles; one upon the other, applying very gentle pressure. Next, put your palms together and follow the same actions. Gradually spread your hands apart until you notice the dissipation of energy build up between your palms.
  • Cup your hands loosely, (approximately in front of your navel chakra) and hold them within a few inches of each other; fingers of each hand directed towards the wrists. Breathe in deeply and relax, open and close your hands gently a few times while mindfully breathing. Visualise a ball of energy forming between your palms and that it is turquoise hued, and this ball is growing stronger and brighter. Move your hands as if manipulating a real ball, feel the energy and light. Move your hands apart until you feel the energy waning. 

Practising these exercises will gradually increase your awareness of the energy of your hand chakras. You may not be able to heal others, but this energy can be focused upon specific areas of your own body, and promote well being.

Love and Blessings,