According to THE SECRET DOCTRINE, Neptune and Pluto are not originally from our solar system. Esoterically, they came into the orbit of our Sun in order to stretch the consciousness of mankind by stimulating the higher bodies (Atmic, Buddhic and Manasic). While in a 60 degree orb or communication aspect, their influence will affect the manasic or higher mental body.

Transformation, Transfiguration, Transcendence, & Transmogrification of consciousness are a composite of states summarizing the middle stages of ascension where opposition within the aspiring mind is manifest. Memory streams of simultaneous incarnations and probability twins interface with the embodied seeker, all personality & sub-personality creations in all times and worlds must be made resonate to a level of quantum coherence that is compatible with the unified structure of the oversoul or monadic mind.

It is there, the zero point of perfect balance, where the male and female, father-mother-son personas become the simplified one. Until such time, dimensions of unrealized self and the beings that populate those dimensions will effectively attack and psychically hijack all that is not claimed in the divine right of the one christiac-buddhic-nirvanic avatar self.

The pure intention & hope of the incarnate being is tested by all the might that exists in all the densities that exist. He or she who cannot come to conciliation is another consciousness stream unready to be a co-creator within the higher realms and subtle states of the Illuminous cosmic mind.