buddhas belly

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Zen teasing seven about his lil honey Buddha belly and seven feeling super embarrassed about his chub. Zen feels bad so he takes seven out to dinner and cannot help but stare and want to touch when seven stuffs himself?

‘It’s not your fault, Seven. Not everyone can have a drop-dead gorgeous body, after all! You have your own virtues.’

A long silence follows Zen’s words, and his brow furrows as he stares down at his phone screen. Why isn’t anyone replying? Even Seven, who would usually be quick with a snappy comeback, is silent.

Yoosung is the first to say something; all he sends is a bolded ‘wow.’

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♫ ayyyeeeee


Send me a ♫ and I’ll put my iPod on shuffle and tell you our song and my favourite line/verse

What The Water Gave Me by Florence + The Machine

And oh, poor Atlas
The world’s a beast of a burden
You’ve been holding up a long time
And all this longing
And the ships are left to rust
That’s what the water gave us


Sushiritto in san fran
This deserved a post on it’s own. Wow. Wow. Wow. Probably one of the best meals I had in san fran. This was the buddha belly vegetarian option and I asked if it was vegan.. and got the golden YES!
The flavors of the crispy portobello mushrooms, creamy avocado, eggplant, kale slaw, tofu sauce, and perfectly seasoned rice dance together in your mouth as you bite into the crispy nori. I should have and would have eaten 2!
No calories on vacation!

If I go back to San fran, sushiritto is a MUST GO