Wrong meditation technique

Many Westerners think meditation is about having a blank empty mind with no though occurring at all.

They get upset when they can’t achieve an empty thoughtless mind. But actually this is an incorrect understanding of meditation and the wrong goal to aim for.

You’ll never get a blank empty mind, meditation is actually about observation, just watch whatever is going on, witness it without getting involved.
Be just a witness without any action or reaction to whatever you witness.

Namo Amida Buddha

The life of a Spiritual Warrior

A spiritual warrior leads a simple life:

Eats when hungry,
Drinks when thirsty,
Sleeps when tired,
Enjoys his/her pleasures,
And labours as required.

A warrior doesn’t regret the past,
Or worry about the future.
A warrior lives in the present,
And enjoys the moment.
A warrior trusts in his/her fate,
Knows his/her true Self,
And is virtuous to all he/she meets.