In any moment, we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.

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November Yoga Challenge:  #IntoNirvana

Hosted by Valencia, Savannah, PaulaImogen, & I!

The Surprise we have for you this month it’s that our friends at @buddhapants. are giving up a yoga buddha pants to a one lovely yogi!

Take part of #IntoNirvana challenge and stand a chance to win a yoga buddha pants


  1. Simply follow Paula, Melanie, Imogen, ValenciaSavannah and our Sponsor buddhapants
  2. Reblog this post, spread the word.
  3. Post your photo of the day on tumblr or instagram and tag it with #IntoNirvana, we will be tracking the tag.

→ On Instagram:

If you want to Follow the challenge on instagram.

  1. Follow @runpaularun, @imogen.rena, @melanielady19, @fatgirlgetsfitatlast, @yogipeachs and @buddha_pants
  2. Share this collage  of the poses for the challenge.
  3. Post your photo of the day on instagram and tag it with #IntoNirvana.

Don’t worry if you can’t do a pose, we will be offering modifications and variations for the poses (Don’t be discouraged if you have trouble with the pose of the day; message us and we´ll be more than happy to help you).
Also, these poses are meant to be used in a sequence, and you’ll be learning them step by step to be able to use them all together in the end! ***Add a quote or inspirational words you’re feeling for the day to give us all a little insight to your pose ! (or feelings) :))

Week One:
Day 1. Valencia. Down Ward Facing Dog Pose
Day 2. Savannah. Downward Dog Lunge Pose
Day 3. Melanie. Wild Thing Pose
Day 4. Imogen. Uttanasana
Day 5. Paula. Standing Shin Hug
Day 6. Valencia.  Single-Leg Forward Bend

Week Two:
Day 7. Savannah. Forearms to floor in Lunge Pose
Day 8. Melanie. Lunge Twist with Quad Stretch Pose
Day 9. Imogen. Warrior II (with back bend)
Day 10. Paula. High Lunge with Twist
Day 11. Valencia. Dolphin Pose
Day 12. Savannah. Puppy Pose (Uttana Shishosana)  

Week Three:
Day 13. Melanie. Hero pose
Day 14. Imogen. Reclining Hero Pose
Day 15. Paula. Bridge Pose
Day 16. Valencia.  Sarvangasana- viparita karani
Day 17. Savannah. Viparita Karani
Day 18. Melanie. Reclining Big Toe Pose

Week Four:
Day 19. Imogen. Reclined Eagle Pose
Day 20. Paula. reclining bound angle pose
Day 21. Valencia. Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend, variation
Day 22. Savannah. Heron Pose
Day 23. Melanie. Head-of-the-Knee Pose
Day 24. Imogen. Cow Face Pose

Last Week:
Day 25. Paula. Bharadvaja’s Twist
Day 26. Savannah. Child pose
Day 27. Valencia. Lotus Pose
Day 28. Melanie. Pranayama Breathing
Day 29. Imogen. Savasana
Day 30. Paula. All Sequence

Please do not force your body into a certain pose if you do not feel ready.  Remember try to enjoy it, have fun and smile!.

We can’t wait to see all of your posts!

Good luck everyone!


The past three days have been so sweet. On vacation with the fam and my love and I feel so damn blessed. I freaking love my people. Heart overflowing with love and gratitude. #loveyourtribe #loveeverymoment #familyvacay #buddhapants #tinydevotions #tdme #thankyouuniverse #youdabest

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