Do you believe in the Six-handed Buddha?

Context: Okay so my party has just begun a prison break after the wizard convinced the guards to carry the anti magic artifact to the Frontlines with them in defense of the city. We have a life cleric named “Monk Vishnu” who follows a lawful evil god, The Six-Handed Buddha. Now this doesn’t really raise any red flags, considering the party also includes a psychopathic tiefling wizard named “Choice” who worships the Raven Queen. He got initiative in the first encounter of the session and proceeded to murder his cell mate for anatomical knowledge and a skull to turn into an arcane focus. Then we come to the prison’s evidence vault.

Barbarian Player: I bull rush the doors and break them down. *Rolls a natural 20, strength is 18*

DM: Okay, so you hit the door and it goes flying, one guard is instantly killed as you trample him and the other is pinned underneath the door across the vault.

Cleric Player: I go over to the guard and ask him if he has heard the scriptures of the Six-Handed Buddha.

DM: the guard is like “what the hell, just save me!”

Cleric Player: I cast holy flames and kill him.

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requests are open...? could I request Jumin's, 707's and Saeran's reactions to MC wearing thigh high socks (lacy or not is up to u ^^)

heya anon!!! thanks for the request :) i love thigh highs and I loved this request! they’d all be so blushy LOL hope you enjoy!

♠ He would come home one day from a long day of work in one of your many cute outfits. You always looked so adorable, but today was different.
♠ Are those …. lacy thigh highs?
♠ He’s blushing so hard, he can barely speak. He’s thinking of questionable things but he doesn’t dare say them. Not now at least.
♠ He compliments you really confidently, even thOUGH THE SIGHT OF YOU IN SUCH CUTE ATTIRE IS DESTROYING HIS HEART.
♠ “They’re an interesting piece of clothing, but they’re quite adorable on you. I should buy you more of them.”

★ When he sees you walk into his room with thighhighs on with Honey Buddha Chips in your hand, he falls in love all over again.
★ HE IS SO HAPPY AND BLUSHY. He covers his mouth and hides his huge smile.
★ He compliments you about them constantly and urges you to wear them. He thinks you’re so frickin cute when you wear them, he wants to put you on his arm to let everyone know how cute his girlfriend is.
★ he wears your thighhighs one day while cross dressing because he says they look “comfortable and cute”. he doesnt take them off for the rest of the day.
★ “MC, how much cuter can you get?? I would give up all my Honey Buddha Chips to see you in your thighhighs every single day!!!”

♣ He doesn’t quite understand them. What’s the point of socks that go up your entire leg to your thighs?? why don’t u just wear pants and regular socks???
♣ They grow on him though, he thinks theY’RE CUTE.
♣ He never tells you he thinks they’re cute though, what a meanie smh
♣ He smiles really slightly when he sees you wear them, they make you seem so youthful and cute. he starts to love them
♣ “Your socks compliment your outfit nicely, MC. I would even say you look … cute.”


Buddha’s Hand by Huang Yong Ping at La Biennale di Venezia - 53rd International Art Exhibition - Fare Mondi // Making Worlds (7th June - 22nd November 2009)

His oversize recreations of the hand of Buddha is made from a type of cedar tree traditionally used in Chinese medicine, that dwell in the ambiguity of references to both spiritual and earthly realms

A group of 22 stag antler or metal ojime

Most Edo period (1615-1868) and Meiji era (1868-1912), 19th century, Japan.
Comprising: three round beads, decorated with birds in mixed metal, wild goose and moon or flowers, both in silver; two miniature silver filigree beads; three oval beads in mixed metal or silver decorated with flower, birds or fish; five cylindrical beads, one silver with figures, one of stag antler, the others with birds, bamboo, or fruiting gourd vines; three whorl-form beads, one gold filigree, one patterned silver, and one pierced mixed-metal; a copper bead with a cat head; a mixed-metal summer fan; a gold-hued folding fan; a mixed-metal Buddha-hand citron; a silver figure of Jurojin; a metal repoussé figure of Daikoku; together with a carved and pierced Chinese emerald green jadeite bead
(23) 7/8in (2.3cm) length of largest.  Bonhams.