buddha's home

hey don’t subscribe to “simply_kenna” on youtube. i’ve been subscribed to her for a few months because i liked her style of videos but after watching a few of her q&a’s it’s become apparent that she has extremely problematic tendencies, and when people point out those things and ask her not to do them, she mocks them. lately, she’s gotten into bts and she’s very vocal about shipping the members together. also, she calls herself a fujoshi and she clearly fetishizes gay men. she claims to be a buddhist and there’s proof of her shutting down people who try to fix the way she views buddhism, including telling buddhists to “let that go and move on from it” in regards to their oppression. idk, everything about her is kinda gross, and i don’t want people to be misled by her aesthetics and nice personality. she’s very misinformed and doesn’t let herself be taught by her subscribers.

white people will call themselves spiritual. Have statues of buddha around their home for decoration without actually being buddhist, how sick is it to use a religion as a trend. they will collect crystals and turn into “witches”. And get dreadlocks because they think that makes them look cool and different.

i’m so tired 😂😂😂😂