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Bagan by Patrick Foto ;)
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Beautiful scenery during sunrise at the pagoda of Bagan, Myanmar


The stone of the ruler, the warrior, and the shaman as well, turquoise was one of the first crystals to be unearthed by human efforts. It is unsurpassed as a healing crystal, able to convey benefits to the entire body, but with a particular affinity for the immune, respiratory, waste, and skeletal systems. It is soothing to the touch and healing to the eye, and a stone that any witch should own.

Element ~ Earth, Water, Air

Energy ~ Receptive

Planet ~ Neptune, Venus

Zodiac Sign ~ Aquarius, Taurus, Sagittarius

Deities ~ Buddha, The Great Spirit, Sopedu, Hathor, Estsanatleki

Chakra ~ Throat

A valued power stone, turquoise is able to align the chakras and cleanse energy centers. As an aid in meditation, turquoise helps to clear the mind and attune oneself to the Universal All. The stone can be used to attune to the spiritual plane and provide protection during vision quests and astral travel. It is also a symbol of generosity, sincerity, and affection, preserving friendships and making friends out of enemies in time.

The tribes of North America believed that turquoise protected the rider of a horse, and conveyed great protection in general, especially from the evil eye. Useful for inspiring creative thought and aiding self-expression, turquoise is also used in spells for everything from wealth to love. It can help to protect children from bullying, and can be hung on a pet’s collar or cage to prevent them from being lost or stolen. It can also help repel intruders, and is a powerful protective stone in general.

Turquoise is also associated with the angel Zadkiel and the Empress Arcana.

I need space. Head space, physical space, I just need space. This is not a bad thing. We all need a little time sometimes. A break. A breath of air,freedom and nature. If you lose people for a minute or so it is ok. Life continues and if you are that important to each other you will always find a way back. Maybe we need to understand that space fails to be something ‘unnecessary’ or 'selfish’. Space is essential for us all to thrive and grow. Please give yourself the time you need.

Space by A.K.


If you guys don’t mind, I’m gonna talk about my favorite things about this photo:

-Everyone’s sitting on top of a giant strawberry cake
-happy boi Yoosung
-Zen is making the “:>” face and he’s essentially giving a peace sign but with three fingers instead of two
-707 is throwing Honey Buddha Chips into the air like it’s confetti
-Jaehee’s making the “yknow like nya” hand pose as she’s holding onto a string that may possibly be connected to a balloon
-Jumin’s jazz hands
-and my most favorite thing of all: the fact that everyone here looks super happy and it’s super satisfying seeing these characters who have suffered in one way or another be joyful and at peace together. I think I can speak for the whole Mystic Messenger fanbase when saying that this game has touched the hearts of many and brought endless fun and joy to several people. Thank you so much Cheritz for making this amazing game

Happy anniversary Mystic Messenger❤️

“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you not by the angels or by demons, heaven or hell.” Buddha

Bodhi (ficus religiosa)

Folk names: Bo-Tree, Peepul Tree, Pipul Sacred Tree

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Air

Deities: Buddha, Vishnu

Powers: Fertility, Protection, Wisdom, Meditation

Ritual Uses: The plant is sacred to Vishnu who, like Buddha, was said to have been born beneath it. In the East, sacred fires are fed with its wood. Since Buddha also sat beneath this tree in meditation for six years, it is sacred to Him, and the heart-shaped leaves still tremble remembering the divine vibrations. 

Magical uses: If you feel evil near, simply circle this tree several times and the evil shall flee in terror.

Barren women walk naked beneath a bodhi tree to become fertile. 

Use the leaves in meditation incenses and all mixtures designed to give wisdom. 

(Source: Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs)