buddah statue


Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Thailand


Here are the little guys! I’ve got one for each of my potted plants. I’ve already got more in the works that the studio tech at school requested, but considering the response they’ve gotten… stay tuned and they might show up on Etsy!

I was so happy with how the mossy glaze turned out. They’re quite adorable if I do say so myself.

Itsy Bitsy Spider - Part 2

Summary: Reader x Dean (though not a lot of it yet tbh). You set out on your hunt for the spider-woman who is killing men in a town near by with your temporary hunting buddies.

Triggers: Spiders!

Word Count: 3358

Y/N = Your name

Part 1   Part 3   Part 4  Epilouge


“It looks like she’s trying to create an army of these monsters,” You said, the boys going quiet after you spoke taking in the news.

“Shit,” Dean muttered under his breath. The four of you shot into motion at the same time. The men quickly grabbing theircoats and throwing you a spare army green jacket they had lying around to takethe place of the thinner material of the coat you’d worn inside. Following them you let them lead the way out of the massive underground bunker and up to a waiting car.

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