buddah statue


A friend of mine is selling her beautiful apartment in Vasastan, Gothenburg. The personal style, the light and space makes this two-roomer lovely, yet most of all I love the buddha statues every here & there ♡ | Photo by Anders Bergstedt for Entrance

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Here are the little guys! I’ve got one for each of my potted plants. I’ve already got more in the works that the studio tech at school requested, but considering the response they’ve gotten… stay tuned and they might show up on Etsy!

I was so happy with how the mossy glaze turned out. They’re quite adorable if I do say so myself.

Nara's Great Buddha has a bad hair day

NARA–It might be splitting hairs, but the hairstyle of the Great Buddha of Nara is only half as impressive as it has been made out to be.

It was believed that the statue at the Todaiji temple had 966 “rahotsu” ball-like curls on its head, but state-of-the-art laser technology debunked this millennium-old myth by showing it had just 492.

And nine of those have now fallen out, or off, leaving unsightly bald patches on the Buddha’s head.

The colossal statue of the seated Buddha, now sporting 483 curls, measures about 15 meters high and was built on the orders of Emperor Shomu (701-756) and completed in 752 during the Nara Period (710-784). Read more.