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CB&Q Zephyr 9900 by Chuck Zeiler
Via Flickr:
Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad 9900 at Weston, New Jersey on April 17, 1934, photograph by the Budd Company, Chuck Zeiler collection. Number 9900 was released from the Budd’s Philadelphia plant on April 10, 1934 and began a nationwide tour. It is seen here on a run out of New York City on the Reading at Weston.

Caption: “Waiting in Chicago in this 1940s-era photograph were no less than four streamlined passenger trains of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway, looking regal with stainless steel cars from Budd and Pullman-Standard Companies. From left to right are the El Capitan, Super Chief, Chief, and another El Capitan.”