bud of a white rose


Also I had to draw this too….hope you like it @the-heart-alchemist cause i havent done comics in sooooo long. keep going to see it

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Bath Bombs

Stiles is stressed about finals and decides to try out the bath bomb that Lydia gave him in his ‘study pack’.

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He had been standing there for a while now, staring down at the bathtub full of steamy water.

Stiles looked from the bath to the small letter in one hand: a note that Lydia had written him.

            Maybe this will help you relax.

            You’ll ace your finals, there’s no doubt about that, so stop worrying and take a break.

            The lavender has a calming affect that should help curb your anxiety and the petals are for a touch of flamboyance.

                    Spoil yourself.

                    Love always,



Stiles sighed and turned his attention to the monstrosity in his other hand. It was a smooth round ball with a chalky white surface, interrupted only by the small hole at the top that revealed the small collection of white rose petals, sprigs of lavender, buds and leaves.

Across the white surface were hints of dyed colour: little touches of blue and purple that curled about the circumference.

Stiles set the note down on the counter and knelt down by the edge of the bath tub. He reached over and lowered the bath bomb into the water slowly, watching as it erupted into brilliant colour. Foaming waves lapped at each other as they spread across the water’s surface while spirals of blue and violet colouring diffused and swirled through the water. The petals, flower buds and leaves drifted across the surface, creating whirling patterns through the lightly coloured foam.

Stiles watched on in awe as the bath bomb dissolved. Once it was gone and the water settled slightly, he stripped off his clothes and climbed into the bathtub. The coloured water pooled around his pale limbs, the petals tickling his skin as he sank into the water.

He settled into the warmth, letting out a heavy sigh as he felt his body melt into the water.

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Painting: “Duminy Girls” by Cecilia Rosslee

This is a great charm to hang over the door, or door handle of your home to promote happiness throughout the house.

You will need:
- A white bag
- x3 garlic cloves
- x3 yellow (or white) rose buds.
- x3 golden coins (must be gold coloured, from real gold to foil etc.)
- x1 Gold ribbon
- x1 Iron nail

Spell Prep:
Place the garlic cloves, Rose buds and golden coins in the white bag and tie the bag up with the gold ribbon. 

Holding the bag, dance around the perimeter of your house three times sunrise then three times moon-wise (counterclockwise). Envision sealing in love and happiness while dancing. When you have finished hang the bag over the front entrance using an iron nail. 

NOTE: This spell may work better if you start each dance at the front entrance, or the entrance that is most used to symbolism positive energy coming in with the beginning of each dance lap and negative energy leaving out the door with each ending of the dance lap. 

Only slightly adapted from The Element Encyclopedia of 1000 spells by Judika Illes.

More weird!Gems? More weird!Gems.

Rose’s skin is baby-soft in most places, especially on her face and towards the core of her body. Towards the hands and feet it takes on more of a woody texture and firmness. The branches on her head and shoulders bud with tiny white roses in spring. To the touch, she’s warmer than most gems, and if she’s particularly happy she glows with a dilute, pink light.

Her footfalls are very gentle and quiet, but she gives off the vague feeling of an incredibly dense object passing as something weightless- or like a very large object occupying a (relatively) small space. She’s normally a pretty good sport about it but if you try to move or shift her when she doesn’t want to be budged it’s suddenly like trying to shove over a two-hundred-foot sequoia. More than any other Gem, Rose gives off the feeling that she’s not anything like a human, but is sort of humoring you by looking like one.

She has a weird relationship with gravity, and can stand on rickety, fragile bridges and other things that can’t support much weight, no problem. Her hair and dress in particular exemplify this- despite the fact that those huge ringlets are anything but light, they’re a lot floatier than they should be.

She’s got some very dark eyes. It feels a little bit like there’s something in that darkness, and sometimes it seems to move, but it’s never completely visible.

Plants in her vicinity, if they have flowers, tend to turn those flowers towards her. In general, they brighten up, and if she spends a lot of time they’ll become more lively and robust. If this keeps going they’ll tend towards ambulatory (think of the moss from Lars And The Cool Kids, or the brambles from An Indirect Kiss). Regardless of how much time she’s spent with them, plant life is responsive to Rose’s emotions: much like Lapis’s relationship with the ocean, if you catch Rose in a particularly unwelcoming mood, investigative creepers may start poking around your ankles. An especially agitated Rose becomes a bit more plantlike herself: the rougher skin on her hands and feet develops into a kind of woody exoskeleton with sharp fingers.

She has extra eyelids, visible when she blinks, and two rows of teeth. They’re mostly short, blunt molars, but she does have some impressive canines. Her tears are cloudy and have a sickly-sweet odor, and spending a lot of time breathing in the smell can make humans lightheaded (it’s pretty potent stuff).

Unlike most Gems, she actually has a wider range of perceived colors than humans- so her color vision is a little… surreal. Most gems that fuse with her have to take a bit to get used to it.