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It is strange to me to continually see people associating the conscious decision to not engage in sexual relations as being ‘asexual’.

That’s not asexuality. That’s celibacy.

I’m asexual because sexual desire is not a normal experience for me.

People who experience sexual desire regularly, but for whatever reason have decided to no longer have sex, are celibate. (Think about nuns for this; they have sacrificed sexuality for spirituality, and it is a sacrifice because they still experience desire. Giving up sex doesn’t make them asexual, but to them it is actually, spiritually, more meaningful to have that desire but give it up for your faith, like what people do during Lent. Choosing celibacy is a common practice in Catholicism.)

You don’t ‘become asexual’ when you decide to stop having sex, in much the same way a bisexual person does not ‘become heterosexual’ when they only engage in opposite-gender sexual relations. It is an identity, not the results of your decisions or your actions.

(Disclaimer because someone is bound to address it: Of course asexuality can be the results of life events and experiences for some, but that’s not what I’m talking about.)

Business and Pleasure - Part 11

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,776

Warnings: Swearing, smut, lots of detailed smut

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After that, the rest of the evening seemed to pass by in a blur. Sure, you were concerned about Bucky leaving for his business trip. Your relationship was only just beginning to heal. Who knew what the extended time apart could do. It had the potential to be extremely damaging, but it also might help. Nevertheless, you felt strangely calm. 

The conversation flowed easily over dinner, and by desert, you found yourself laughing and smiling again, the nervousness now gone completely. You were still a bit shaky after Bucky’s earlier confession, but that discussion could wait until a more opportune time. Slowly, the Bucky you knew and loved was beginning to come back.

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hey guys um;

i am well aware that radfems call the most RIDICULOUS things lesbophobic (like bi women saying they’re oppressed for being bi, trans women for saying they’re…women) but that doesn’t mean we should make jokes about the word.

lesbophobia is real and has seriously awful consequences for many women so we really can not joke about it. i understand that many people that do don’t mean to discredit the word, but it can absolutely come off that way and it’s just as unacceptable as non-bi people making fun of the word biphobia.

lesbian radfems give us PLENTY of comedic material w/o insulting all lesbian women along the way so let’s….not do that

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Lemme teeeellllllll you! Your smutty stores are works of art! Like this may be tmi but I get so worked up over them Lmao 😜 if you haven't done it yet, could you do a fic where Yoongi is dating the reader and his friend Chen from Exo walks in on them having sex. Knowing he should leave but doesn't, Chen stays and gets off watching the reader get fucked? Sorry if it's too much of a request. I seriously do love your stories!!!


“Yoongi you have to behave.” You groaned gently as your boyfriend was littering your neck with searing kisses, your skin heating up from each one that his lips pressed firmly against your body. He attacked your spot his hands dancing across the inside of your thigh and upwards towards your heat. Yoongi groaned pulling you closer to him with his other hand around your lower back, keeping a good grip on your hips he kept you in place.

“I don’t want to behave, especially when my girlfriend thought it was a good idea to wear these tight ass shorts with nothing on under them.” He groaned biting on your spot repeatedly smirking at how your defense was fading.

“Not my fault you can’t hold your hormones.” You countered his fingertips dancing against the higher part of your thighs, his fingertips stroking the sides of your pussy lips as he slipped his hand inside of your shorts. You tried to stop the moans that wanted to bubble over and spill past your lips, the bed seeming so small as you sought out somewhere to run but you didn’t.

“Oh?” Yoongi asked slipping his hand from your center. “I guess we can wait for Chen to come over then, you know he said he wanted to watch this one movie-“

“Yoongi!” You scolded looking up at the male who fought a victory smirk as he watched you.

“Is there something you want?” He asked tilting his head playing oblivious.

“Well I wanted my boyfriend’s hand in my shorts but I know how to get shit done.” You moved to touch yourself through the fabric of your shirts and Yoongi tightened up his hand on your hips, the shift in his mood made you peer back at him which you shouldn’t have done. His face was hard, dark eyes staring into yours not wavering once.

“I-I wasn’t going to do it.” You tried to laugh it off slowly, your hand moving to press against his chest. “Stop!” You whined as Yoongi pretended to be mad, rolling over you pushed him down straddling his waist eyeing his body under you. Your hips started to roll downwards, his hands gripping your hips as your hands pressed on his chest. Rolling your hips down against his, he bucked his hips up a bit groaning as he watched your breast move under the confines of his large shirt on your body, no bra on underneath it either.

“Show me how you want to ride me. How are you going to take this dick?” Yoongi asked moving one hand to grip at your plump ass cheeks. Slowly you lifted your hips circling them and dry humping him, your hips pressing against his setting a rhythm. Yoongi licked on his lower lip, his bulge starting to form against the middle of your center. The more you rubbed against him the more your panties became dampened from the friction. Yoongi helped you push down against him harder, his feet planting as he started to grind you harder, your bodies moving faster. He leaned up biting on the middle of the shirt where your breast were his eyes holding a fire as he rocked you harder nodding his head. You know what he wanted and he knew you hated ruining your clothes. Yoongi slipped the hand down that was on your ass finding your clit, he rubbed at it while he pushed you up some to have your ass grinding against his crotch, the plump cheeks pressing down against his hardened erection that was begging to be inside of you again. Yoongi moved his fingers quickly grinding them up and down your clit until your hips were picking up an erratic pace. Your head thrown back, hands starting to grip on his hair as your first orgasm was approaching you. Yoongi kissed up your neck, his warm breath dancing against your ear

“I want to feel these shorts soaked from your juices do you hear me? Be a good girl and give me those sweet little juices.” Yoongi commanded as he pressed harder against your clit. Your head rolled forward to rest your forehead against his, taking quick shallow breaths you gripped onto his shirt and hair tighter crying out his name as you came inside of your shorts the high crashing down on you and shaking your body. He continued to rub his fingers against your pussy, your breast hardened as you pressed back against his fingers until he was letting you calm down removing his fingers. Yoongi watched you slowly, gripping at the hems of your shirt he lifted it above your head and threw it across the room looking at your beautiful perky breast. He cupped them together, rolling his tongue against your nipples and soon after closing his mouth to suck on your nipples. He would use your hand to pinch and pull at your hardened buds trying to give both sides attention until he switched sides. Your hands played in his hair the silky black strands soft to touch under your fingertips. Your hips moved lightly, you felt yourself becoming turned on anything by his ministrations. Yoongi kneaded your breast his mouth kissing upwards while he littered a bunch of hickeys onto your collarbone decorating your skin. He gripped at your shorts, pulling them off your body and let them join your top. Sliding down onto the bed he let you go smirking up at you.

“You know what I want, put that pretty pussy on my tongue.” Groaning you pushed his head back but crawled up his body listening to him rasp out a laugh with a deep voice. He knew you loved how much he talked dirty to you. Straddling his face, you were always hesitant not to push completely down on him, feeling as if you would suffocate him. Yoongi didn’t care, he gripped at your hips locking you in place, your pussy against his tongue that wasted to time licking across your damped pussy lips. Cleaning you up from the mess you made in your shorts he took his time letting his tongue explore your slit licking up and down in a motion before he was sucking on your bud nipping on it with his teeth letting his lips play with it.

Chen was excited that today was done, he knew that you would be with Yoongi and after a long stressful day of work all he wanted to do was hang out with two of his good friends. Unlocking the apartment and coming inside he kicked off his shoes, setting his black workout bag on the floor and locking the door. He was going to call out for you two to see where you were at but a soft moan of ‘shit’ had him thinking he should wait. He paced the spot he was in not wanting to intrude but he was curious to see what was going on. Walking down the hallways to get to Yoongi’s room he paused in his tracks seeing the door ajar. Your hips pressing down against Yoongi’s face your hips circling as he ate you out from below. Chen had never seen such a sight. Your erotic face, how the sweat dripped down your body, your eyes closed as you focused on the feeling of his tongue pressing against your spot. It had Chen twitching in his pants, the soft bulge growing into something harder. Chen backed up a bit pressing himself against the wall closer to the front room. His heart beat fast, he could hear your moans ring out as Yoongi shoved his tongue deep inside of you. Yoongi did this for your pleasure but mostly his, it made him so much harder hearing you beg for him, feeling how your wetness seeped onto your face. How your hips jerked downwards against his face. You were so pretty when you were pulling at his hair and crying out his name, he didn’t have to tell you but you knew what he wanted to hear. Pulling back from you with difficulty he licked you clean, his own mouth and some of his chin and neck was soaked out by your juices. You slid down his body, not being able to contain what you wanted anymore. Helping him shed himself of his clothes he helped you aligned with his member.

You pushed your hips down as Yoongi snapped his hips upwards earning strings of curses from his lips and loud pleasured cries coming from yours. Chen whimpered slightly, all the blood rushing south and he knew he would have to take care of this now or he would risk questions from the both of you especially if he stayed in the bathroom too long. So, slowly he walked back to see just the opening of you two in the bedroom. Not wanting to be on there for display he sat with his back against the wall that the room door was on craning his neck sideways so that he could see you both. Unzipping his pants quickly he moved his hand inside gripping on his hardened shaft that hurt from the arousal he started a quick pace of snapping his hips up against his hand. Your moans of pleasure mixing out, he bit down on his free hand to keep from saying anything spiting down on his tip occasionally to get his dick wet so it would be easier for him to stroke himself. His hand fisted his shaft a bit tighter applying more pleasure as his orgasm got to him quicker, the sounds of you telling Yoongi you were close sending off alarm bells. Chen picked up speed on his arm, snapping his hips up against his hand his shaft throbbing and twitching in his hold, his free hand moving to play with his balls. With a few more strokes to his dick Chen got up and quickly dashed to the bathroom down the hallway shutting the door quietly so that he could finish himself off cumming into the sink with a soft groan.

Once you felt Yoongi cum inside of you, he held your hips down, your hands sliding up and down his biceps slowly as you two pressed lips against each other once again this time with less aggression. “So. Chen is here.” You told Yoongi between kisses having seen the male poke his head from the corner more than once.

“I knew he would come home earlier. Why do you think I made you ride me today instead of me riding you? I like being on top.” Yoongi noted and slapping his chest you gasped in horror the male telling you his evil intentions making you plot revenge against him.

First Time- Max Domi

Originally posted by survivethefeels

Okay y'all so soapbox moment for a sec! So this imagine means a lot to me (besides this being the SECOND time I wrote it). It’s about the reader’s first time with Max Domi and concerns associated with it. So here’s my rant: Sex is a choice, YOUR CHOICE AND ONLY YOURS. Do not let anybody pressure you into anything you are not ready for! Do not let society tell you what’s right or wrong. You do you boos! And if you have any questions about anything, big sis Katie is here! Ok rant done. So if you’d like to try a calm smut, feel free. If not, up next: Morgan Rielly!

Warning: sex, cursing

Anon Request: Can you do a smutty first time with Max Domi? One where he’s like super concerned about you and wants it to be perfect for you?


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Take Me // Hoseok

Drabble game request: J-Hope + “I don’t want you to stop.” + Best Friend AU | for @roxywolfie27​ & anon

W: Mature contents/smut (is there even fluff in this? Idk, but I tried. I swear!). Please read with caution, as always.

Word count: 1,711 words

Character: Hoseok x reader

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Private Daddy (Chen) [Smut]

You are a naughty person. I hope you all have holy water nearby.


Hand in hands, Jongdae and I walked down the street, he had an ice cream cone in his hand while I was chewing on a lollipop. Walking behind and in front were the members. The group had a free day today and they decided to spend it walking around the city. Half of them had boba tea in their hands and the other half were eating some sort of snack.

“(Y/n)! Let’s go get some cotton candy!” Baekhyun suggested, pointing towards the vendor. I grinned and before thinking, I let go of Jongdae’s hand and ran with Baekhyun towards the guy.

When we came back, Jongdae’s ice cream was finished and he was looking at me with a stoic face. My smile slowly turned into a frown at the way he was looking at me. None of the guys noticed so I decided to hold up my blue cotton candy to him with a face that said; “Want some?” in the cutest way possible.

He took some off without a word and ate it. Soon, it was starting to get a bit late and everyone bid their goodbyes. I walked home with Jongdae, swinging our hands back and forth. We reached my apartment and entered. I probably misheard it or something but I could’ve sworn he clicked the lock. I didn’t mind it since I would’ve gone to lock it anyway.

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Regardless of What Melissa Hutcherson said:

Clementine is black.

The artists that designed her as well as the writers and creators all stated that she is black, and add that with the fact that the story gives no signs as to her being asian and the fact that her parents are black, I’m going with what we have been given so far.

This isn’t the first time her being black and asian has been addressed. The art director Derek Sakai who is asian stated that he took inspiration from his daughter when designing her, but that she is black.

Voice actors say things all the time that do not correlate with what’s canon, like when Dave Fennoy said Lee killed his wife as well as the senator (when that makes no sense in canon). In this case the people who created the character have more of a say.

She is black, and we should all be able to accept that and move on.

How are there “fans” of zyx who think he hates exo ???

How are there “fans” of exo who want zyx to leave ??? 

How can you be a “fan” of someone and be so deluded into thinking the literal opposite of reality for the people you stan? Why did this not die in fucking 2015 instead of carrying over into 2017??

Okay NOW

Okay NOW I’m drunk and watching the Sailor Moon R movie again and all I can do is quote the original dub of it like when Fiore leaps in the air and cries “THIS GIRL HAS YOU BAMBOOZLED, DARIEN”


Newbie passes her first exam!  Find out what she did right in handling this “POT”

I received this message from a real sweetheart and, I have to share it with you as an example of how to handle a POT “gone bad”.  I am frankly so proud of how she handled this situation and I think there are some valuable lessons to be learned here!  [I have edited her message to me a little bit omitting details that aren’t necessary for my purposes, but everything here is “out of her own mouth”, so to speak] :

I met a POT today… He lives in my general area, so that was a plus because I only had to travel about 20 minutes. He seemed pretty nice through text and we actually have common interests, so I didn’t bother asking for a picture of him because I was afraid it would ruin it. He’s asked for “sexy” pictures several times and each time I’ve said “maybe after we meet/if there’s chemistry/if I’m not busy later.” He was pretty much as attractive as I expected. I’d give him a 3/10.

Our conversation was okay, I tried to make it about him as often as I could. He ordered my coffee right before I arrived, and we talked for maybe an hour before he had to go back to work. We discussed payment expectations before we even met, and being that I’ve never been an official SB and I’ve never actually met a POT in person, he mentioned [what he paid in] his last arrangement. … It didn’t sound bad, I just want something small and easy to help me save a little here and there.

But now he’s being persistent with mentioning pictures and honestly, I feel like they haven’t been earned because we just met today. Coffee=pictures of my body??? I don’t think so. And he also texts me multiple times if I don’t reply quickly enough (for him, quickly is 15 minutes or less. Like come on! I’m busy!) I told him I wanted to meet him again before committing to an arrangement just yet, but now that he’s been pestering me for nudes like a teenage boy, and he’s being relatively needy, and not really offering a lot of payment considering our differences in attractiveness, I really think I want to nip it in the bud, but I don’t know how….. Can I just delete this texting app, block him on SA, and disappear? I don’t want to be rude to him because he was extremely nice to me. I just don’t think an arrangement between us is going to be realistic…

The problem with sugaring is that you have to put up with so many guys who JUST DON’T GET IT!  They don’t get the concept of “mutually beneficial”; they don’t understand the boundaries that must be a part of a good arrangement and they don’t know how to act like a gentleman in the presence of a beautiful young woman.  

Unfortunately, so many women who are new at the game don’t yet have the experience and the knowledge to see a train wreck as its coming down the tracks and end up making mistakes. Some of the mistakes end up simply as a waste of time, or getting “shorted” on a date, and some of the mistakes are more serious, and involve being put in a dangerous situation with no easy way out.  

Further, the impression that a lot of newbies get from reading some blogs gives them a mistaken impression about how finding, getting and keeping a SD is all about.  It’s not all glamour; it’s not all about finding a “hot daddy with a lot of money” and it’s not all about landing 10k allowances after an exchange of a couple messages.  Having unrealistic expectations will kill a SB’s career before it starts; putting on “rose colored glasses” will blind you to the realities “on the street.”  Sugaring is a grind.  There’s a lot of frustration involved, and, sadly, a SB ends up dealing with a lot of real slugs that try to pass as men.

However, a good SB will take some or a lot of satisfaction out of spotting and dumping a POT before he becomes a PITA (no, not that delicious bread, but rather a “Pain In The Ass”, lol).  And that is valuable.  I have often posted about the mistakes that newbies have committed.  Here is my opportunity to point out what a newbie did RIGHT.   So, with that in mind, let’s turn to this newbie’s first big exam and see how and why she passed with flying colors:

First Question on the Exam – Is it okay to send “naughty pics” to a POT before the arrangement begins?

Our student has been talking with a POT.  Early on, before they even meet, he starts asking her for “sexy pictures”.  Let me say this clearly:  you fail the exam if you send “sexy pics” before you have received your allowance.  Our student here deflected this POT’s advances perfectly:  

He’s asked for “sexy” pictures several times and each time I’ve said “maybe after we meet/if there’s chemistry/if I’m not busy later.”

 It is still early, so she wants to keep this POT on the hook until she has a chance to see if he is going to materialize into a real prospect.  So, she doesn’t say no, but she doesn’t say yes.  She makes a promise that she will keep, if he ends up keeping his promises.  Most importantly, she does not send the pics in order to get him to meet her.  She passes the first exam question!

Second Question on the Exam – When do you bring up the terms of an arrangement?

Our student passed this no problem!  She discussed the terms of the arrangement at the outset.  Now, the amount he is willing to pay is not really relevant! All that matters is whether YOU are satisfied with it or not.  In this case, our student went through that mental analysis, took into account her personal situation and concluded:  “It didn’t sound bad, I just want something small and easy to help me save a little here and there.”  Perfect answer.  Question 2 passed!

Third Question on the Exam – How do you handle the initial meet and greet?

Our student breezed right through this one!  First, the guy is not exactly easy on the eyes!  She rates him a 3/10.  lol! However, our student keeps her eyes on the prize – the money – not on toad-man’s face!  Lol. She steers the conversation so that she made it more about him than her.  Very good move:  you want to find out as much as you can about him; listen to him, draw conclusions about his personality, about the way he handles himself and look for warning signs!  Further, the less he knows about you, the better!  You create an air of mystery.  At the end of the “meet and greet” he goes away happy, but realizes that he wants more!  Who is this girl?  I have to see her again to find out!  This student is really impressing her professor!  Question 3 passed!

Fourth Question on the Exam – Hypothetical:  A POT buys you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  Do you owe him something?

Okay, now we are getting into the tough part of this exam!  After the meet and greet, the POT is obviously intrigued by our student. He wants more!  He hasn’t parted with the cash, but he feels free to continue with and step up his demands for pictures and attention.  What is a newbie to do?  Her answer blows me away!

But now he’s being persistent with mentioning pictures and honestly, I feel like they haven’t been earned because we just met today. Coffee=pictures of my body??? I don’t think so. And he also texts me multiple times if I don’t reply quickly enough (for him, quickly is 15 minutes or less. Like come on! I’m busy!) I told him I wanted to meet him again before committing to an arrangement just yet

 Let’s unpack this! First, the guy pesters her for pictures! Sheesh!  This guy is obviously a photo collector, and, perhaps, nothing more. Our student analyzes this using sound economic principles and concludes that a cappuccino does not entitle him to photos of her beautiful body.  Bravo! Second, she recognizes that the guy is a needy jerk and gets irritated if she does not immediately respond to his texts!  Very good! You can find a good looking vanilla boyfriend to blow up your phone, you don’t need that from some old dude! Third, and most importantly:  she uses this information to draw the conclusion that the guy is not worth her time:  

I told him I wanted to meet him again before committing to an arrangement just yet, but now that he’s been pestering me for nudes like a teenage boy, and he’s being relatively needy, and not really offering a lot of payment considering our differences in attractiveness, I really think I want to nip it in the bud

 Yes, that is exactly what our student should do!  She stays in control!  She knows that this is all just going to be a waste of time!  Question passed!

Bonus Question on the Exam – How do you tell a POT to get lost?

I’m going to give our student full credit for the bonus question!  She says:

Can I just delete this texting app, block him on SA, and disappear? I don’t want to be rude to him because he was extremely nice to me. I just don’t think an arrangement between us is going to be realistic…

 The answer to that is YES! You owe nothing to this guy!  You do what you have to do to “nip his bud” so to speak!  And, I understand that the guy wasn’t mean to you, but that only gets him so far.  I think the best thing to do is to send him a quick text saying, to use your own words, that “I just don’t think an arrangement between us is going to be realistic…”  If he continues to try to contact you after that, hit the “delete button” and disappear.

Our “newbie” has passed her first big exam in “Sugar University”.  She is no longer a newbie; she is now officially a Sugar Baby! Congratulations, honey!  

  • unsuspecting IRL person: So the other day this radio show host was talking about how strange it is that we say things like "I could just eat you up" to people we love. That's like, cannibalism!
  • me, who never EVER gets to do the whole not Hannibal but not NOT Hannibal thing IRL: *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧
  • me: Actually, this is a common occurrence in many languages that reflects an arguably universal human behavior. We don't know if it's vestigial instinct or the close connection between the mouth and the limbic system, but the urge to playfully bite is familiar to anyone who loves animals and children. A figurative threat to eat someone can be seen as the ultimate expression of love.
  • IRL person: ...Wow, I've never thought about it like that. Loving something so much you want to consume it so that it stays inside you forever.
  • me: ・ิᴗ・ิ ...yes.