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2016, du warst ein Hurensohn

Ich trauere um:

David Bowie, Bud Spencer, Harper Lee, Muhammad Ali, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Peter Lustig, Fidel Castro, Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder, Wolfgang Rohde, Reinhard Häfner, George Michael & Carrie Fisher.

Farewell Gravity Folks
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So here we are, Gravity Falls reaches its end, and boy, have I fallen in love with this show.

I don’t know if I will have seen the ultimate episode when this fan art will be online, but one thing’s for sure : however this ends, I will miss this little town and all of its characters.

Through all these three last years, I was thrilled, I was laughing out loud and I was moved to a point I just wasn’t expecting when I started watching that show.

I’ve been quite obsessed in a way, but the adventures of the Pines family bringed me so much happiness that I feel no shame in it.

This series is visually beautiful, its vocal casting is perfect, its score is awesome and the storyline is just brilliant.

And the characters are truly what makes this show so special. I can relate on so many of them on so many levels. You can feel the love of their creators through every situation they’re put in.

So there is my humble homage to them all.

Millions of thanks to @shmalexsmirsch and all of the brilliant artists of the @gravi-teamfalls for creating my favourite series ever.

Can’t wait to see what you guys will bring next to us in the future !

You can check all the drawings I made before this final composition via the links below :

Mabel, Dipper and Waddles : x

Wendy, Grunkle Stan and Soos : x

Pacifica Northwest : x

Grenda and Candy : x

Old Man McGucket : x

Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland : x

Lil’ Gideon and Bud Gleeful : x

Manly Dan and Tyler Cutebiker : x

Nate, Lee, Robbie and Tambry : x

Lazy Susan and Toby Determined : x

[EDIT] : Just saw the last episode, and it went beyond all my expectations.
Definitely a masterpiece of a show.

Lost Control - Ashton Irwin Imagine

A/N: a long, smutty imagine for you (; “That’s amazing, Lee!” I shriek with excitement.
“Shhh, you have to be quiet,” She laughs a little. “Mom and dad don’t know about it.”
I can’t help but smile and smack her hand excitedly.
“Lee Ann’s gotta boyfriend.” I tease her while grabbing a handful of popcorn from the bag.
Some new latest song plays on the radio as the moon light shines through Lee’s bedroom window.
“Shut up, you idiot.” She says, smiling as she lays back on her bed.
“I’d never thought you’d go for James.” I admit before throwing a popcorn into my mouth.
She smiles widely at the ceiling and then hides her eyes with her hand.
“I feel so embarrassed right now.” Lee Ann giggles out.
“Why? I’m your best bud, Lee.” I say before whacking her foot.
She shakes her head at me.
“I bet you two did it, huh?” I ask, wiggling my eyebrows.
She doesn’t speak, she just stares at the wall, smirking a little.
“Lee Ann, you didn’t?!” I say, shocked.
She laughs.
“You little whore.” I whisper with a smirk.
He eyes widen before laughs even more.
I join her.
“Okay, okay, okay,” She says before sitting up. “Enough about me, what about you, (Y/N)? Who do you fancy?”
I stop laughing shortly and bite my lip a little.
I look at my hands and immediately think of him, the boy I fancy.
His hazel eyes with a mix of green is all I ever think about. His curly locks is what I crave to pull at. His dimples make the butterflies stir inside me and his breathtaking smile makes my heart flutter every damn time.
But I couldn’t tell her. It would hurt our friendship. I don’t even want to think about her reaction if I told her.
I can’t tell my best friend that I like her brother, it’s like a sin.
“No one.” I say with a small smile.
“Oh come on, (Y/N)! It’s not like I’m going to tell anyone.” Lee says.
I sigh.
“I just don’t-”
“Lee Ann, could you not shout? Some people are trying to sleep.” A familiar and beautiful voice says behind me.
I turn around and swallow a little.
Speak of the devil.
“Oh hush up, Ashton.” She says to her brother, rolling her eyes.
He leans against the door post with his arms crossed. He looks comfy in his sweats and t-shirt, his huge biceps tight around the t-shirts sleeves.
Ashton sticks his tongue at Lee. He looks over to me and gives me a big smile. I almost melt.
“(Y/N), it’s good to see you.” He says with a slight nod.
I manage to smile back but it’s probably a goofy one.
“It’s good to see you too.” I say back.
“I’m glad to hear,” He says before looking back at his sister. “Lee, keep it down, alright?”
She nods her head before getting off the bed.
“Thanks. Night ladies.” Ashton says, winking at me before closing the door.
I immediately blush.
“I’m in the mood for This Is the End tonight, what about you?” Lee asks as she digs through her movie drawer.
“Y-yeah, just let me get in my pjs.” I say before picking up my night bag and walking out of her room.
“Hurry!” She shouts a little before I close the door.
I walk down the hallway to the bathroom, thinking about Ashton’s Cheshire smile and how he’s in his room that I just walked by a second ago.
I walk into the bathroom and close the door, setting my bag on the toilet.
After I take off my clothes, I put on just my t-shirt and then brush my teeth while looking at me in the mirror.
I sigh at my flaws before spitting in the sink.
I put my tooth brush back in my mouth before the bathroom door opens up, revealing Ashton.
“Shit, I-I’m sorry.” He mumbles.
Just as he was about to leave, his eyes wander down my figure and my cheeks heat up, realizing that I’m only in a shirt and my black underwear.
I bend over to spit and I swear I heard a noise coming from Ashton. A noise that I can’t exactly make out.
“I uh I’ll be done in a minute.” I say, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand.
“Oh shit yeah. I’m sorry.”
He bumps into the door post and I smile at him.
“Fuck. Yeah, I’m s-sorry again.”
Then he closes the door and I laugh.
I shake away my thoughts before pulling on my sweatpants and putting away my bathroom stuff.
After I zip up my bathroom bag, I open the door and Ashton stands there.
“There you-”
I couldn’t even finish my sentence all because of Ashton pushing me into the bathroom with him gently, closing the door behind him.
He interrupts me again by pushing my back up against the bathroom door.
My bag slips down to the ground.
His one hand rests next to my head against the door while his other grips my side as his lips hover over my neck.
“Ashton?” I whisper gently, putting a hand on his back for comfort. “Are you alright?”
He lets out a throaty groan as his lips find their way to my ear.
“No, actually, I am not.” He whispers raspy, his teeth bite gently on my ear lobe.
I suck in my breath a little. Why is he doing this?
“What’s wrong?” I whisper back.
“I’ve lost control over myself, (Y/N).” Ashton admits before looking me in the eyes.
His beautiful irises a bit darker than usual.
“And it’s all because of you.” He whispers before licking his lips.
I swallow before staring down at our feet and then close my eyes immediately once I see the tent in his pants.
“Ashton, I don’t-“
“You see, I’ve tried my very best not to get attached to you, (Y/N). But it’s so damn hard not to when you’re all I ever think about.”
I listen to him speak as my butterflies erupt in me.
“I think about your striking features and about you being with me.”
His hand slides down to the hem of my shirt.
“I think about how you would react when I touch you and…and how you would touch me.”
I gasp a little once I feel something poke my center and I immediately blush. I look up at him and swallow a little.
“Ashton.” I whisper out as his hand slides under my shirt and he smirks, revealing his dimples.
He squeezes my love handles before grazing his thumb over them.
He closes his eyes and breathes in.
“I get off to the thought of you, (Y/N).” He whispers slowly before his cheeks turn crimson.
His hand snakes up further, almost near my breast.
My legs start to shake and I squeeze my them together to ease the tension that’s starting to occur in my center.
What would Lee Ann think? What is she doing right now? Why hasn’t she checked up on me? Why am I wanting him to keep going?
“I like you a lot and I know you feel the same about me,” Ashton says slowly while opening his eyes. He stares at me deeply. “I can just see it in your eyes, (Y/N). I can see the need for me in your eyes. Am I right?”
I nod silently as he leans in slowly and he smirks.
“That’s what I thought.” He whispers before pecking the corner of my lips, teasing me.
“Ashton,” I whisper. “You missed.”
He smiles widely before kissing me again but on the lips this time, just like I wanted.
The kiss makes me tingle everywhere.
I pull him closer to me by pressing my hands against his back.
His hand squeezes my boob once my hand runs up to his curly locks.
We kiss each other hungrily, desperately.
I moan and bite his lip as he starts to massage my breast.
He slides his tongue into my mouth and squeak.
I’ve lost my control as well.
Our tongues twirl with each other beautifully and I realize that I’ve never been kissed like this before.
This kiss makes my legs feel jello-y and my sex throb for more.
I can’t seem to get enough.
Ashton’s other hand slides under my shirt as well and snakes to my back, resting there.
He moves his lips down to my chin and begins to kiss it, then they trail down my jawline.
“Ashton,” I whisper out breathlessly, my eyes still closed. “Ashton, t-this is so wrong.”
“No it’s not.” He groans back, his lips now at my neck.
“Lee’s probably- mmmm.” I moan out as he begins to suck on my sweet spot.
“She’s asleep.” Ashton whispers while blowing cool air against his territory mark. “I already checked.”
I whimper as he blows on the hickey, visions of him blowing cool air into my heat comes into my mind and I become even more wet.
“Ashton, we h-have to keep going.” I demand while starting to rub myself against his crotch, the is lust taking over me.
He groans while cursing.
“Holy fuck, jump.” He says and I do not hesitate to do so.
I wrap my legs around his torso and begin to kiss his neck.
Ashton opens the bathroom door and walks the two of us down the hall, probably towards his bedroom.
I suck on his skin as he walks and he moans a little.
“Shhhh, baby.” I whisper with a giggle.
He opens his door, waking us in and then kicks the door gently with his foot.
I hear it close with a click.
He lays me down on my back on his bed before hovering over me and kissing my lips with passion.
He rubs his crotch against mine while I pull at his curly locks.
“Ash, do something.” I say breathlessly between the kiss.
He pulls away from my lips but kisses my neck as his one hand finds the top of my sweatpants. His other holds himself up above me.
I release my legs off of his torso, laying them on the bed. He rests his lower half between my legs.
He pulls the sweats down and his eyes widen at my soaking panties.
“F-fuck.” He whispers as I fling my pants with my feet to the side of his bed.
His shaky yet warm hand starts to pull down my panties and I squirm.
After I fling my panties to the floor, I pull down his pants and boxers all at once, hurriedly.
“So eager.” Ashton says with a chuckle while playing with my clit, stimulating me even more.
My breath hitches once he slides his middle finger down into my pussy.
“No, Ashton.” I beg as I try to move his hand away. “I need you now. No appetizer.”
He chuckles at my nickname for “for play”.
“Alright kitten.”
I buck my hips and moan once he says that. He gets a condom off the night stand next to the bed and rips it open, sliding it on him quickly and eagerly.
He pecks my lips before taking my shirt off, throwing it somewhere in his room.
I moan as he kisses my lips.
“We have to be very quiet.” He whispers after putting his comforter over him, making us not exposed as much.
I nod and then he pushes into me.
He suppresses my moan by attaching his lips with mine.
He begins to move further into me slowly and gently.
I sigh in pleasure before enveloping my legs around him, bringing him closer to me.
He moans into the kiss after I begin to scratch his back because of the intensifying pleasure.
Ashton moves in and out rhythmically. His hand grips on my hip, pushing in deeper.
I whimper once he begins to kiss my breasts, leaving small hickeys on them.
He’s absolutely fucking tremendous. So caring, so gentle, so slow, so addicting.
“I’m in love with you.” He whispers, trailing his lips further up my chest, still thrusting.
Ecstasy runs through my veins and my legs tremble.
I bring my hips up against him.
“I’m in love with you, Ashton.” I say breathlessly, putting my hands on his cheeks and leading his lips towards mine.
His one hand rubs my clit as we kiss lustfully and I’m soon on my edge.
“Ashton.” I whisper between the kiss.
“(Y-Y/N).” He whispers back, his hand sliding up towards my stomach.
All of a sudden, my legs tremble and my stomach clenches and I release out of nowhere. A loud moan escapes from my mouth.
“Shhhh, kitten.” Ashton says pecking my lips.
Damn. I love that nickname.
He groans into my neck, gripping my hip a little while thrusting.
I scratch his back a little while kissing his neck. I create multiple hickeys like he did on my neck and chest.
He lets out a shaky moan as he comes, small pants leave his mouth.
He pulls out and lays beside me.
He smiles over to me and I giggle.
We breathe heavily together while staring at each other.
“I should go back to your sister.” I whisper with a laugh before getting up.
But my hand is pulled slightly and I stop.
I turn to him.
“No. Please stay.” Ashton whispers while putting his other hand on top of my hand.
His are eyes calm and loving.
I smile at him and nod.
“Alright.” I say before joining him again.
He wraps his arms around me as I lay my back against his chest and then he kisses my head.
“I’m in love with you, (Y/N).” He whispers while rubbing my stomach with his thumb.
I smile, pretending that I’m asleep.
And I am in love with you, Ashton Irwin.


Beanie Buds

Of course all the RA pics are from his Shows and LP’s aren’t but, RA was seen to wear one according to this fan who saw RA in NY in Feb 2014 here

He was wearing a bright blue beanie and had headphones on and a brown jacket and maroon pants …

So yes, they’re beanie buds also!