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hi everyone ^w^

*I glad when someone like my characters i create. I want to make comic for them. I afraid you will bored to see them in my blog bud. this dragon I’ll keep it secret since i done all my OC redesign. hope you guys will like them bud ^^

*after that you i’ll add more detail about my blog infro and open ask about my characters. Finally i’ll open commission and donate bud. You can support me in everytime. 

*now I live with my family and I still find job. But when i wait a job I just want to stay here and draw like this everyday.  when you donate for me it’s will help me to stay here and draw everyday.   

wait I forgot my improve is done around 90%. in 10% i have problem about drawing hand and body scale ><

I Wouldn’t Go Outside Today - Bill Denbrough Blurb

request: bill denbrough whatta sweet boi maybe something with reader being georgie’s babysitter when bill was sick and instead of georgie ever going to play with the paper boat they stay inside and watch movies and everything is okay and pennywise STARVES thanks yes

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You didn’t bother to lock up your bike when you arrived at Georgie’s house. The rain was seeping through your coat, and your only goal at the moment was to get inside. 

You had been babysitting Georgie for nearly a year, and his whole family knew who you were. The front door was unlocked, so you dropped your wet coat on the patio and let yourself in. 

Georgie’s mom thanked you for coming over and left the house in a hurry. You opened the door to Georgie’s room, but he wasn’t there like he normally was. 

“Georgie? Where are ya, bud?”

He didn’t respond, but you ran into him while he was on his way down the stairs. 

“Oh, hey, (Y/N).” Georgie’s eyebrows were raised, and his face was flushed pink. “Bill’s home today.” 

Before you could respond, Georgie huffed and went downstairs. You entered Bill’s room, where he was sitting at his desk. 

“What’s Georgie going downstairs for?” you asked. 

“(Y/N), uh, hey,” Bill said nervously, looking up from his hands. He was paler than usual, and his nose was stuffy and red. “He’s getting wax so he can put a boat in the water outside.” 

You both glanced out the window, and you pursed your lips in concern. “I wouldn’t go outside today if I were him… The rain’s getting pretty hard.” 

Bill silently glanced out the window and nodded. “Yeah, maybe we’ll do it when the rain gets a little lighter.” 

Georgie came back in a rush and handed Bill the box. 

“Hey, bud, I think we’re gonna sail the boat when the rain gets a little lighter. You wanna do anything else today?” 

Georgie was bummed out, but Bill knew exactly what to do to cheer him up. The three of you watched movies all day long, and you and Bill took turns getting popcorn every time the bowl would run empty. 

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Asriel with flower wind ^^

i really like Asriel with flower petal. That make me feel warm my heart ^^

   After this pic I’ll upload my OC for funny comic and I’ll open ask box for My OC. That time you can ask them bud. other ask box I’ll clear tomorrow hehe. sorry for keep you wait so long bud. My art progress around 80%. I have to pratice draw anatomy and painting skill a little ^^.  
   sorry about this pic bud i rush so much because i have plan to upload my pic everyday again ^^ .

Finally I hope you guys will like this bud. ^^