thanks so much for the zine orders so far! And thanks for all the questions here’s a quick faq:
Orders will be shipped together on Tuesday afternoon. 30th of August.
HIBUD zine is online now, buy through my etsy store:) it will also be available at @craftyfoxmarket (18th sep) and @bristolcomicandzinefair (1st oct)

Zine orders from my online store will be hand signed + First 10 orders will receive a little original drawing from me.
The other two zines are coming online soon next week and the week after.
I will try put the progress videos onto either YouTube or Vimeo :) 💁🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️ #newzine #hibud #bud #prepping #drawing #kawaii #yoyothericecorpse

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