The Wascals | The Dips [On My Jammie Mix] | 1994

The Wascals (also known as Da Wascals and The Lil’ Waskals) was a group from the West Coast formed by Bucwheed, Spit-Anky, Alphie, and St. Imey (all named after the characters from the 1992 movie “Our Gang”) The group signed to Delicious Vinyl in 1993 and were often compared to their labelmates The Pharcyde to the extent that they were referred as “The Baby Pharcyde”. Their album “The Greatest Hits” was produced by J-Swift (also producer of The Pharcyde), and by Mr. Delicious Vinyl himself, Michael Ross, although it was eventually shelved and later re-released in 2007. The Wascals jumped into the game with their first 12″ “The Dips”, which was followed by “Class Clown” b/w “Hard Rhymes”