Kent Rogowski: Love = Love, 2006-2008

Love=Love is a series of collages that were created using pieces of over 60 store bought puzzles. Although puzzle pieces are unique, and can only fit into one place within a puzzle, they are sometimes interchangeable within a brand. These puzzles were cut using the same die, but depict unrelated images. Using only the flowers and skies from each of the puzzles, I created a series of entirely new compositions by recombining the puzzle pieces. These spectacular, fantastical and surreal landscapes sit in direct contrast to the banal and bucolic images of the original puzzles. (artist statement)

The signs as nice words

Aries: Vitality, springtime, untiring, full of life, dynamic.

Taurus: folksy, rustic, of the earth, unyielding, yearning.

Gemini: airy, balmy, bellowing, pleasant, fickle.

Cancer: delicate, powerful, serene, of the sea, zealous.

Leo: fearless, unwavering, luminescent, spirited, radiant.

Virgo: bucolic, dreamy, astral, celestial, intuitive.

Libra: fluttery, harmonious, adored, exalted, enchanting.

Scorpio: luxurious, opulent,
protective, dignified, regal.

Sagittarius: vagrant, enigmatic, electric, astir, compelling.

Capricorn: abstract, deep thinking, mysterious, frugal, sensible.

Aquarius: ethereal, divine, intangible, heavenly, of the sky and stars.

Pisces: imaginative, quixotic, poetic, amorous, whimsical.

Title: ‘Bucolic Storm’ 2015

Edition ½ Hahnemuhle giclee print 150x100cm. Exclusive to: Artfinder.com/freddieardley

From the series - An Atmosphere of British landscapes

By Frederick Ardley: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Someone once asked why I take so many ‘dark’ photographs and perhaps instead I should try some ‘light, happy’ ones. 

I look to the drama in landscapes and powerful atmospheres to try and capture the bucolic beauty of the countryside that was so instrumental to romanticism. I try to find a way of showing a powerful emotional connection. 

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All afternoon these lovers lay
Until the sun turned pale from warm,
Until sweet wind changed tune, blew harm :
Cruel nettles stung her angles raw.

Rueful, most vexed, that tender skin
Should accept so fell a wound,
He stamped and cracked stalks to the ground
Which had caused his dear girl pain.

Now he goes from his rightful road
And, under honor, will depart;
While she stands burning, venom-girt,
In wait for sharper smart to fade.

—  Bucolics, Sylvia Plath
The Signs as Pretty Words
  • Taurus: Bucolic- In a lovely rural setting.
  • Gemini: Mellifluous- Sweet sounding
  • Cancer: Efflorescence- Flowering, blooming.
  • Leo: Lilt-To move musically or lively.
  • Virgo: Panacea- A solution for all problems
  • Libra: Gossamer- The finest piece of thread, a spider's silk
  • Scorpio: Cynosure- A focal point of admiration.
  • Sagittarius: Eloquence-Beauty and persuasion in speech
  • Capricorn: Penumbra- A half-shadow.
  • Aquarius: Inglenook- A cozy nook by the hearth.
  • Pisces: Lagoon- A small gulf or inlet.
  • Aries: Quintessential- Most essential.