these people make my dash just that much more amazing every single day. if you aren’t on here, i’m sorry. if i’m following you, it’s obviously for a reason, and i love you dearly. these are just people i secretly fangirl over every time i see their posts. also, these are only people i know over tumblr, not in real life.


asparklethatisblue | bilbobagginsoftheshire | buckyss | cackle-bladder | closeyourloop | colbertesque


dicktouching | dragqueeneames | drama-bomb | fadedhues | greeneyedlioness    


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thelegendends | tomhardies | tomhardyscherry | wendyloulou  | worldsgayestconsultingdetective



happy holidays, everyone! 



HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE! i just want to thank all of you for following me. it means so much that you find my blog worthy of that. i’ve been on tumblr for well over a year now and recently i’ve made a lot of wonderful friends. you’ve all kept me sane, or made me go insane; i’ve fangirled and vented to and with a lot of you (ahem, mimi). i’ve only ever done follow friday’s - not a lot, only a few times - so I wanted to do something special for the holidays. the blogs below are some people i follow and who might or might not follow me back; blogs i follow but never speak to the owners because i’m afraid to and just prefer daily stalking; i also threw in some of my other blogs you all should follow if you’re not already, hehe. this is a rather short list, mainly because these are the people I talk to the most or whose blogs I admire the most, so if you want more awesome people to follow check out my blogroll. anyway, i love all of you so much, and thank you again. merry christmas!

becausetheylovethee ❥ buccaneer ❥ buckyss ❥ chemicalxattraction ❥ damonsaviour ❥ dilloncaseynet ❥ downeyy ❥ fadingtales ❥ flawlessmaggieq ❥ fyeahcolinodonoghue ❥ fuckyesjamesandvesper ❥ grooovy-mutation ❥ heatregal ❥ jamesorangecat ❥ jeffreydonovanfan24 ❥ l-fonseca ❥ luxeternal ❥ maggieperfection ❥ mayu-chan ❥ miraclemargo ❥ miss-alexandra-udinov ❥ orangetigger ❥ petrovaheart ❥ q-ettes ❥ ricktatorshipxo ❥ santacraig ❥ sherlarsystem ❥ sherlockisthebest ❥ starksexual ❥ thedailylovejournal ❥ tv–obsessions ❥ twin-flames ❥ vespering ❥ yousmelllikesnow