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Invisible (Bucky Barnes x Reader)


Word Count: 3k

Synopsis: James Buchanan Barnes went to war and got captured by the enemy. Steven Grant Rogers became Captain Amerian to save his childhood best friend and that’s what he did. But after going through hell, could Bucky really resume his life and live the way he used to before all of this happened? Steve hopes so, therefore he brings him back to Bucky’s favorite bar to go lady-hunting.

“I’m invisible!” Bucky exclaimed, defeated after the girl left.

For the second time tonight a pretty girl came up to Steve and him and started cooing and giggling at Steve’s every word all the while looking at him like he was the most delicious eye candy she had every laid her eyes on. It was simply infuriating to see the roles swapped like that!

“I’m turning into you, it’s like a horrible nightmare!” He realized the irony of the situation.

That’s how Steve must have felt the whole time – every time Bucky charmed a girl and he was left alone at the bar, not even drinking more than one beer because he had such a low tolerance for alcohol. Now, only God knows if he even could get drunk anymore with his super solider serum filled blood. And the guy had the audacity to enjoy himself right now!

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emilyvakarian  asked:

1, 45, 59, 91, and 96.

1. Selfie 

ew okay 

45. London or Paris?

hmm, that’s a hard one, but probably Paris! the art, the food…I think I’d enjoy it more. 

59. Favorite Band(s)

Owl City, Imagine Dragons, Bastille…there’s more I just can’t remember the names at the moment.

91. Do You Cry Easily?

heh, yeah…it really sucks as my parents hate when I get teary eyed or cry really, they tell me to stop but I can’t sometimes. it’s stupid.

96. One Thing You Love About Yourself

well, I like my eyes I guess,

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