ws!bucky x reader

In which Y/N gets captured to be the Winter Soldiers pet

Warnings: kidnapping, torture, swearing, angst and fluff

words: 4.5K

He had noticed her in the 60’s the first time. She had been at the Kennedy parade, smiling and squaring with excitement as JFK, and his wife Jackie rode by, waving and smiling. Her hair was in a tight, and high ponytail, slicked back and long as was the style of the time, and the jewel she wore in it glinted in his eye as his sniper rifle passed over her. He had seen the way her face crumpled into a horrified scream as he hit his mark expertly, and he had seen the way she looked so pretty as she cried into her friend’s shoulders, mascara dripping down her face, marking it with her grief. His caretaker at the time noticed his gaze, and muttering quickly in Russian, hit the comm on his ear and proposed a plan to his superiors without the Assets knowledge. 

The Asset hadn’t known how they got the right woman, or why she was here, but he assumed that it was a simple way to keep him coming back to base— a reason not to run. If he ran, she would never be able to again. 

He saw her the second time huddled in the corner of his room, the green-tinted fluorescent lights making every blemish and blotch on her skin horribly apparent. Her dress, similar to the some he had seen her in the other day, was torn and dirt stained. Her fingertips were bleeding, and her nails were torn and despite not even being in the same vicinity as her for more than five seconds, found his chest swelling with pride at her will to fight. Her eyes grew wide in fear as she noticed him— his hulking stature and muzzle and shaggy hair that was a little too heavy with grease— and immediately, he tried to make himself smaller. He fell to one knee and slouched his back and held out two hands in surrender— a sign of submission he had learned when the torture his caretakers went too far. Her fear lessened somewhat, but she refused to leave the corner of the room for the next few days— going so far as to sleep and defecating in that spot. Her fear paralyzed her, and Bucky woke every day on his too-springy mattress and hoped to find her clean and in a chair or something other than that horrid corner. 

They took her for the first time that day, and he cursed his hearing abilities, for he could hear her screaming in pain— from what, he never wanted to know. 

He found out eventually, as they shoved her back in wearing what looked like cheap underwear and a cargo shirt he wore under his uniform. Her skin looked like it had been pressure washed, and from the small dots hidden in the crook of her arm, he hoped they had taken blood from her rather than injected her with something.

“что они сделали с тобой, милая?” (what have they done to you, sweet thing?). His voice was raspy as he neared her. His movements seemed to be too quick for her liking as she backed away and pressed herself to the bars of the door she was shoved through seconds before. 

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Saving Grace - Chapter 6

Series Summary: The reader loses her grace, loses everything she has ever known, and is cast down to Earth. Bucky is the demon who loves causing chaos in little human minds. What does he do when he happens upon a broken angel?

Pairing: Demon!Bucky x Angel!Reader

Word Count: 1,541

Series Masterlist

You were afraid.

You didn’t know why all of a sudden fear was the only emotion that coursed through your body, but it was. Once the truth had properly sunk in, all you felt was fear slowly diffusing through every nerve in your body, leaving you crippled and trembling.

You couldn’t face him. But you had to.

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Little Lion Man (4) mobster bucky fic

Summary: Silver linings? Yeah, Bucky knows them all too well.

Word Count: 1K

Warnings: a broken hearted bucky, a death

Little Lion Man Masterlist

It’s been a little over a week and she had been forcefully awoken by a loud commotion sounding from the kitchen downstairs. Thoughts of Bucky and his heeded warnings cruised through her mind as she tore her duvet from her body and ran out of her room before taking the stairs three at a time until she jumped over the railing and ran into the kitchen.

“We have nothing of value!” she heard heard fathers voice echoing into the hallway. “Leave, leave now before I call the police!”

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Seeing Red - b.b.

request: May I request a fic where Bucky sees your ex forcefully kissing you and he snaps and beats him up? (ANGST but also fluff 😇) - Anon 

pairings: bucky barnes x female reader

warnings: cursing, light mention of blood, unwanted kiss

length: Just short of 1k

a/n: thanks for the request anon I hope you like it, and thanks to anyone who read Winter Baby, I was honestly surprised at the response I got for it, so thank you lovely people xx. Of course, I apologise for any spelling errors. Requests are open.

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@albinotigerpython 35 with Bucky with a smart plus size reader


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35 . “Yes i’m a damsel and yes I’m in distress. But you know what you go ahead and have a nice day.”

You sat on the bar stool looking into the scope as you moved slides around. Then wrote down what you saw. You were one of the scientists that worked for Tony Stark. As one of the lab technicians. You wore a white lab coat that had your name on it. The coat feel to your knees. You had a hard time with trying to find pant earlier that morning. So you decided on a pencil skirt. Which you felt somewhat uncomfortable in. Your thighs kept rubbing together. Which was annoying. You weren’t small and didn’t had that thigh gape like most girl around the tower. You had thick thighs. And your caves were a little to big for your liking. Not like that they were huge just not like everyone else’s. You felt more exposed in the skirt then you did in pants. You had an ass for day that stuck out.

Today was going to be one of those day for you, nothing was going right. Beside your wardrobe. You had dropped you phone not realizing it and ended up driving over it. You were all ready running late, so this did help either. Then you had knock over two beakers with your ass, shattered once they hit the ground. Almost causing a Chemical reaction. Which you got cleaned up in time. Then there was the fire that you didn’t start that one was all on Tony but you had dealt with it. You ended up using the wrong formula for one of the iron suits so when Tony got into that said suit well let’s just say Tony may have thrown up in it.

Then when you had lunch you had walked with the tray of food as you walked around the corner and you ran you lunch into Bucky Barns. He was wearing your soup. You had apologized profusely to the man. He only laughed and said it was all right that he wasn’t paying attention either. Then asked if he could buy you a new lunch. You told him no, that you were running late anyways. That and you were to embarrassed to say yes to the man. You had a slight crush on the winter soldier.

So by the time you were working on the slide you were a bit hungry to say the lest. But you had to just work through it and you shifted would be over soon. That way you could go home soon and relax.

“Hey smarty pants.”Bucky voice came from behind you cause you to scream and jump off the stool knocking you scope off the counter. Bucky caught it before it landed on the floor. His eye landed on your legs and traveled up. He smirked at you as he set the the scope back on the table. “Well I should say smarty skirt.” He flirted. You rolled your eyes.

“Is that the best you can come up with.” You crosses you arms under you chest. As you hip leaned against the table. “Can I help you with anything Bucky?” You watched as he picked up and played with things on the countertop. He held up a slide and looked at it in the light.

“I don’t know how you can under stand these things.” He smirked as he took another one.

“It’s simple all it is is cells.” You went on about how everything work. Bucky watched at how you got excited about things you love to talked about. After that Bucky left you to your work. Once you were done you walked towards the elevator nothing further happened with your bad day. The doors to the elevator opened and there was Bucky standing there. With a smug look on his face.

“Going down Doll?” He was leaning against the wall of the elevator. You sighed as you walked in. Looking at Bucky. Trying not to smile.

“Don’t you have better things to do, Then bug me?” You put your hands on your hips.

“So y/n. What are you doing after work?” Bucky asked you. You looked at him with puzzlement.

“Um going home after this shit day. I mean your were wearing part of that bad day.” You sighed. As you looked up at him.

“Didn’t mean that Doll. Do you have plans that would get interrupted if I asked you out for dinner?” Bucky chuckled.

“Why?” You asked. Still not getting it.

“Cause Doll you cute. Crazy smart. And I like you?” He smirked. You stared at the man. That’s when the elevator suddenly came to a holt. Causing you to fall into Bucky who caught you. Looking up At him your eyes widened.

“Did the elevator just break down?” You voice was an octave higher then normal.

“I think it did.” He helped you stand as he walked over to mess with the buttons then tried the call button he spoke to F.R.I.D.A.Y. She told him Systems failed and they will come back on in about an hour. That’s when you started to freak out. With we’re going to die. Bucky tried to calm you down. He finally got you to settle down. That’s when Bucky went to the doors.

“The possibility of opening those door is like one in a million.” You stated as you rattled off numbers and all the variables that would need to help with opening those doors. As you watched Bucky opened them with ease. You gaped at him.

“Did you forget that I have a viberanium arm. That and I’m a super soldier?” Bucky smirked. As he got the other doors open. “Well Doll it looks like we get to climb up.” Look up. even if you jumped up you would not be able to climb up there. Though your tried to. You did not want to be stuck in that elevator any longer.

“You look distressed? Do you need help?” Bucky sat there watching. You looked over at him, he smirked and winked at you. You just glared at him.

***“Yes i’m a damsel and yes I’m in distress. But you know what you go ahead and have a nice day.”** you hissed at the man. Bucky chuckled as he pushed himself off the wall. “You’re not going to be able to lift me out of here. I’m not a light girl. That’s why I don’t get you asking me out I’m not like Natasha.” You sighed.

“Doll, that’s why I like you. Now I’ll hep you out of here if you say yes to dinner.” he shook his head.

“I still don’t think you can lift me but fine I’ll go to dinner with you. If you can get us out of this.” You almost yelled. The stress of of the was finally getting to you. Bucky smile as he walked towards you and without warning he hoisted you up his flesh hand on your ass and his metal was on your hips. You squeaked in surprisement as he help you up. Though he did enjoy the feel of your ass and the view.

“Are you having fun back there.” You felt his hand give your butt a squeeze then started to rub you backside. He got you out. And with ease he jumped out. He put his arm around you as he walked by your side. You may have been a little shaken up still. He kissed you forehead. Cause you to blush.

“Let’s get you home safe so that way I can get you in one piece for our date.” As he walked you down the stairwell. “And yes I enjoyed feeding your ass up. It’s a very nice one at that. And I would love to-“ you stopped him placing you hand over his mouth.

“Bucky Barns. Don’t even finish that statement. We are only going to dinner. You have a lot more dinner dates before you get to do anything with my ass.” You smirked then kissed his cheek.

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The Things We’ve Done - Bucky x Telepathic Reader

Part 1 - Prologue & Chapter One, Chapter Two

Story Synopsis: All you wanted was simplicity. You had moved to Washington, DC for a better start - to get away from what you were, to get away from what you were expected to be. You never thought you’d meet the Captain America in a bar just three days after moving. You never thought there would be a dangerous person in your apartment just hours after meeting him.

Beginning with the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Hydra sends its most deadly weapon after a powerful telepath untested in the range of her abilities. Intrigued by the broken pieces of his mind, the two of you make an agreement: he helps you hide from Hydra, and you repair and salvage what’s left of his memories.

A/N: You’ll meet a lot of people in this story, Steve Rogers, Matt Murdock, maybe even Frank Castle — but this story is primarily a Bucky x Reader story, despite some diversions later on. I have most of this story already planned out (although there are some middle bits I haven’t figured out yet), so let’s see how this goes!

Chapter Synopsis: There’s someone in your apartment. You call Steve for help.

Read it on AO3

Part 1 - Chapter Two: The Man in Your Apartment

The panic washed over you in a million different ways, as if waves of ice water were being poured in a steady stream. You were still three floors from your apartment, and yet you could feel them. The person who had invaded your home. 

You couldn’t think straight. Your mind was being flooded with too much…noise. The stairwell was silent and yet you couldn’t hear anything. 

There’s someone in my apartment.

There’s someone in my apartment.

There’s someone in my apartment.

When did you pull out your phone? You had it pressed to your ear, and there was ringing on the other end. You had dialed somebody. But you didn’t know anybody in Washington; you had just moved here. 

You couldn’t think straight.

You couldn’t think straight.

You couldn’t think straight.

Steve. That’s who you were calling. Captain America. He could help you. He would help you. He had to. There could be no situation in which he doesn’t. 

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do you think animals are in the soul stone too, like do u think bucky was super stressed and about to cry cause he lost steve again, and then he just gets headbutted by one of his goats and it makes him smile, even if just for one second

When someone tries to tell me Seb can’t act


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