I’m so weak. look at him. I’m gonna cry.

infinity war in a nutshell:

Bucky: I know this is random but Dom or Sub?

Steve: I guess Domino’s. I don’t go to Subway that much. Don’t know why you’d put them in the same category.

Peter: mr. Hawkeye sir please get out of the vents

Clint: (muffled) no

Peter: I’ll call mr. Stark

Clint: (challanging) do it!

Peter: I’ll call ms. Natasha

Clint: (scrambling down hurriedly) no its fine. We’re fine.

everyone in the soul stone at the moment:

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tell me I’m wrong (you can’t because I’m right)

Steve Rogers trying to explain to everyone why Bucky Barnes is a good man


the love of my life