Natasha, talking in front of a camera: Yeah, so the Avengers are back together again. I think after two years we really needed a break to recollect and find ourselves individually. I think it really open ourselves a lot to each other :).

Meanwhile, Steve is coming from behind: WHO THE FUCK ATE ALL THE HOT POCKETS!

Tony, shoving the last entire hot pocket in front of him: What you gonna do about it?

Steve: *Screams*

Tony: *Steps on top of a stool and Screams higher to insert dominates*

Natasha: Ahh, it really feels like home whenever you’re around each other :).


Owen Grady


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Love in an Elevator: Owen and the reader are always arguing, the current argument is about the reader transferring to the new I-Rex enclosure to become it`s handler, which means leaving Owen and the girls. Owen is angry, and confronts Claire in the control room. They end up stuck in the elevator, and anger eventually leads to something else. (smut)

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 

Strangers in the Night: Owen and the reader meet at an annual masquerade work party, where Claire drags the reader (her assistant) along, and she ends up meeting Owen. The only problem is she doesn’t know it`s Owen, thanks to those pesky masks. (smut)

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Best of British: Owen always felt like he didn`t need help doing paperwork, until Claire brought the reader in to do it for him. The raptor trainer instantly resented the help, until he heard the reader`s English accent, and that`s when things get interesting.

Baby You`re Mine: The reader works with Owen, and fantasizes about him every day, but the raptor trainer doesn`t notice her…until someone else does.(smut)

Leaving Home: You and Owen were childhood friends, growing up together. You did everything together and eventually, at age 16, you realized you were in love with him. The problem? He was going off to join the Navy.

Returning Home (Part 2 to Leaving Home): The reader and Owen are reunited after years of lost contact.

Yes Mr. Grady: The reader works with Owen in the Jurassic World (she is his assistant and has a big crush on him), but she always ignore him, trying to sneak every time he calls her and looking for something to occupy. When Owen notes that, he calls her in his office and she treats him with much formality, calling him “Mr. Grady” which leaves Owen angry. (smut)

Summer Lovin`: Anon Prompt- Hey 👋 I love your writing, you’re amazing writer so keep going!! 😘 and I have a request if you don’t mind 😊 Could you write some Owen Grady x reader, where reader is jealous and then somehow get hurt and is transported to hospital, while Owen can’t find her? With fluffy and happy ending 😊 thank you so much for your writing!

Reunited Lovers: Could you do a Owen Grady X reader Smut where the reader is an old lover of Owens and they bump into each other at the park and ba bam magic happens lol…..I love your writing (smut)

Missed Briefings: Anon request: could do you do Owen Grady x reader where she was at his bungalow and he was shirtless (no shirt on) and like he’s flirting at her but she’s having a stressful day and he comforts her and cuddle her, he was calming her. Fluff I thought it would be cute

Peter Quill x Reader 


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Fooled Around and Fell in Love: Based on the song from the soundtrack where the reader is in love with Peter.

Cherry Bomb: Anon Prompt: Reader loses their virginity to peter quill and once it’s over they realized they bled because of it, causing the reader to be embarrassed but he is loving and reassuring (smut)

Finally Home for Christmas: Anon Request- peter quill x reader where the peter and reader are hopelessly in love and its their first Christmas together.

Come A Little Bit Closer: After escaping from Planet Ego, Yondu survives and encourages you and Peter to finally admit your “unspoken thing”

You Can Borrow My Clothes: Anon Request- the reader is saved from the Guardians of the Galaxy but she doesn’t have any clothes because they’re all messed up and she can’t fit in Gamora’s because she’s curvy in all the right places so she has to wear Peter’s clothes and the reader is all flustered and everyone is kind of appreciating how she looks and you can make up the rest.

Let`s Celebrate:  Anon Prompt: Hi could you do a Peter quill x reader where the reader is Gamora’s friend and Peter can’t take his eyes off her when she comes on the ship. Thanks 😀

Pre-Mission Quickie:  Drabble request “Let me pick the music for once” and “I remember that night” (smut)

Worth The Wait: Drabble request “Let him be” and “What are you waiting for?”

Dean Winchester x Reader


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Wildest Dreams: Based on the song by Taylor Swift (smut)

I Love Rock and Roll: Dean meets the reader at party, and they connect. Circumstances separate them, but will they find their way back to each other?

The Odd Couple: The reader doesn’t drink or cuss and is on the shyer side, and everyone sort of questions why her and Dean are together.

The Time Traveling Hunter: request-: Hi, would you write a dean winchester X plus size reader? I was thinking it could be when he goes back in time to old Hollywood. He might find the reader as a assistant and find her attractive. But she is convinced that all the attention she gets from him is a joke? I think it would be funny also if she imagines things like cell phones and tech we have today and he wants to bring her back to the present.

Wade Wilson (Deadpool) x Reader


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Blinded by Love: Wade is back with Vanessa after defeating Francis but eventually she leaves him and he is comforted by his roommate.

Waffles of Love: Deadpool walks into a waffle house, gets swept into a speed dating round. Meets several quirky people that either just aren’t right or REALLY don’t fit….and at the end, the reader.

The Hit Woman: The reader was a past girlfriend of Wade’s prior to weapon X and they were forced to go separate ways because of a job offer she got overseas. They cross paths again and hit it off like no time has passed (smut)

Chimichangas of Love: Deadpool smut

Kiss or Kill: The reader is a mercenary hired to kill Deadpool, but when the two meet Deadpool prefers to take a fancy to the reader and tries to kiss her and flirting, while she tries to kill him. At the end Deadpool wins.

Green Eyes Deadpool: Deadpool becomes jealous from the attention the reader receives from certain males.

Getting Over Vanessa: Deadpool’s trying to move on about Vanessa then he mets the reader, they hook up, he uses her, then falls for her. (smut)

Dance Off: Deadpool and the reader playing “Last Dance” on Wii only with sexy songs. Deadpool teases and flirts with the reader because of her sensual dance, so she proposes a deal: who get more points in a match of 3 songs wins, the loser has to serve a penance.

Sniffles: The reader wakes up and has come down with a horrid head cold and Deadpool stays in bed with them caring for them.

Painted Douchebags: Some douchebags make fun of the reader because she’s short of stature and a girl. The player doesn’t want to play anymore, but Wade convinces her. During the game, Wade takes care of the bastards who joked about his girl.

The Reunion: Deadpool spying over her girlfriend while she’s attending her highschool reunion. He ends up blowing his cover when he saw some guys (aparently his girlfriends best friends) being flirty with her.

Liar! I Love You:  Deadpool meets the reader at the Stark Tower for the first time and fells head over heals in love with her. But he can’t express it normally. She also tries to be cold and grumpy towards Wade but he reads her like a book. They always ends up bickering.

Light in the Darkest of Times: Deadpool and the reader meet during program x and the reader is the one telling Wade about Francis and cracking jokes with him but she died during experimentation and Wade avenges her death.

You`re Perfect: The reader is Weasel`s sister and when he goes to the bar he finds her instead and he tries to hide but she makes him take the hood off and hugs him telling him that he’ll always be perfect for her.

Revenge: The reader’s trying to get Wade back but Wade’s having his revenge to her by being too mean to her. Though he still loves her even if his hurt.

Anything You Want Baby: The reader is pretty much a prostitute, but also a mercenary and they meet on a kill mission and he recognizes her. (smut)

Whip My Hair: The reader cuts off a lot of her hair.

Contain Yourself: Wade met reader as one of the victims in Weapon X and has a very uncontrollable power. He became fond of her and protected her from being used by Francis.

Text Me: Deadpool texting his girl while doing his (very dangerous) mission.(implied smut)

All`s Fair in Love and Prank Wars: Wade likes to prank everyone. The reader wants to take revenge for every single prank he did to her. They began a “prank war” that lead the two of them to fall in love.

Where Have You Been?: The reader is Deadpool’s best friend and after wades ‘death’ she joins X-Men (her power is energy manipulation) and when she sees him she slaps him telling him where has he been and then hugs him.

You Versus Me: The reader met Wade during the project x stuff, but got taken by Ajax during the fire and then forced to fight Wade against their will.

Lightsaber Monologues: The reader is sleeping and he wakes her up with kissed and movie quotes in a story-teller voice.

Pour Some Sugar on Me: The reader is Deadpool`s girlfriend and a stripper. He goes to watch her perform sometimes and once he’s just super horny and then they have sex once they go back home. (smut)

Beach Day: The reader goes to the beach with the Avengers for the day and they all hit on her much to Deadpool`s dismay.

Age Is Just A Number: The reader is 20 but acts Wade’s age and he thinks its weird to be with her at first.

Drive My Car: “Fuck, I feel like I got hit by a car. Wait I did? And it was your car?” and “The skirt is short on purpose” word prompt.

Hanging On: The reader has a biokenisis power where she can affect the biology of living things (make them move/change physically how she wants) and is able to heal Wade. Vanessa had broken up with Wade and once she heals him he leaves to try and get her back (she expecting him to). She leaves for a while to try and get over her feelings and Weasel explains to Wade why she left when he asks where she was.

Bullets of Love: The reader is married to Deadpool and he comes home late a night with bullets in his back and the reader has to nurse him and he tells her how much he loves her!

The Beginning of a Beautiful PartnershipBefore he became Deadpool he entered a bar and killed someone and everyone freaked out and ran away except for reader who didn’t even flinch and when he goes to her she simply says “i’m not over with my drink yet” and she’s so beautiful and powerful and sassy? Mix between tony stark and wade wilson himself and they somehow end up having sex (smut)

X-Force Interview: You saw the ad for a superhero team and after acquiring mind reading powers, you thought “fuck it” and decided to interview. You never expected to have a in-depth interview.

Steve Rogers x Reader


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Ev`ry Time We Say Goodbye: The reader is a secretary for a big-wig company and lives a safe life, but one evening her friends convince her to go out dancing. Little does she know that her life would change forever.

10 Things I Hate About You: Steve & Y/N absolutely hate each other after an incident in the tower leaves them both embarrassed. Not a day goes by without them arguing but what happens when Tony traps them in an elevator?

The Seduction of Steve Rogers: @tubbypeachwriting request: Oh goodness gracious could I request a Steve Rogers x thick chubby reader smut if that’s ok where the reader surprises Steve wearing red lingerie when he gets home, that other Steve Rogers x thick reader got me good so I just had to request. (smut)

I Like You A Latte: Anon Request-  Could I request a Steve Rogers x thick chubby where the reader works in a local coffee and he goes in there throwing all kinds of pick up lines that Tony told him to use at the reader about their butt.

Green Eyed Steve: Anon request- Hello babe, could you write about reader reuniting with her old male friend in one of Stark’s party and Steve gets a little jealous (a lot) and he can’t stop watching her and others bothering him about it? I’ll leave the rest to you cause you’re amazing!

Before We Fight, Love Me: Steve finally returns to help save the Earth from Thanos but before the fight, he reunites with the reader. Feeling are exposed resulting in a passion fueled romp before the war forces them apart. (smut)

The Manhattan Adventure: All you wanted was a quiet drink after a terrible day at work. Little did you know that you would met Captain America in a bar and end up walking around Manhattan on a whirlwind adventure that ends with both of you getting your palms read and a prediction you never dreamed of.

Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls:  As a princess, you obey and serve your country but when a handsome painter comes along, commissioned by your parents to create your royal portrait, you can`t help but break the rules (smut)

It`s Been A Long Time: Steve and Y/N were close, really close, before the events in CW, some would say in love, but once the war is over, Y/N disappears without a trace. Steve is left to wonder where she went while he looks after Bucky until he finds her again in the unlikeliest of places and just when Thanos is looming nearby to destroy everything they hold dear.

I`m Here: Anon request: Hi! Sorry to bother, but if you have enough time, could you make a Steve Rogers X Reader where she comforts him after Bucky and Sam’s deaths with some fluffy smut? Not pressuring you or anything, it’s completely fine if you don’t want to do it, have a great day! (smut)

If I Loved You: Anon Request: Slow dancing with Steve! So. I love to slow dance. I especially love when someone rolls you out and then in so that your back is against their chest. And being dipped. Holy hell, slow dancing is just the best.

The Midnight Stroll:  Steve`s mind is whirling with thoughts about his responsibilities as an Avenger so he takes a walk to calm down his racing mind. He comes across a coffee shop with a beautiful singer who reminds him of his past life and his night changes in a way he never expected.

The Spy Who Loved Steve: The reader was in love with Steve for two years and was heartbroken when he started dating Sharon Carter. She joined the CIA as a femme fatale and was assigned to expose a Hydra plan to destroy the world. As she undertakes her mission, she sees a familiar face from the past, Steve Rogers.

The Thanksgiving ReportSteve Rogers and reader are at Clint’s for Thanksgiving. Steve and reader arrive separate due to a mission, but when reader walks in Steve is in awe. She immediately walks into kitchen and offers to help Laura. From Steve’s seat at the table he can see her clearly and when she bends over to take the food out of the oven, his hand involuntarily clenches around the edge of the table. Seeing this, like a child, he coyly moves his napkin slightly to cover the now dented table and excuses himself and reader (smut)

Scott Lang x Reader


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My Tiny Hero: Scott and the reader have been friends since college, she has loved him since the firs time she saw him and has stuck with him through everything: college, his marriage to Maggie, Cassie, his divorce, and his prison sentence- can she still stick with him during his new adventure, Ant Man? Does he feel the same about her?

Bucky Barnes x Reader


Originally posted by bishopl

Insecurities: Anon Prompt- Hi love, I love your writing and if it’s not too much to ask can I request a Bucky x chubby reader where she’s an avenger and has a super crush on Bucky and Steve plays matchmaker? Thanks!

Perfect: Based on “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. Anon Prompt: What about a Bucky x reader when they’re at a stark party and perfect by Ed Sheeran comes on and Bucky dances with the reader like he would in the 40s and gets all crinkly eye smiley and it’s super fluffy?

Rooftop Confessions:  Drabble using “You think I’m frightened of you?”  and “Can I show you what I’m proudest of?”

Plums: Anon Drabble Request: “You scared me, dickhead!” and “We keep meeting” 

Dear Bucky: Y/N and Bucky were childhood friends and when Bucky goes off to war, they exchange letters

Dear Bucky, It`s Me Again: Part two to ‘Dear Bucky’

I`ll Always Be With You My Love: May I request a Bucky imagine and both the reader and him were taken by HYDRA before but now they’re fine with the Avengers and anything as long as it’s Fluff and Smut thank youuuuu!❤ (smut)

A Royal Affair: Y/N is a regular girl who lived a regular life but today that all changes. She is marrying Prince James Buchanan Barnes of Brooklyn.

Let`s Get PhysicalY/N heads to her local gym every night after work where the highlight of her day is seeing him: the sexy beast of a man who haunts her dreams every night. What happens when they are both in the gym alone?

Working Out The Kinks: The reader is talking with Nat about kinks and stuff they like, Buck over hears and decides it’s his best opportunity. (Biting, pinning upon the wall “like a masterpiece”, teasing, just raw fun, fluffy passion PWEASE. I’m just not feeling all that good and I figured a good nsfw fluffy passion would do the trick! (smut)

The Right Partner:  Y/N has always been insecure about her appearance but when she meets Bucky in a dance hall and he asks her to dance.  Her whole life changes. Will it be too good to be true?

The Bucharest Fugitive:  You are a student in Bucharest which means your accommodation is less than luxurious. Your old building has hardly any occupants but you soon discover a certain Winter Soldier in your living room and he needs a place to hide. (smut)

Read My Mind Request: the reader is Telepathic and she can speak to him through minds. However, Loki teaches him to be able to do the same. And both Bucky and the reader have silent conversations day and night, get closer and then end up in smut? (smut)

Baby: Based on the song Baby by Bishop Briggs (smuttish)

The Best Man:  You had sworn off of men after a string of douchebags telling you that you needed to lose weight. Until you meet Bucky, the best man at your best friend, Peggy`s wedding, and you are the maid of honor. Can he change your mind? 

Steve Trevor x Reader


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A New Year`s Kiss: Y/N had never been kissed before. Her early draft into the war did not allow much time for romance but the young woman had developed feelings for her colleague, a certain spy named Steve Trevor. Steve & Y/N are undercover at a German party and partake in a traditional new year kiss with a twist.

To Be Human: Diana has a cousin who is the daughter of General Antiope, (the reader) who follows the Godkiller to the world of men and helps her on her journey. On the way, the reader falls for a certain American spy/solider. (smut)

Jim Kirk x Reader


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Captain with Benefits: Anon Prompt: hi. can i get jim kirk imagine, where he and reader are friends with benefits and she falls in love with jim but he only wants sex. you can write the end however you want. (smut)

Newt Scamander x Reader


Originally posted by lonnieontherun

Strange Magic: The reader helps Newt on his trip and when Jacob has to walk into the rain, so does she, but she remembers everything because she was adopted by muggles and is actually a wizard.

Loki x Reader


Originally posted by passionfangjrl

Divine Intervention Anon Prompt: Loki smut? Where the avengers (including Loki and Bucky) are on the run from Thanos because he has discovered avengers tower and it’s not safe to live there anymore. They find a hotel and realise that they are one room short and everyone dibs not sharing so that leaves you and Loki together. There is only one bed and no sofa so you share the bed with Loki and I’ll let you take it from there😏😉 Please and thank you with a cherry on top! Xx (smut)

Do You Love Me? : Anon Drabble Request: Could you possibly do Loki x reader for 4 or 46? Thank you so much for your time- “Have I done something wrong?”  and “I know I don’t say it a lot, but I love you”

Reunited in Sakaar: The reader leaves Asgard under duress and finds herself on Sakaar under the care of the Grandmaster. What happens when the love of her life, Loki, appears on Sakaar when he was the one she was running from? 

Remember Me: Request- reader was once loki’s lover on asgard, a fierce scholar and warrior, but died in loki’s arms on a Battlefield. Since then loki has been bitter and dark. Now on midgard and working with the avengers, reader is spotted by both thor and loki. They were there for loki to repent. Reader do not remember loki. 

The Appraisal:  Based on this audio from British Filth where Loki is your boss and you head into his office for your annual review…little did you know he`d be appraising more than your work. (smut)

Thor x Reader


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A Thunderous Arrangement Anon Request: hello can I request one with Thor where reader and him were arranged to marry each other but Thor never really treated her as a wife but one day he sees someone flirt with her and get super jealous? thanks anyway.

Every King Needs A Queen:  hi i love your writing so much i was wondering if you could possibly do a thor smut, with him after the ending of IW or ragnarok please (smut)

God of Coffee: Request- Thor and reader in a coffee shop. In which Thor basically has never dealt with coffee before. Makes it even funnier if its Starbucks and you’re having to explain all the terms to him

Stronger Than Me: Anon Request: Hey! Can we get a request where Thor and reader are dating and one day she wakes up and walks out for breakfast and hears Thor bragging about how strong and sweet she is? I feel like he would do that a lot lol

Arthur Curry (Aquaman) x Reader


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On The Hook: The reader and Arthur don’t get along and are constantly fighting but is that the truth? (smut)

Your Highness:  Arthur is now the king of Atlantis and like every king, he has a throne but he also needs a queen. Luckily, the council have some suggestions but there is one that Arthur wants (smut)

The Mandalorian (Din Djarin) x Reader


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The Many Faces of Love (completed): The reader and Din are in love and on Mandalore waiting to be married. Yet until that day comes, they cannot see each other`s face and spend their nights together in darkness. How do they react on their wedding night when they see each other for the first time? smut*

Part 1* Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8*

Blind Pleasure: The reader thinks the Mandalorian tolerates her for the purpose of her looking after the child. During a bounty hunt, Mando leaves the reader and the kid in a cantina with a comm. They run into trouble and Mando saves the day…what happens when they forget to turn off the comms when they return to the ship? (smut)

Hungry Eyes:  Din can`t help but watch you move around the Razorcrest in the dress you wore for catching a bounty…what happens when he can`t keep his eyes off of you? (smut)

A Mandalorian Drabble

Another Mandalorian Drabble

Clumsy: Request- Reader doesn’t know what is happening but Mando knows what Cara is up to by the way Cara always take care of Yoda so you two can get some alone time. It crescendos as Cara basically makes reader trip into Mando’s arm making Mando a flustering mess and the reader making him having to explain finally what Cara has been trying to do these past few months

To Be Alone:  The reader is the daughter of an Imperial general who has hired the Mandalorian to escort his daughter to her betrothed in Alderaan. The job is simple but what happens when feelings emerge and things get complicated?

Money For Nothing: Based around Ep 6 “The Prisoner” - When the Mandalorian accepts the mission from Ran, he is thrust back into a life he thought he left behind. How did he endure the immoral morons back then? Breaking into the prison is a breeze but what happens when Qin isn`t the only prisoner Din discovers locked up on the New Republic ship? (smut)

Purple Haze: Din has had enough, he has to escape. He visits the local brothel on the planet you are currently docked on, and seeks comfort from a stranger. What happens when he is offered something he yearns for: the chance to be with you? (smut)

Your Love Is My Drug: Din and the reader have been married for a couple of months and Din makes it his mission to show her how much he loves her every night by worshipping her body. However, the reader can see the glint in his eye whenever she handles the cuffs for the bounties and the silent yearning to take her and show her who she belongs to when a local gets a little suggestive. She finally confronts him about it and together, they decide to experiment and hopefully, Din will be able to give into his darkest desires.(smut)

Javier Peña x Reader


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Falling:  Based off of the song Falling by Harry Styles. (smuttish)

Someone You Loved:  Javi is back in Laredo and sees Lorraine. He also sees his best friend from childhood, Y/N. Old feelings are reignited but what will Javi do when he decides to head back to Colombia? (smut)

El Baño: The reader is undercover for the CIA and pretending to be the new girlfriend of Don Berna. When a certain DEA agent gets involved with Los Pepes, he also struggles with the risky business of lusting after the girlfriend of a narco (smut)

Por Amarte (Part Two of El Baño): Javier and the reader are back in the United States and getting used to life as civilians. This is what happens after the crazy events in Colombia between Y/N and Javi as they navigate a new life together (smut)

Dímelo (Part Three of El Baño):  Javier and the reader arrive back in Colombia to hunt down the Cali cartel. What happens when things get more complicated than they ever imagined? (smut)

Nunca Te Olvidaré (Part Four of El Baño): Javier and the reader have a lot of things to contend with while Javi attempts to take down the Cali Cartel. Will they be able to stay strong when their pasts come back to haunt them? Or will their happy ending fade away before they can make it back to Texas? (smut)

Four Weddings and a Funeral (ongoing): Based on Four Weddings and a Funeral. Javier sees you again at the wedding of your high school friends and the old spark you once had is reignited. Will it survive the evening or will it burn out before he heads back to the DEA Headquarters in Houston? (smut)

Part 1* 

Motivation: Javier, Steve and Y/N have a late night in the office reviewing files for new intel and decide to call it a night before heading to the local bar. Y/N notices something different about how Javier reacts to what she says and decides to act on the desire she has been hiding for the past year (smut)

The Casanova of Bogatá: The reader and Javier are friends with benefits. While working at the CEA department, a few of the guys compare Y/N to the informants Javier “works with.” What will Y/N do when Javier comes over that evening with a pizza and a six pack of beer? (smut)

Catch Sicarios, Not Feelings: It’s Javier’s first day back at the Embassy and along with being the new head of the DEA, he also gains an assistant. Javier dismisses Y/N and tells her he doesn’t need an assistant to fetch him coffee but what happens when she turns out to be the best asset he could ever wish for - both professionally and personally? (smut)

Háblame Sucio: The reader and Javi are secretly friends-with-benefits but their partner Steve has no idea. One humid day, you are waiting for Carrillo and Javier takes advantage of the free time…much to Steve’s annoyance (smut)

Fix You (Ongoing): Two lonely souls seek out the same therapist and meet in the waiting room: one has mandatory sessions and suffers from insomnia, the other has returned from Colombia and reluctantly seeks help to battle his own demons. Will they be able to find what they are looking for from their therapy sessions and maybe, along the way, they find the peace they yearn for in each other?

Part 1

Teach Me Tonight (Complete):  Y/N and Javier both have things to talk about when he visits her apartment one night. Y/N tells her partner about her crush on Brad from the CIA and reveals that she is a virgin and has barely been kissed. She wants to make sure she can impress Brad and asks Javier to educate her on all things sex and seduction (smut *)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 4.5 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15

Oberyn Martell x Reader


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The Rose and the Viper:  Margaery is getting married to Joffrey and you are heading to Kings Landing with your grandmother, Olenna for the celebrations. As the unmarried, older sister to the bride, rumours swirl about you and your single status. Upon your arrival to the capital, you head to the baths to clean up and relax- what happens when a certain Dornish prince enters the ladies baths by accident and you invite him to join you? (smut)

You Should See Me In A Crown: Oberyn and his wife remain in King’s Landing for Oberyn to participate in Tyrion’s trial. During their stay in the Red Keep, Y/N is drawn the Iron Throne and one day Oberyn finds her in the throne room and well…let’s just say he indulges in a fantasy he has involving the Iron Throne. (smut)

Agent Whiskey x Reader


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Train Kept A Rollin:  Whiskey and Prosecco are assigned to gather intel from a married couple while pretending to be married themselves. There is just one problem: the Statesman agents can`t stand each other - how the hell are they going to act married?

Maxwell Lord x Reader


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What’s Love Got To Do With It (ongoing): Maxwell Lord is successful, handsome and can have anything he wants with a snap of his fingers. He is living the American dream until his mother turns his life upside down by going behind his back to organize an arranged marriage to help take Chimtech Consortium to new heights. The only thing worse than not being in control is that his bride-to-be is you, the one person he cannot stand (smut)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Tom Hiddleston x Reader


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Yes Prime Minister:  Thomas Hiddleston is the new Prime Minister of the UK and you just joined the staff at Downing Street. After an embarrassing first encounter, you and Tom grow closer but then the American Ambassador, Chris Evans, comes along to No. 10 and is taken with you. Downing Street has seen it`s fair share of political drama but never a love story (smut)

Mystery Man 


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Loneliness Kills: Loneliness was consuming Y/N until a certain man walked into the cafe she was sitting in and began to change her outlook on love and the idea of soulmates.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

More Than Words:  During the Covid-19 pandemic, the lockdown has everyone going a little bit crazy but your mysterious neighbor keeps you entertained with his guitar playing. One day, you head outside and finally see him playing his guitar. What happens when your unusual meeting during a terrible time leads to something beautiful?

dog tags & storage units

summary: two things in this world belong to bucky. his tags, and you.

pairing: bucky barnes x reader

warnings/synopsis: possessive bucky, smut, that gah’ damn metal arm. basically bucky getting sick of everyone trying to cop a feel of his best girl. based off of this ask


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Natasha, introducing the Avengers to Yelena: Everybody, I would like for you to meet my sister—not biological of course. Yelena Belova.

Yelena: Is this the team you’d told me about that does not have “one functioning brain cell”?

The Avengers:

Natasha: No…I didn’t say that.

The Avengers: :)

Natasha: I said this is the team that makes me loose ALL my brain-cells. Except for Wanda.

The Avengers: :(

Wanda: :)

Ink on his heart

Summary: Here’s how Bucky Barnes got a haircut and then decided it was about damn time he controlled his own destiny - starting with a bit of ink. 

Star Spangled Bingo Square: “A thoughtful gift”

Characters: Bucky Barnes x TattooArtist!Reader

Words: 7,400
Warnings: Tattoo experiences, a couple stories about war. Some swearing. Mostly lots of feels and fluff.

A/N: This one has been in my head a long time, I love tattoos and I love the idea of Bucky getting them! While I desperately wish I could draw the designs in my head, hopefully you get enough of a word picture to imagine. And yes, it is kinda long (I know, I know), but I couldn’t stop myself! 

Want to find all my stories? Search #bitsmasterlist or try the link in my bio!



Not that Bucky’s counting, but it’s been three days, 18 hours and 26 minutes and he can’t get over it.

In the damp, chilly hours before dawn, he sits on the floor of the tower living room, watching the marshmallows in his hot chocolate melt in white swirls. Now and then, he lifts his eyes to the windows, finds the faint edges of his reflection in the dark glass, and tilts his head. Tentative fingers scratch through close cropped hair and a slow smile appears. Even now, he expects long strands trailing through his fingers. Believes he can feel the phantom tug of a snarl.

It was just a haircut. What a simple, ordinary thing.  

But Bucky Barnes has never been ordinary.

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on my tongue | part one

your next door neighbor was going to be the death of you ..

pairing: dad’s best friend!bucky x reader

warnings: extreme age gap, dad’s friend! bucky, dirty talk. everyone featured is of age.

author’s notes: i’ve been in such an age gap sort of bucky mood, and this is the result of that. i might turn this into a series or just have this as a stand-alone thing, depends on if people enjoy it or not. happy reading.

series masterlist


It was seven in the morning, and all you wanted to do was go and see your next door neighbor.

Bucky had been close with your dad since their highschool days. For the past three years he had possessed neighbor status, living adjacent to the point where your backyards would feed into eachother if it wasn’t for that endless wooden fencing rising six feet tall. The thought alone of how close he is, how easy it would be to get to him, sometimes elicits little sparks that eat at your lower stomach. You weren’t sure when it happened, when Bucky stopped being that man who would hoist you up onto his shoulders in the pool, and instead became the one whose forearms your eyes would linger on for a second past friendly.

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Keeper   --   One Shot

Soldat/Bucky Barnes x Reader


Summary: You were never supposed to be more than the Winter Soldier’s plaything, but some bonds can’t be broken.

Warnings: SMUT, VERY SLIGHT DUB-CON, MENTIONS OF VIOLENT SEXUAL ASSAULT, and a scene where Soldat gets a little rough, in a non sexy way with the reader, but it’s all okay. THIS IS MOSTLY FLUFF DESPITE THESE WARNINGS!!

Words: 12k


The first time, he doesn’t remember much about.

It was a mission, not like his usual ones, but a mission nonetheless.

The handlers and guards had moved him to a room, a little less dank than the others, with a fully furnished bed in the corner, but not much else. He knew they weren’t taking him to his own room, because after his clean off, they hadn’t returned his clothes, simply walked him nude to here. You were in clothes though, only a plain nightdress, but despite this you still looked cold, shivering a little, but you don’t try to fight him or run. 

His handler had told him to get on with it, and he knew immediately what was meant.

Sexual release was not foreign to him, he had of course had to deal with his own needs normally, but there was something that told him it wasn’t quite the same. The same as what? He’s not totally sure. He gets flashes sometimes, of warmth engulfing him, a body against his own, but whenever he tries to follow the train of thought it fizzles out.

He knew what sex was of course, had occasionally partaken when he’d needed to seduce a target to get them alone, but that hadn’t been about his pleasure, nor could he remember any personal moments of indulgence properly.

When the door had shut, he’d only stared at you for a moment. He wasn’t sure if he should speak, he wasn’t normally permitted to without being questioned first, but nothing about this was normal.

He isn’t allowed to feel anything like shame or embarrassment so he doesn’t make to cover himself, he just watches you shake for a moment. And then he moves toward you. You don’t back up, you can’t with your legs already against the bed, but you do jump, your face terrified and turning up to look at him as he stops in front of you.

Take it off. I don’t want to rip it.” He speaks gruffly without meaning too, anything gentle tastes foreign in his mouth, and gestures to your nightdress. You look down confused, and your lip wobbles.

“I— I don’t—” You’re sniffling, but more importantly, not speaking the same language as him, your words not so sharp, more rounded, although accented heavily.

Soldat blinks.

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I Did Something Bad - 1.

Bodyguard!Stucky x Reader AU

Part 2 <<

Run-through: You’re a rich spoilt brat, and your two bodyguards are the ones who have to put up with you and your attitude all day every day. Until one day, they’ve had about enough. And they decide to tame the brat in you…

Themes: bratty!reader, smut, daddy kink, bodyguard!stucky

“What a brat.” Steve mumbled under his breath.

“I agree.” Bucky sent a brief nod towards him.

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Your Protector

Summary: You’re a shy person but the best at your job on Stark’s tech team. A certain soldier joins the team and you stick close to him.

Pairing: Beefy!Bucky x Shy!reader

Warnings: None, fluff :)

Words: 1,392

A/N: written for @the-ss-horniest-book-club ♥️ hope you all enjoy it :) I really didn’t intend on writing so much but this really got away from me. 


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You don’t really know why you were so smitten with the newest member of the team. There was just something about the quiet man that lured you in. His beefy figure making you feel nothing but safe in his presence. If he wasn’t in the room, you would find yourself searching for him and feeling calmer.

You would often watch him sitting on the couch reading a book. His hair would be tied back in a low bun and you were pretty sure he slept, showered and lived in that red Henley of his.

It was so unlike you since you’re the shyest member of the tech team. But you’re also very anxious and it doesn’t take much to scare you. Even a simple thing can make you tremble for hours. You do your job very well and the team of superheroes absolutely adore you. You were more comfortable being open and talkative with Natasha more than the boys. And if Bucky was near, your throat would close up.

Your anxiety and shyness meant you are yet to say a word to Bucky. The things you’ve learnt about him, such as how he likes his coffee, or what food he likes to eat, you’ve learnt from conversations from other members.

You’ve also learnt what movies he enjoys watching. What flavor popcorn he likes the best. The team has also noticed you like to be near Bucky at all times. So it didn’t come as a surprise when you asked Natasha if she could talk to Tony about moving rooms so you were closer to Bucky. Which he of course did.

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Below is the start to a list of POC/WOC writer. Please send me an ask with your favorites. 

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on my tongue - dad’sbestfriend!bucky.

just hitched - bridesmaid reader x groomsman bucky

part one, part two


leather & sharp things - knifeplay smut

let me show you - bucky gives reader a “redo” on her first time, and takes her virginity

dog tags & storage units - two things in this world belong to bucky. his tags, and you.

ready to comply, to you - the winter soldier gets triggered to come out and play, but instead of taking orders from the one who sets it off, bucky stays obedient to the reader.

i really can’t stand you - bucky is a prick. he also had a prick. some good old fashioned hate sex was bound to have happened, sooner or later.

winter soldier hotline - phone sex with the guy who really doesn’t know how to work a phone

teacher of mine - professor barnes looked that good, and you were expected to NOT jump his bones?

good girl - pet names go both ways

dear old brooks - domestic bucky washing reader’s hair in the bath

unsavory situations - bucky comes home to find reader in the middle of a panic attack

stucky x reader

dirty honey - “purposely bitching out just so stucky ties you down; bucky fingering you with that metal hand until you can’t take it anymore”

winter’s child has a gun - in which blood is thicker than water, but one is easier to drown in.

the fun kind of collar - emt stucky x reader

part one

Sticks and Stones

previous parts: little blue boy / little bo peep

Summary: you fix bucky’s boo-boos with goofy bandaids.

Pairing: bucky x reader

Warnings: language (this reader curses like a sailor)

a/n: i’ve had this done for a month but didn’t think to post it until now because i wanted to tweak things. this is a part of the nursery rhyme one-shots and comes after little bo peep but you don’t need to read that if you don’t want. just know reader is pepper’s adopted sister and she’s a teacher and you’re all set tbh. if it feels a bit disjointed from the previous 2 it’s just because these are not chapters but separate one shots and the last 2 were to establish character.

also, let’s all try to be better about reblogging fics. writers spend a lot of time trying to put out content and, while we do write for ourselves, we post so the writing is seen and shared. so do that, bbys. i’m trying to be better about it, too, since 3 extra seconds to reblog something and maybe add a comment isn’t much of an imposition. especially when it can make someone’s whole day. 


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Take-out containers. Six of them, stacked in two piles of three. Four made of compostable plastic, two of thin cardboard. You’re forced to consolidate them to a single pile, held by one of your hands as you struggle to open the door with the other. 

You’ve asked FRIDAY to keep the lights low. Keep things discrete and quiet. No need to awaken tired Avengers. Especially at such a late hour. Especially after a mission. Especially when they would be audience to your shame. 

A teacher. A sweet first grade teacher with stickers pasted to your hands and smudged Crayola marker ink across your fingers like permanent tattoos. A pair of flower-shaped, or animal-shaped, or planet-shaped earrings clasped to your earlobes on any given day. Color-coded folders, notebooks, and binders in your bag. Organized

Or so it seems. 

Your quarters have been a mess since the third day of your residence in the Tower. Your clothes carpet the hardwood floor of the expansive closet, blankets like dunes on the bed. Books you’ve read eight times over and books you aren’t able to start form towers of their own on the desk, pens and pencils scattered over the surface like debris after a demolition. 

You’ve hidden it well. 

You’re sure to show Pepper and Tony your face enough to avoid doorstep visits, spend enough time with Sam in his room or in the common spaces to quell his need for socialization with a non-super and your need for socialization with a non-child. 

Steve optically dreads— but internally loves— your company and advice in the kitchen on his culinary endeavors and dating life, you’ve even begun workouts with Natasha which she seems to enjoy and you cherish. 

Bucky keeps mostly to himself. You’ll run into each other and exchange pleasantries, trade smiles at dinner and across the gym. He’ll sometimes brew an extra mug of coffee in the morning so there’s enough for you and sit with you and Sam while you watch movies or binge shows on Netflix. It’s more than enough contact for him. You wouldn’t even be surprised to learn he was entirely tired of you. 

In all, no one feels the need to come to your door and that, therefore, keeps your sloppy truth an absolute secret. 

You shut the door behind you and tip-toe down the hall. Only Wanda and Steve live on the same floor as you, but Tony once told you super-soldier hearing amplifies light steps to an elephant tread— something about a prank with Dum-E gone horribly wrong as a result. So you barely breathe and balance on the balls of your feet, even down the staircase leading to the kitchen. 

You hold the containers off to the side, eyes on the stairs to make sure you don’t trip. A little less than graceful when you stumble. Even less so when you nearly slip from the last step and the topmost container clatters to the floor. 

“Motherfucker,” you hiss. It’s a muted thump, cardboard falling against tile, when the second container falls and your voice is a whisper as you continue with a, “Fucking fuck. FRIDAY, raise the goddamn, fucking stupid, shithead lights a little.” 

There’s a rustling a few feet away, a soft chuckle and an even softer wince. Noises you barely register even as the lights come up less than ten percent. 

Bucky, from his seat at the kitchen island, watches as you look up to the ceiling, kneeling. You’ve got an apology in your features. “Thank you, FRI. You’re amazing. An angel.” 

You snort to yourself, “An AI-ngel.” 

Immediately, you frown. Scowl in disappointment and self-loathing. “That was terrible, I’m sorry. Keep up the good work, FRI. I’m gonna go fuck myself.” 

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