I’ve honestly never been more proud of myself.

I’m so weak. look at him. I’m gonna cry.

everyone in the soul stone at the moment:

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My dad thinks just because I am a women that I am not qualified or not strong enough to do a “mens job”. He still thinks that man can and have to work like man and women have to work like women…in a kitchen or as a assistant. He refuses to help or let me work where I want to. Please reblog, like or comment this to help me make a point clear. WOMEN ARE STRONG AND MORE THAN QUALIFIED.

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Me coming to the realization after watching Ant-Man and The Wasp that we aren’t getting another Marvel Studios film till next year.

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Okay but…

This will forever be

My favorite


On Bucky

Because I believe


Make men

More attractive

*all credit goes to gif owners, I did not make these gifs*

Bucky: I know this is random but Dom or Sub?

Steve: I guess Domino’s. I don’t go to Subway that much. Don’t know why you’d put them in the same category.


the love of my life

buckybarnesstar masterlist

a lot of you were saying the link in my bio doesn’t work, so I knew I needed to make this into a text post! here you go, my winter children! :) if anything starts heading towards NSFW and I haven’t listed it as such, you know the rules, stop reading. I haven’t read through everything in a while! anyways, enjoy and thanks for reading! .c


★  Bucky x Reader  ★

Little Writings (not requested/old to new):

Bucky confesses his feelings

He finds out your secret

Nat calls you a prude (slight NSFW)

You Share a Floor With Sam and Bucky Pt. 2


Valentine’s Day



Do You Need A Hug?

Two Haunted Souls

Leather Jacket (NSFW)

Halloween Party (NSFW)


・・・・★・・・・★ ・・・・

Series (old):

You and Bucky Don’t Get Along:  (untitled but its old so im unbothered)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

He’s Not The One:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Save Me:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Mission Impossible:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

・・・・★・・・・★ ・・・・

Requests (old to new):

Period Moods

I’m The Winter Soldier



Sparring Partner Pt. 2

Prank Wars

Movie Night

Our Baby

Shower Buddy


Undercover Mission


Dear Diary


Shy (NSFW)

Not Good Enough

Cafe Girl


Not So Shy (NSFW)

Bucky’s Journal

Little Bundle Of Joy

You’re Good Enough For Me

More Than Fuck Buddies (NSFW)

Self Defense Trainer (NSFW)

Mrs. Stark

Short Hair (NSFW)


Hidden Feelings

Enemies or Friends

Snow Angel


Surprise (NSFW)

Dance Partner


I’ll Take Care Of You

Russian Bucky (NSFW)

Meant To Be

Take Care Of Her


The Song (NSFW)

Clint’s Daughter pt.2 pt. 3 (NSFW)

Sebastian “Jealous” Stan


You Deserve Better


Bucky’s Plan (slight NSFW)

Shopping (NSFW)


Car Accident

Two Soldiers, One Girl (NSFW / Stucky)

I Would Never Hurt You

Young pt.2  (NSFW)

Secret Admirer

Red Wine Kiss  (slight NSFW)



Dylan O’Brien

I’m Your Girl

Cigarettes, Whiskey, Love

A True Gentleman




For My Eyes Only



The Video

Made of Metal




Get Her Back

Keep You Safe

Novoye nachalo

A Date

Mixed Signals

・・・・★・・・・★ ・・・・

Christmas Writings:

Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shenanigans (Request)

・・・・★・・・・★ ・・・・

★ Sebastian Stan ★

Wizard World

Distant (Request)

You’re Perfect (Request)

・・・・★・・・・★ ・・・・

Reblog if you think Bucky deserved his own movie

I swear if anyone says Captain America, The Winter Solider was his own movie I’m gonna flip. 

Love Retreat (Part 1)

Summary: When you’re invited to a couples’ retreat at work, you say yes to avoid further embarrassment, despite being tragically single. When you tell your friends about the situation you’re stuck in, Bucky comes to the rescue, offering to pretend to be your boyfriend and also have himself a free vacation to the Cayman Islands. (Fake Dating AU)

Word Count: 2,150

Warnings: None.

A/N: I had to. The idea popped up randomly and I had to get it all down!

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There was a sharp knock to the door of your office, knocking you out of your work daze and you looked up from your laptop, startled. Thor’s beautiful smile greeted you.


You shook your head, swallowing thickly as a beaming grin appeared on your lips. “No—No! Come in? What’s up? Something wrong?”

Thor shook his head and stepped inside, followed by the head of your division, Maria Hill. Your expression fell.

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