Fixer Upper

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (implied female)
World: AU. Modern!Bucky x Mechanic!Reader
Warnings: none really. This is really bad and I have forgotten how to write so i hate it. I also started hating the plot midway through so im sorry if its rushed and bad and vague. 
Summary: Bucky Barnes is no longer an active member of the Avengers, just looking for a place to settle in that’s just perfect for him. On his search his car breaks down, and the sassy yet lovely mechanic that comes to his rescue, ends up introducing him to the town that might have everything he was searching for.

A/N: This is for @softhairbarnes 750 followers celebration writing challenge! I took the word prompt: Car. Hope you guys enjoy this spin on a typical AU classic lmao. It is so bad tho.

Smooches! xoxo L

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He can’t believe it.

He has a metal arm for god’s sake, a metal arm he has been able to keep in check since he left the avengers years ago. The amount of times he’s called Tony or Shuri for advice – just advice! – he can count with his flesh hand, and that’s an achievement. Right?

Of course it is. He’s got that down to a T! Mechanics, right, he’s got it. Never functioned better.

And yet here he is, with his car sputtering some type of oil and there’s some smoke, threatening to be a lot of smoke, because he’s useless when it comes to actual mechanics that aren’t his high tech arm.

So far his mission – mere soldier talk, all he’s doing is town hopping looking for a place to settle – has been a crash course. Huh, hilarious. There’s not a single place that is the perfect balance of quiet and busy for him to just merge into and disappear. Granted, he knows he probably never will disappear, but whatever’s closest to that is what he wants, and he hasn’t found it.

And now here he is in the middle of a very quiet road on the outskirts of a town he had never heard of, thankfully covered in shade by the big trees and waiting impatiently for that mechanic his phone’s F.R.I.D.A.Y told him about – Siri. Young Peter had told him it was called Siri, but he wishes he could call it F.R.I.D.A.Y instead, it’s what he knows – as he tries his best not to mess up his car anymore than he probably already has.

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or, Adventures Adjacent to a Six-Year-Old Seer

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 1457
Summary: On Halloween, your clairvoyant niece leads you straight into Bucky Barnes. It could not have gone worse.
Warning(s) for part 3: None
A/N: Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a great start :-)

Part 1 | Part 2

Part 3

You shove your hands deeper in your coat pockets and glower at the shiny red heart balloons tied to the sandwich board outside the cafe. They were advertising a lovebug special—two medium coffees and two heart-shaped cookies at an unfair discount. Two cookies would be nice, but buying two coffees for yourself was beyond even you. You hadn’t been sleeping well lately, and your Sunday coffee habit had become a daily necessity. The line, meanwhile, is going at a snail’s pace. If it doesn’t speed up, you’ll have to rely on the crap they offer at work.

You give up after another few minutes and duck out of line with an aggrieved huff. The people behind you shuffle forward, ever vigilant to keep their spot.

One day you’ll get yourself a coffee maker. This is getting ridiculous. And expensive.

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C’s Hallowrites Day 13!

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“Bucky! I don’t wanna..” You whine, pulling on his arm. He stops, turning to face you. “Y/N, there’s nothing wrong, nothing is gonna happen in there, okay? We’re just a couple of adults going into an abandoned house on Halloween night! What could go wrong?” He teases, pulling you closer to the rickety old porch. You’re still super reluctant to go, but you know Bucky will protect you no matter what.

The two of you walk up the stairs together, you clung tightly to his arm as you do so. He pushes the door to the house open, a horrid creaking coming from the hinges. “Great. We’re gonna die in here.” You whine, looking around at the cob web covered surfaces and chandelier that decorated the elegant entrance. “This place has to have been gorgeous in the past..” Buck thinks aloud, gazing at all the features the building has to offer.

As you walk, the floor boards creek beneath you. You jump when you hear a high pitched whine. “Did you hear that?” You ask, pulling Bucky so he stops walking, silence taking over the room. As the both of you stand quietly, you hear a tiny meow coming from the floor. The two of you look at each other, then run for the sound. As you pry up a few boards, you find a black kitten with the prettiest yellow eyes.

You pick it up, holding it to your chest. “Bucky!” You squeal, putting the kitten into your jacket to help him regain some warmth. “Can we keep him?” You beg, becoming instantly attached to him. “I’ll name him.. Alucard.” Bucky cocks his head. “I’ve never heard that name in all of my years.. and I never said we could keep him.”

“Oh James! How could you say no to this face?” You turn to kitten so it’s facing him, his yellow eyes meeting Bucky’s blues. He lets out a defeated sigh, then nods his head. “I guess we can keep him, but please explain his name?” “Alucard! It’s Dracula backwards!”

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Keeping Up Appearances

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Fake Dating AU

Summary: When an old friend comes back into your life you struggle to maintain the lies you’ve told. Bucky Barnes has no idea what he’s gotten into by agreeing to be your fake boyfriend, but you have no idea what to do about the very real feelings you have for him.

Chapter 1

This work is in progress

Just a Dream

Bucky Barnes x reader, Steve Rogers

Summary: Reader reunites with Bucky after not seeing him for a long time.

Warnings: Fluff, angst, mentions of a characters death

Words: 1000

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“I missed you Bucky.” Y/n said looking up at him from the place she was sleeping on his shoulder, his hand securely wrapped around her like he was afraid to let her go. Warm sunlight shone through the partly closed blinds, filling the room with warm morning sunlight. 

“I missed you too Y/n,” He kissed her forehead. “So damn much.”

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Modern Times - B.B (8/20?)

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Summary: 1938. Working for the summer in booming Los Angeles, Bucky Barnes has his eyes on a certain dame. (1940′s Reader/Bucky Barnes)

A/N: I really thought about what I want to do with the series and with some encouragement from @starfisharchives, I decided to keep going with this series at an irregular pace. So if you decide to read this, thank you. This chapter is centered a little around the theater district!


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 

Feedback is always appreciated. 

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Time Series

1945 part 2
Pairing : Bucky x Reader 

: Soulmate AU where you feel each other’s pain

Series Summary:
Series of Events where you feel your soulmate’s pain and he feels yours. Your life and His just has a excruciating amount. Prepare for a lot of heartbreak.

Chapter Summary:
This is going to hurt. A lot. A G  A I N. 

Warnings: Angst with a happy ending, eventually. Pain. Pure pain.

An: Hello my friends. This is part two just because I didn’t want to make the year 1945 with so much angst and hopelessness. I am so very sorry but after 1945 it kind of starts to get better ish..

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“So, this wasn’t my best year…  it was probably the worst actually. I had lost Bucky, then I had lost Steve. I didn’t think I’d make it out alive.” you thought mostly to yourself.  You hadn’t really gone year by year or event by event in your head in preparation. It kind of hurt a little bit inside when thinking about the worst moments that defined you. 

‘‘How did you cope with all of the loss?” Grace questioned and you look off as if the answer was hanging in the air in the corner. 
‘‘Well, I did what any person does really. I had Stark - Howard, and Peggy. But they moved on with their lives after a couple of years. Of course they still hurt and still thought about the boys but they were aging. They were forced to as time ticked on. I wasn’t though. I isolated myself. I threw my entire thoughts into finding Steve, Bucky and also myself. When it got really hopeless I threw myself into science, politics, literature. Anything and everything to shade the fact away that I was all alone in this world.” 

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Yours - b.b.

request: Bucky’s out on a mission and the reader is up on the roof of the compound looking at the stars and listening to music with her little speaker bc she can’t sleep without him. He surprises her by coming home early and they dance on the roof to her favorite slow song (Yours by Russell Dickerson) - @tatertot1097

pairings: bucky barnes x female reader

warnings: none

length: 1.6k

a/n: i have over 700 followers now! thank you everyone who follows me! thanks for the request, i hope you like it! & thank you to all the other requests i have received (there’s quite a lot!) i’m working through them 😊. please excuse any spelling mistakes. Requests are open.


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seven signs

Summary: Bucky feels like he’s falling in love.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: none - pure fluff!

Word Count: 2.1k [yikes, sorry]

A/N: Here’s my submission for the ever lovely Gen’s @bucky-plums-barnes 8k celebration - congrats again, sweetheart! My prompt was: “You know I only have eyes for you.” - hope you all enjoy :) || masterlist

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Mixed Signals

Request: Can you do a bucky writing where he tries to ask reader out for dinner and she doesn’t get the hint and is like “yeah sounds fun! i’ll tell the rest of the team” and then he tries to get everyone to bail bc “it’s supposed to be a date not a fucking family outing” or something skxnskxnd pls

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 2,241

A/N: So, I tweaked the original request, but it’s the same idea lol. Thank you for sending this in and I hope you all like it!

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Feet padding softly on the wooden floors, Bucky left the kitchen with a water bottle in hand. He’d figured he would walk the hallways for a few minutes, convince his brain that all the dangers were only in his nightmares, and eventually be so bored that he’d fall asleep.

As he entered the hallway that led to Nat’s room, he had half a mind to return to his own bedroom and pick up his iPhone and earphones to listen to some music, when he saw a sliver of light coming from underneath the door that led to the laundry room.

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Bucky Barnes Masterlist

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B-a-b-y, Baby.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,5k

Summary: In where Bucky finds himself entirely flustered when you call him a term of endearment he has never been called before. Based on B-A-B-Y by Carla Thomas.  

Warning(s): literally all the fluff, domestic!fluff, Bucky being a sweetheart!

A/N: I felt bad for not having uploaded in a few days, and that I wouldn’t be able to upload the next chapter of Most Wanted today, so I found this oneshot in my WIP’s and finished it for you guys! Hope you enjoy this fluffy piece! also, yes I know I always use gifs from this interview, but can you blame me?

| Sgtjbuccky Masterlist |

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There had been a time where opening the front door to your apartment meant being greeted by an almost perpetual silence.

It meant hearing the echo of the door shutting long after you had entered and settled into the living room after a day of work and stared at the television for hours.

But those days were long gone, and with each step you took, you picked up the pace to reach home faster. The inevitable smile crept to your lips, and you had to suppress a giggle as your thoughts circled to what would be waiting for you at home.

Or rather who would be waiting for you at home.

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Raise your hand if you’re too young to date your faves!

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Love Retreat (Part 1)

Summary: When you’re invited to a couples’ retreat at work, you say yes to avoid further embarrassment, despite being tragically single. When you tell your friends about the situation you’re stuck in, Bucky comes to the rescue, offering to pretend to be your boyfriend and also have himself a free vacation to the Cayman Islands. (Fake Dating AU)

Word Count: 2,150

Warnings: None.

A/N: I had to. The idea popped up randomly and I had to get it all down!

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There was a sharp knock to the door of your office, knocking you out of your work daze and you looked up from your laptop, startled. Thor’s beautiful smile greeted you.


You shook your head, swallowing thickly as a beaming grin appeared on your lips. “No—No! Come in? What’s up? Something wrong?”

Thor shook his head and stepped inside, followed by the head of your division, Maria Hill. Your expression fell.

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The White Wolf: Part 1

Summary: James “Bucky” Barnes is the most feared man in New York. What happens when a flower shop owner gets tangled up in his empire?

Warnings:  some language and some fluff.

Pairing: mobster!Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: about 900

A/N: I love mobster AU. This will be a multi-part (possibly a series—idk yet).

Check out THIS awesome artwork by @meowmersdev that was inspired by this story!

Catch up on “The White Wolf” here : MASTERLIST

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Safe with me (Epilogue)

Summary: When an unknown threat enters your life, protection is offered at the highest level. As Bucky Barnes comes into your life, the game changes, and you realise falling for the man tasked with keeping you safe is the last thing you expected.

Characters: Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Bad language. Brief description of smut. Mentions of depression.

A/N: The end has arrived! This Epilogue is a complete homage to CHAPTER 1, so I suggest giving that a quick re-read before diving in. 

I am genuinely blown away at the reception this story has received - I never expected it and I’m SO grateful to each and every one of you. I’ve spent six months writing these characters and thinking daily about this story, and I’ll admit I’m feeling a little emotional about the end. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing.  


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a hotter touch, a better fuck

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Warning(s): Possessive/Jealous Bucky, smut - dirty talk, semi-public, very slight dub-con (everybody is totally willing, the reader is just trying to have an important conversation and Bucky interrupts with sex)

Summary: Bucky and the reader are friends with benefits. After a rooftop party, the reader confronts Bucky about ending their relationship. He does not take it well. Honestly just an excuse to write 2k+ of finger-fucking

Notes: For @valuedabovehoardedgold from this prompt post; the generated topics were friends with benefits, rooftop, and hate sex (that I changed to be jealous sex).

Requests are open | Tag list is open

I lost some steam near the end but I hope it’s not too noticeable. If it is sorry 😂 I’ll try to fix that later.

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Manhattan comes alive at night, a living, breathing urban jungle stretching as far as the eye can see. Its skyline is full of concrete giants that reach for the clouds. Seeing it on high is absolutely breathtaking, the twinkling lights set against the black backdrop of the sky a stark contrast that catches and calls to the eye.

The steady heartbeat pulses through the streets and echoes in the hearts of everyone who calls the city that never sleeps home. Just look and you’ll find a place for everyone, even those that are everywhere but from nowhere; wanderers drifting with the tide of life. After everything that’s happened in the world, she can’t fade back into anonymity like they can. She will never be another civilian, she doesn’t have a ‘regular’ life to go back to. 

The powers she possesses set her apart. 

She belongs to something greater, something that could make a real difference in the world. Becoming a member of the Avengers has irrevocably changed a basic, primal part of her being and standing atop the Tower, gazing down on the city and its people she’s sworn to protect, she knows with a bone-deep certainty that she’ll never get used to a sight like this no matter how long she calls New York home. Its beauty isn’t apparent to everyone but to her, she’s never seen anything quite so magnificent. 

“Enjoying the view, doll?”

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Death Do Us Part - A New Beginning (1)

Pairing: God of Death!Bucky Barnes x Mortal!Reader

Words: 2,6k

Summary: For centuries, the God of Death had known two things about mortals. One, they were his job, his to collect when their days came to an end, and two, they were obnoxiously odd beings. Their purpose ceased to make sense to him. Never did he understand why they created a life for themselves, why they loved, why they loved other mortals when they knew that none of it would last forever. It was nothing but sheer stupidity, but that was until he met you. A mortal unlike any other. A mortal that would make him question everything. A mortal that would teach the God of Death how to live.

Warning(s): None really, Bucky unimpressed with mortals maybe. 

A/N: First of all, a special shoutout to my girl @take-my-life-not-my-heart, this story idea was born because of her brilliant mind! This one’s for you boo! I’m excited about this series, I hope you guys will enjoy it as well! Lotta love to you all! I will try to have two chapters up per week for you guys! Also, do ya’ll see that wordcount??? Revolutionary for me, ;) 

Chapter 2 | Death Do Us Part - Masterlist |

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For thousands of years, James Buchanan Barnes had ruled as the God of Death.  

The benefits that came with being the bearer of the title proved endless. From the tremendous respect, it earned him, to the inevitable pride that etched itself to his spine, carrying his head high whenever anyone addressed him.  

There wasn’t a God in the countless realms that didn’t know his name, or who he was. Wherever he found himself, he demanded attention that everyone willingly bestowed on him without a second thought.

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Summary: Bucky is overprotective of the reader, who is pregnant with his baby. 

Pairing:  Bucky X Pregnant!Reader

Word Count: 2237

Warnings: worried Bucky

A/N: This was based on this drabble and this ask. It was too cute not to write and I’m totally open to doing another part to this if people have ideas.

When Bucky comes home one Saturday morning, back from his usual run with Steve, he expects everything to be normal.  

Normal used to mean slow radio music, pancakes and bacon, strong coffee, Y/N’s laughter, and happiness. Now, with a baby on the way, and a difficult pregnancy at that, it means quiet reading, lowly sung lullabies, soft blankets, and bed rest.

But when he opens the door he doesn’t find normalcy, he finds heart-stopping anxiety.

Y/N!” His voice cracks, heart beating against his ribs, panic punching him in the gut, nausea clawing at his throat. After everything he’s seen, everything he’s been through, the room before him is scariest thing he’s ever looked upon. “What do you think you’re doing? Get down from there!”

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