Love Told in Seven

Pairing: Mostly Steve x Reader, some Bucky x Reader, maybe a little Stucky if you squint

Word Count: 6,500ish and I am so sorry

Warnings: Angst, swearing, sad things that are sad so be careful because they’re sad

Summary: Seven instances of love. And a blanket.

A/N: Written for the incredible @softhairbarnes ‘s challenge. My prompt was simply blanket and you will see that I’m insane. This is all over the place, y’all, but I had the idea right away and it wouldn’t let me not write it, so I hope it’s okay. I hope it works.


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Out to Get Me

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader (!platonic)

Warnings: none really; a little bit of language

Word Count: 2500+

Summary: It was only meant to be in good fun. She’d didn’t think they’d cause this.

A/N:  This is by far THE most random story I’ve ever written. I don’t even know. I hope you all enjoy though! 

**also i’m not going to link it here, but if you want to know what I’m talking about just google duck pom poms and it should be one the first image that pops up(the yellow pom poms not the real duck with the fluff on top). I can’t link or this wouldn’t show up in tags. You used to be able to buy them in bulk on Amazon, but I can’t find them anymore. sidenote: I may or may not have done this to my roommate at one point too and that’s where i got the idea. 

Gifs not mine, credit to the creator!

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It’s official, he thought, I’m going insane.

Bucky stared at the offending object, the parasite he couldn’t seem to get rid of no matter how hard he tried. He swore he already threw the last one in the trash yesterday. However there was the one in his shoes from the day before. Then there were the three he found the day before in his closet, on his gun rack in the arsenal room and then in the bottom of his gym bag. Yet here another sat. 

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Why Are You Recording?! - b.b.

request: no request, inspiration struck me after watching this video. brief summary: You have joined the Avengers camping and they decide to play a prank on your boyfriend, Bucky.

pairings: bucky barnes x female reader, avengers x female reader

warnings: cursing

length: 2k

a/n: after watching the video all i could picture was that exact thing happening to bucky 😂 so i decided to write this fic. please excuse any spelling errors. thank you to everyone who has sent requests, i’m making my way through them now. REQUESTS ARE OPEN.

Check out my MASTERLIST

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Two Night Stand (Part 11)

Synopsis: (AU) You found yourself at a club drinking away to forget about the stress of your shitty job as the assistant of the biggest Editor in New York, and end up hooking up with the man of your dreams only to wake up to a nightmare when you find out he’s the son of your boss.

PART 10 | 2NS Masterlist

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: idk if fluff is a warning, but dis wild too.

Word Count: 4,033

A/N: this chapter is full of dialogue, dialogue, dialogue ALSO: TELL ME YOUR OPINIONS AND HEAD CANONS FOR THIS SERIES? Let’s be friends! (Also, I’m employed now, as an assistant… might get a lot busier. ilytho

“Aren’t you going to change?” Bucky asks as I pat the bed again.

“I could just take my pants off.” I mumbled, wiggling off my satin flare pants.

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just go with it: six | b.b.

pairing: bucky barnes x female reader

chapter word count: 3007

summary: in which you find yourself in need of someone to pretend to be your boyfriend for your family’s christmas vacation, and bucky just might be the man for the job.

warnings: a bunch of fluff, angst, feels all around, some nudity? lol. also warning that this chapter kind of sucks and is unedited and i don’t know how i feel about it but i promised u guys a chapter today so here we are

author’s notes: for @spideywhiteys 1k writing challenge (see chapter 1 notes for more information).

series masterlist
main masterlist

chapter one | chapter two | chapter three | chapter four | chapter five

To say things were uncomfortable after the incident with you, Bucky, and Emily was an understatement. As promised, Bucky had apologized to your sister, and the rest of your family who had heard about what happened from her. He didn’t really understand why she felt the need to tell them about it when she hadn’t known exactly what had happened, but he wasn’t about to say that. They were unimpressed enough as it was. Being so protective of you, your family was hesitant to just let it slide, but with reassuring words from you they were willing to try their best.

The tension that lingered ate away at you more than it should have. As your family danced around Bucky awkwardly (and vice versa), you were left wondering once again if bringing a fake boyfriend along on your family’s Christmas vacation might be the worst idea you’d ever had. Despite a couple of rough patches, Bucky really was great, but there were just so many emotions being brought up by the situation that you had never expected to confront. Especially not in the presence of your family or a total stranger.

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Everybody Knows (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Requests:  Will you please do a Bucky Barnes x reader where you’re T'Challa and Shuri’s younger cousin and you look after Bucky and his treatment and the two of you really bond and one day he kisses you and you kiss back until T'Challa pops in a really cute fluffy ending please    **I changed the request from younger sister to younger cousin, otherwise they’d be way too young for Bucky, since Shuri is only 17 years old, herself** 

Hiiiiii i would be delighted if u pls wrote a pic using everybody knows from justice league with Bucky thank you gurl


Everybody knows that the dice are loaded

Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed

Everybody knows the war is over

Everybody knows the good guys lost

Everybody knows the fight was fixed

The poor stay poor, the rich get rich

That’s how it goes

Everybody knows

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anonymous asked:

heyy can you maybe do a drabble with Cop!Bucky or FBI!Bucky where he invades reader's house cause she's a suspect and he searches her for weapons even though that should be done by a female agent but he says there aren't any present and reader kinda enjoys it and at the end a female one walks in and she finds out Bucky lied. cocky Bucky basically, hope this makes sense xoxo

I was working on prove myself but got stuck at a certain point and decided to do a little request to fight writer’s block. This is short. 1,2 k :)  // Masterlist

One moment there is just you and your best friend standing in her living room, talking about a text message she received from her trashy ex-boyfriend. The next moment there are loud noises, shattering glass, heavy footsteps around you and loud voices shouting from everywhere, ordering to put your hands in the air.

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Divider (Bucky x reader Drabble)

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A/N: Just a little something based off that meme above. Another manchild Bucky fic ☺️☺️

“This burger is sooooo gooood!” Bucky moaned as he took another huge bite into the greasy burger. You glared at him, stabbing another piece of lettuce with your fork and wishing it was his stupid face. It was date night and of course Bucky chose a diner with the most delicious smelling food while you were in the middle of an “eat healthier” challenge with Wanda, Scott and Sam. You crunched loudly on your salad, hoping to drown out the sound of Bucky’s obnoxious eating. You knew he was doing it on purpose, he kept telling you that you didn’t eat bad, that you’re body was amazing and life is too short to restrict your diet. Easy for him to say, he could eat whatever he wanted and not gain a pound.

“You ok Y/N? Want a fry?” Bucky asked, holding out a golden French fry in your direction. “No I do not want a fry, Bucky! I’m eating healthy, remember?” You exclaimed, gesturing to your salad. “Suit yourself, I guess I’ll just eat them all myself.” You watched hungrily as he stuck the fry in his mouth, making yours water at the thought of tasting crunchy, fluffy, salty fry. ‘Just one won’t hurt, right?’ You reasoned with yourself, deciding to just have one.

You reached across the table towards Bucky’s plate of fries, eager to taste just one. Just as you were almost to your destination, a grocery divider slide in between your hand and his plate. “What in the actual fuck Bucky? You said you didn’t take that from the store!” You said, stunned at your boyfriend’s actions. Bucky folded his arms across his chest, smug smile painted on his face. “And you said you didn’t want any fries but here we are.”

You scoffed. You are such a child! How did you even get that out of the store without the cashier noticing?!”

“I’m an assassin doll, I could’ve taken a lot more than the divider.” He answered, still proud of himself.

You huffed in frustration. “Please, can I just get one fry? I promise I won’t eat them all.”

Bucky shook his head. “Nope, healthy eating doll, remember.”

“I hate you sometimes.” You said sullenly, turning back to your salad, this time you stabbed it a little bit harder.

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Retro - B.B (1/6)

Originally posted by autumncozy

Summary: Please, third’s times the charm, right? Because James Barnes is tired of failing at this time called love. (Modern AU!Reader/Bucky Barnes).

Prompt:  “If you focus on what you left behind, you will never be able to see what lies ahead.”

A/N: This is for @buckyofthemyscira 5k challege. here is the editor/photographers story i was talking about. 


Please enjoy! Feedback is always welcomed.

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Marriage and Merger P.11

Originally posted by softevanstan

Summary: Summary: The reader’s family owns one of the biggest oil companies in the state of Texas. It has always been planned for their company and the other biggest company to merge into one big power-house, but the only way that the merger would happen is if the oldest children of each company to marry, insert Bucky Barnes.

Word Count: 1088

A/N: So there is 5 parts left! I am really happy where I end it! Enjoy! :)

Part 10

Master List


 Bucky woke up on Saturday morning with you curled up next to him. He smiled at your messy bun hardly keeping nay hair out of your face. Lightly, he brushed a couple strands of hair out of your face so he could see your face. Almost two months of marriage, you two grew closer than he had ever imagined.

 When Bucky moved the hair out of your face, it landed in your ear, making you shake your head. You lifted your head to look around to see if the sun was out of not. You had a terrible time sleeping; a lot of the time you would wake up in the middle of the night and stay up for a couple hours, or you would wake up every other hour making a restful night sleep almost impossible.

 When you saw the sun out, you looked back to Bucky squinting your eyes, “What time is it?”

 Bucky smiled softly reaching out to move hair that fell into your face again, “A little after eight. I figured I would let you sleep as long as possible, being that you were up quiet a bit last night.”

 You sighed and put your head back on your pillow, “I try to be quiet when I’m up; I don’t want to wake you up.”

 “I don’t mind, doll,” he rolled over to face you straight on, “I could keep you company if you ever wanted.”

 You shook your head, “We don’t need two sleep deprived in the house. I don’t think we could make anymore coffee than we already do.”

 He chuckled, “I will get a second coffee pot so they are both ready and made in the mornings for you.”

 “You mean that?” you moved the pillow slightly to see Bucky better.

 “Anything for you,” he cupped cheek.

 You leaned in close, “Bucky Barnes, you sure do know how to charm all the girls.”

 “Just charming one girl,” he gave you a soft kiss.

 You gave him another kiss, “Well, it’s working.”

 “Good,” he ran his thumb over your cheek, “What do you have planned for today, my love?”

 You groaned as you stretched, “I was gonna get ahead on some homework, but the bed is so comfortable.”

 “How about we stay in bed all day? You, me, Netflix, take out. What do ya say?”

 You smiled, “I think that sounds like a good plan.”

 “Good,” he held open his arm, “Now, come here, let’s sleep some more.”

 Without a second thought, you moved over to curl up in Bucky’s arms with your head on his chest. He kissed your head and you fell back into a soft sleep.

 You woke up to the soft sound of the TV on. You opened your eyes slowly so your eyes could adjust to the light. Bucky was watching Blue Bloods, you nudged his side and mumbled, “How dare you watch this without me, James.”

 He chuckled, “This is an old episode, doll. Not even close to where we are.”

 “Good,” you nuzzled in closer to him.

 He wrapped his arms around you, pulling your closer to him. He kissed your forehead, letting his lips linger on your skin when he spoke, “Are you getting hungry?”

 You nodded, “Yeah a little.”

 “Do you want me to make something or do you want me to call something in?”

 You shook your head, “No.”

 He chuckled, “No? I thought you were hungry?”

 “I am, but I don’t want you to leave the bed,” you tilted your head up to look at him.

 He smiled at you, smoothing out your hair, “You don’t want me to leave?”

 You shook your head, “No, I want you to stay here with me.”

 He pulled you closer and kissed you, “I’ll never leave, Y/N.”

 You nodded and nuzzled into his arms, “Good. Now play the new episode.”


After a couple episodes of Blue Bloods, Bucky rolled out of bed to order food for you guys. You grabbed your phone and started looking through some emails when your phone started to ring.

 You smiled and answered it, “Hey Sara, what are you up to?”

 “Well, I am just a little confused because I thought you would be here at the library like you normally are on a Saturday two weeks after Spring Break,” your best friend spoke.

 “Well, I was planning on it, but I woke up and decided to stay in bed with Buck.”

 “Please tell me you have told him you love him already?”

 You sighed, “No, I haven’t.”

 “Y/N! Come on! You are in love with that boy just tell him already! You know he loves you!”

 “I don’t know how to,” you mumbled.

 “Y/N,” she let out a huff, “Simply say, ‘Bucky, I love you.’ That’s it!”

 “But when he told me it was sweet.”

 “He has been waiting a month now for you to tell him you love him, it doesn’t have to be some over the top elaborate way. Just tell him. And I better get a phone call tomorrow or text saying you told him.”

 “Goodbye Sara,” you rolled your eyes and hung the phone up.

 “What is she up to?” Bucky asked walking back into the room.

 You flipped the covers back so he could climb into bed. As soon as he was close, you wrapped your arms around him and resumed the position that you two had been in for the last few hours, “She was wondering why I wasn’t in the library.”

 He wrapped his arm around you, “Do you want to get your stuff and head up there for a bit?”

 You shook your head, “No, I’m staying here with you.”

 He kissed your forehead, “Okay, no library.”

 After a couple minutes, you tilted your head up to looked at him. He looked down and smiled softly, “What’s on your mind, doll?”

 Sara was right. Bucky deserved to know how you felt. You placed your hand on his check, “I love you, James.”

 Bucky blinked for a moment, as if to process what you had just said. A smile broke out across his face, “You do?” he asked quietly.

 You nodded, “I do.”

 He pulled you close and kissed you with so much love. You wrapped your arm around his neck, pulling him closer. There became urgency in your kissing, when Bucky pulled away slightly, “Are you sure?” he asked.

 You nodded, kissing him again. You would have never believed that you would have actually fallen for Bucky, after everything.

Have We Met Before?


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Note: Thank you, baby (@salimahbicharara-comun ) for that amazing header. <3

Summary: What happens when the love of your life gets amnesia? Bucky wonders if he is really cursed.

I - The Shock.

II - Strangers.

III - Insomnia.

IV - Liquor.

V - Touch.

VI - Why do you hate me?



IX -

X -

XI -




XV -

(Chapters added with each update <3)

I just wanna say

I might not be updating soon??? I already feel like im going to be really busy with school and work. But i posted part 11 of Two Night Stand bc ya’ll deserve something!!!

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Read Two Night Stand (Part 11) here!

ps. don’t be shy and tell me how ya feel please??? it helps me write ok bye!

Reblog to make a point!

My dad thinks just because I am a women that I am not qualified or not strong enough to do a “mens job”. He still thinks that man can and have to work like man and women have to work like women…in a kitchen or as a assistant. He refuses to help or let me work where I want to. Please reblog, like or comment this to help me make a point clear. WOMEN ARE STRONG AND MORE THAN QUALIFIED.

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Summary: Mysterious, but life changing things always happen if you just let life take its course – you decided to try it for once. 

Pairing: Modern/Traveling AU! Reader/Bucky Barnes

Mood board by the wonderful @abovethesmokestacks for her since this story was for her challenge

Additional mood board made by my darling @isavuu.

Status: Complete

My favorite assumption from boys is that because I’m a virgin I must know nothing about sex. Like, honey, I’ve read enough fanfiction, i think you’d be shocked by the things I know about sex.

Eight Times

Series Summary: Eight times Bucky Barnes said ‘I love you’ without saying ‘I love you’, and the one time he actually said it.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,852

“What if we didn’t have knee joints?” You said aloud. “Would we just walk like penguins, d’you think?”

Bucky let out an exasperated laugh, giving you a look. “Why would you even think something like that?”

You blinked and pursed your lips. “It was a random thought.”

He shook his head, continuing to polish his gun. “We’re hiding behind a bush, about to snipe a guy who’s killed over thirty people. It’s hardly the time to be thinking about penguins.”

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Mixed Signals

Request: Can you do a bucky writing where he tries to ask reader out for dinner and she doesn’t get the hint and is like “yeah sounds fun! i’ll tell the rest of the team” and then he tries to get everyone to bail bc “it’s supposed to be a date not a fucking family outing” or something skxnskxnd pls

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 2,241

A/N: So, I tweaked the original request, but it’s the same idea lol. Thank you for sending this in and I hope you all like it!

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Feet padding softly on the wooden floors, Bucky left the kitchen with a water bottle in hand. He’d figured he would walk the hallways for a few minutes, convince his brain that all the dangers were only in his nightmares, and eventually be so bored that he’d fall asleep.

As he entered the hallway that led to Nat’s room, he had half a mind to return to his own bedroom and pick up his iPhone and earphones to listen to some music, when he saw a sliver of light coming from underneath the door that led to the laundry room.

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Raise your hand if you’re too young to date your faves!

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