Make You Mine (Fake Dating!AU)

Summary: Your neighbor Bucky gets news that he has been written into his grandmother’s will for an inheritance he never even knew about. It’s a huge sum but there are however, some conditions that have to be met for him to actually get the inheritance and the first is that he must, at least, have a girlfriend. Drawing up short on that end, Bucky asks a favor of you, as his friend to pretend to be his girl and you agree to go along with it, for him. What will happen when you realize that you've actually started falling for him?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 5.8k-ish

Warning: y’all finally getting paid for your patience I swear ahahah, god don’t hate me for this chapter pls ily all very much, also: mild sexytoim

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Chapter 11: In Fear And Faith

“All I’m saying that Pluto is still orbiting the sun, you know!” Bucky muses, taking another sip of the wine, “it’s really lonely out there at the edge of the solar system, the least we can do is let him be family!”

You chuckle at his argument, sipping through your glass of wine, “you want Pluto in the Solar System for sentimentality?”

“I get why Pluto isn’t a planet, i get it” Bucky says again, his words slurring a little as the alcohol wisps its way into his brain, “but it’s just.. not fair.”

You can’t help the wide smile that is lighting up your face as you listen to him rant about the stars, the planets and his love for them, his love for Pluto. He’s so passionate about it, you can’t help but he proud of this nerd.

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Do You Believe In Love (Part 1)

Summary: James Buchanan Barnes, CEO of Winter Co. He is determined that true love doesn’t actually exist. Not after everything he has witnessed, but what happens when he meets you? A hopeless Romantic. Will you be able to change his mind or is the past too hard to face?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Warning: None?

Winter co. one of the biggest multi-media networks to ever exist. They put out the new fashion trends weeks before anybody else. They could tell you which companies to invest in and which ones you need to get out of. The newest tech, anything you needed to know you could find in Winter Co.

    This company was for the elite of the elite. Even getting a job here was practically impossible unless you had somebody on the inside or you were world wide famous for that job.

    So how did you find yourself sitting in Winter Co. behind a desk? Writing an article for the next magazine.

    Well for that story we’ll have to back up 2 years ago.

    You walked up to the massive building in front of you. You took a deep breath before you walked into the building.

    You walked in met by the bustle of people running around answering phones, typing away on their computers,

    “You must be Y/n Y/l/n.” you turn around to see a tall blonde man standing in front of you. “I’m Steve Rogers, one of the people you interviewed over the telephone. SOrry I couldn’t meet with you in person I’m constantly running around trying to get photos. I was lucky enough to not be somewhere on the other side of the world today so that I could meet you.”

    “No worries Mr Rogers.” you say holding out your hand,

    “Please call me Steve,” he states shaking your hand, “Well Mr James Barnes is who your going to be the assistant for.” Steve states as he starts to walk away, you hesitate wondering if your supposed to follow, “He’s the director of the entire company and once his father retires he’ll become the CEO.”

    After going on an Elevator ride practically up to the top floor you arrive at a door with the name J. Barnes on a title plate.

“Let me go in first. He isn’t exactly expecting you.” Steve states more to himself than to you.

“Did I come on the wrong day?” you ask your heart begins to pound, where you late? Too early?

“No you came on the right day. Just one moment.” Steve walked through the door closing it behind him.

Bucky’s POV:

Steve walked into my office casually sitting down in front of me.

“What do you need Steve, I’m very busy.” I state turning to my computer to check some of the statistics.

“You are always very busy Bucky.” Steve says shaking his head, “That’s why I brought someone here for you.”

“If this is another one of yours and Sharon’s set ups I’m not interested.” I state simply looking over at my best friend who just rolled his eyes,

“No this is not a set up. She’s going to be your assistant.” Steve says shrugging slightly. But once the words left Steve’s mouth I froze.

“Steve you didn’t. I told you not to.” I state glaring at him.

“Bucky you are overworked. You stay here till who knows what time, you are constantly getting business calls, and filling out paperwork. She’s just going to lighten the load for you.” Steve explains.

“It will never be approved. That has to go though me and I won’t sign it off.” I explain simply.

“I already talked to your father and he approved her into the company.”

“You told my father about her?” I asked not even trying to hide my anger, “She’ll probably become his next girlfriend.”

“Yes I did Buck, we’re all worried about you.” Steve ignores the last part I had said, “You stay here till midnight and come back at 6 in the morning. You get at most 5 hours of sleep but I know that it’s probably a lot less than that. You eat barley two meals a day. Bucky I hate to say it but your letting your work become more important than your own health. Your becoming a workaholic.”

“And why would me having an assistant change that in anyway?” I ask almost challenging Steve.

“Because she can’t leave until you leave, when you come into work she has to come into work. She will be incharge of making sure you eat three meals a day, and will take some of your business calls and filter out the ones that you don’t actually have to take. She’ll make sure the paperwork is correct, before sending it in to you to sign so that you don’t have to read through your own paperwork.”

“So you got me a babysitter?” I deadpan rolling my eyes.

“Yes if that’s how you want to view it. Sam and myself picked her out ourselves_”

“Wait Sam helped pick her? No Steve there is no way that my assistant is going to be picked out by Sam Wilson.” I state seriously

“Buck, you need to give her a chance.”

“Fine what’s her name?”

“Her name is Y/n Y/l/n, She just moved her a little while ago. She had a blog that became pretty popular.”

“So that’s her motive come here and become a writer.”

“Bucky I don’t think that anybody plans on becoming an assistant their entire lives.” Steve retorted. “SHould I bring her in?”

“I guess if you have to.” I state

Y/n POV:

You had been standing in the hallway for about 10 minutes when the door opened revealing Steve.

“Y/n come on in.” Steve states

You walked into the room taking in the office. But soon you are met by a pair of cold blue eyes.

“Hi I”m Y/n Y/l/n.” you state extending your hand towards him.

“Really Steve this is who you choose?” the man states looking over at the blonde man before rolling his eyes.

“Bucky. Be nice.” Steve states shaking his head.

“I mean couldn’t she have worn something a little more professional?” you frowned looking down at your clothes, you weren’t going to lie you could have dressed up a little nicer but you didn’t think you looked that bad.

“Really it’s her physical appearance that is making you upset?” Steve states blandly,

“I just think that even an assistant could dress a little nicer she is representing Winter Co. after all.”

“Fine I’ll send her down to Natasha, she’ll have her looking “Winter Co.” ready by tonight.” Steve states sarcastically saying Winter Co.

“Whatever.” Mr Barnes states turning back towards the papers in front of him.

“I’m going to go. Y/n, if you need anything let me know. Buck, be nice. I’ll let you two get to know each other.” Steve states stepping out of the office.

“So_ Mr Barnes.”

“It’s James Barnes.”

“Excuse me?”

“Call me James Barnes, if you call me Mr Barnes everyone will assume you are talking about my father.” he states flipping through a document.

“James?” you said quizzically

“Yes my name. James.” he states simply his annoyance appearing.

“I thought Steve called you Bucky?”

“Yes my friends call me Bucky, but Ms. Y/l/n, we are not friends. Nor will we ever be.” His icy blue eyes flashed up towards you, “Do I make myself clear?”

You nodded, your nervousness had just increased.

“Now go and I don’t know, go get me a coffee.” he states shaking his head and looking back at the papers in front of him.

You walked out of the building rushing out to the coffee shop across the street.

This was your job now.

What did you just sign up for?

Fixer Upper

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (implied female)
World: AU. Modern!Bucky x Mechanic!Reader
Warnings: none really. This is really bad and I have forgotten how to write so i hate it. I also started hating the plot midway through so im sorry if its rushed and bad and vague. 
Summary: Bucky Barnes is no longer an active member of the Avengers, just looking for a place to settle in that’s just perfect for him. On his search his car breaks down, and the sassy yet lovely mechanic that comes to his rescue, ends up introducing him to the town that might have everything he was searching for.

A/N: This is for @softhairbarnes 750 followers celebration writing challenge! I took the word prompt: Car. Hope you guys enjoy this spin on a typical AU classic lmao. It is so bad tho.

Smooches! xoxo L

Originally posted by nerdyfandomimagines

He can’t believe it.

He has a metal arm for god’s sake, a metal arm he has been able to keep in check since he left the avengers years ago. The amount of times he’s called Tony or Shuri for advice – just advice! – he can count with his flesh hand, and that’s an achievement. Right?

Of course it is. He’s got that down to a T! Mechanics, right, he’s got it. Never functioned better.

And yet here he is, with his car sputtering some type of oil and there’s some smoke, threatening to be a lot of smoke, because he’s useless when it comes to actual mechanics that aren’t his high tech arm.

So far his mission – mere soldier talk, all he’s doing is town hopping looking for a place to settle – has been a crash course. Huh, hilarious. There’s not a single place that is the perfect balance of quiet and busy for him to just merge into and disappear. Granted, he knows he probably never will disappear, but whatever’s closest to that is what he wants, and he hasn’t found it.

And now here he is in the middle of a very quiet road on the outskirts of a town he had never heard of, thankfully covered in shade by the big trees and waiting impatiently for that mechanic his phone’s F.R.I.D.A.Y told him about – Siri. Young Peter had told him it was called Siri, but he wishes he could call it F.R.I.D.A.Y instead, it’s what he knows – as he tries his best not to mess up his car anymore than he probably already has.

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What’s Your Number? Part Four

Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

summary: After reading an article in Cosmo, you begin to reevaluate your dating history and choices. With the help of your overly cocky neighbour, you look to find your exes and see if any old flames are the one for you.

Will you find the love of your life with the help of Bucky or will you find someone new?

pairing: bucky barnes x female reader

warnings: couple curse words

word count: 1.7k

A/N: oh boy the first of the exes is here!! after this chapter, we will be fully into meeting the exes!!!!

as always, feedback is greatly appreciated, come yell at me and tell me your secrets here!

wyn? masterlist.


Bucky knocked on your door three times, struggling to hold a pile of files in one arm while the other held a case of six beers, a loud huff leaving him as he waited for what felt like eternity for you to answer your front door.

You heaved open the door and smiled as Bucky held up the case of beer and raised his eyebrows, earning an eye roll but still a smile as you welcomed him into your apartment.

Bucky dropped the files onto the coffee table and headed to your kitchen, rummaging around for a bottle opener as you went and sat yourself down on the sofa, nerves settling into your stomach as you looked at the files and the first names of your exes that were scribbled on each one.

You thanked Bucky has he handed you a beer and plopped down next to you on the sofa, ten files laid out on the coffee table in front of you both. Bucky had stayed true to his word and recruited Jessica to track down your ten exes; the P.I claimed that some were easier to find than others and that all she needed in payment was a bottle of Jack.

“Can we make a deal?” Bucky asked before taking a small sip of his beer. You looked to Bucky, a knowing look plastered across your face as you waited for him to say what you were expecting him to say.

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photograph » seven

summary: it took you and bucky for a while to realize you were keeping all the love in those little photographs.

pairing: bucky barnes x reader

warnings: angst

a/n: well, things are getting both shitty and better, i guess???? 

[this series is for @abovethesmokestacks ‘s challenge. my trope is friends-to-lovers.]

this part’s song: Coldplay - A Rush of Blood To the Head

previous chapter


“Hey,” You heard Steve’s deep voice when you put the phone in your ear, accepting the call without looking who it was calling you. A smile formed on your lips. “What’s up?” He asked. You balanced the box in your hand and huffed your hair out of your face.

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You’re My Mission Pt.22

So…I Lied.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,863


Warnings: Sadness…so much sadness…and fluff?

A/N: Ooh, man. I cried throughout this one. Every time I added something new with each read through it got tougher and tougher not to cry. Finally, I just let it out. This one is sad and I’m sorry but it’s necessary. I hope you enjoy it and fair warning, grab some tissues. If you cry easy like me that is. As always if you happen to reblog, thank you so much for helping me spread these horrible horrible words! 😭 xoxo

I wanna kiss him. I wanna kiss him. I wanna kiss him.

These words repeat themselves in your mind over and over like the annoying chorus of a song stuck in your head.

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the one with the coffee

this is a short drabble based on this post! this blog is so helpful with my writer’s block, and I gotta say I really really enjoy writing au!bucky. requests are open btw in case you’d like to request any au concepts :)

She’s looking at him like he’s just grown a second head when he finishes speaking and Bucky finds himself instantly regretting ever having spoken up.

God, it’s weird, he realizes far too late. So fucking weird. He has the sudden urge to hit himself but decides against it to not freak her out even more.

He averts his eyes, fiddling with the empty paper wrapping of a straw and tries to ignore the heavy thrumming of his heart, almost painful inside his chest.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Bucky risks a glance at her and notices she’s still looking at him like that. Wide-eyed, caught off guard and overall freaked out.

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Love's colours - wavydanrises - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Everyone is born with a tattoo that changes colour along with their soulmate’s moods, but without any way to know which feeling belongs to every colour. Steve is a small bookstore owner, and he just really hopes the dark blue colour on his arm stands for happiness.

Victims of Adoration Chapter 1

Pairing(s): (Slow burn) Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 858

Chapter Warnings: none really

A/N: Ok it’s happening wow, I really hope you guys enjoy this series, I’m so excited to continue writing it. I have a lot planned for this so strap in for the bumpy ride. As always, feedback is appreciated and encouraged. Enjoy x

Originally posted by sleepy-barnes

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Love, Tony (Chapter Six)

Previously | From the beginning | Read on ao3

Make sure to click through to continue reading on ao3! 

Tony flops down onto his bed with a sigh, tossing his phone onto his pillow. Snagging the Totoro plushie off his side table, Tony squeezes it tightly against his chest.

Everything was a flaming pile of garbage.

Maybe he could move to a farm in the middle of nowhere and hide for the rest of his life. Growing vegetables couldn’t be too hard to learn, and he could bring DUM-E with him. All he needed was a good wi-fi connection, a lifetime supply of yogurt drinks and he’d be set for life.

“You could always just call me you know.”

Steve blinks at him from across the room. Tony groans and squeezes his eyes shut. Dressed in his stupidly perfect blue plaid shirt and perfectly wrinkled jeans, imaginary Steve was flashing his disgustingly perfect teeth at him from his perch.

Great, even his conscience was conspiring against him now.

“Come on Tony. You know me. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Tony scowls. “You aren’t even real and you’re messing with my head. Stop messing with my head.”

Steve raises an eyebrow. “You know we’d be good together you know. We’ve known each other for so long, it’d be so easy to take that next step. We could take long walks by the bleachers at lunch. And after school, I could take you to the library-”

Tony flips over and covers his hands over his face. “Nope, nope nope. No picturing Steve taking his shirt off, no-”

Ohmygod, please shut up. The both of you are giving me a headache.”

Tony pauses. He slides his hands down across his face. Imaginary Bucky is staring at him now, entirely unimpressed, as he leans on one elbow. But then again-

Tony glances behind him. Steve is gone.

Bucky flops over beside him with a sigh, stretching his arms behind his head. “Finally, some peace and quiet.”

Tony blinks at Steve’s now vacant space.


Stucky Ficlet - Based on the above graphic by @one-big-dreamer (which was based on a prompt I suggested in some weird circle of prompts) 

Magician Stucky AU. -AN: This is not accurate, I know nothing about magic…

Steve invites Bucky Barnes up to help him with his performance not knowing that Bucky is also an illusionist. Who will win their battle for best magician? 

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the love of my life

Say That Again

Summary: Soulmate AU. Everyone hears a key word or phrase in their head from their soulmate, something only heard in person when the moment is right.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,543

Warnings: language, self-consciousness, fluff, that’s basically it

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely wonderful talented @bladebarnes’ 2k Celebration Challenge. My prompt was 35. quote: “Say that again.” I saw Baby Driver recently and couldn’t get the diner thing out of my head.

Originally posted by coporolight

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Leather Jackets - Bucky Barnes AU

Originally posted by sleepy-barnes

Request: “Can you make a Bucky imagine in which he’s like the bad boy who is really cool and falls for y/n and is super sweet around her?” // I did it as a Greaser AU because I was listening to the Grease soundtrack while writing lol

Word Count: 1167 // My requests are still open!!

The Greasers didn’t like to be messed with. If you’re not at their level, you can’t speak to them. You go near them, you’re dead.

Pacing quickly down the sidewalk, you avoided the glare of the boys in the red Chevrolet parked across the street. A message alert on your phone made you stop, pulling your phone out of your pocket.

Steve: Just overheard that the Greasers are gonna be at the coffee shop. Be careful.

Mentally groaning in fear of anyone hearing you, you slipped into the door of the cafe, walking with your head down.

“Hi, uh, Miss? What would you like?” The barista grinned at you, as you looked up from your phone. “Sorry, can I just have a juice please?”

“What’s your name?” She asked, holding your cup in one hand and a sharpie in the other. “Y/N.” You pronounced, smiling back.

Soon enough, your name was called and you took your drink, walking out of the store.

You looked around before pushing the door open, seeing the Chevrolet had moved. Breathing a sigh of relief, you pushed the door open and began your walk home.

Going to grab your phone from your back pocket, you bumped into someone.

Feeling a hand on your back, you looked up, making direct eye contact with one of the leaders of the greaser gang, Bucky Barnes.

“I am so sorry, I really wasn’t concentrating. I should look where I’m going, sorr-” You mumbled, rambling away, “Hey, don’t worry about it. Y/N, is it?” He smiled warmly at you, “Uh, yeah, that’s me.”

“We have English together, right?” He asked, trying to making eye contact as you looked everywhere but his into his eyes.

“That we do,” you laughed nervously, “See you Monday, I guess.”

“See you Monday, Y/N.” He smiled, brushing past you as you walked back home, texting Steve about your ‘incident’.

Soon enough, Monday rolled around.

School always dragged along on a Monday. Whether it be the non existent enthusiasm from the students, or the bore of lessons from teachers paid less than they’re owed.

Grabbing your bag and heading out of the classroom, you avoided the glare of the same boys from the coffee shop stood outside your classroom.

You felt their eyes leave as you trailed outside to try and find your friends, Steve and Peggy.

Walking past the bleachers, you felt all eyes on you as hands gripped your shoulders.

“If it isn’t Little Miss Y/N.” You span around to be met with the eyes of one of Bucky’s gang, another member of the Greasers.

“H-hi?” You questioned, looking away from where he stared deeply at you, backed by two more Greasers; the rest sat on the bleachers.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N. May I ask why this pretty little mouth of yours was talking to Barnes outside the coffee shop last night?” You looked up, horrified that anyone had seen yours and Bucky’s conversation.

“I-I didn’t mean anything by it! I bumped into hi-” He pressed a finger over your lips, his minions trailing behind you, as he whistled for more of them to come over.

You were surrounded. You’d seen this happen before, and you prayed every night that they would never do it to you.

Grabbing your bag roughly off your shoulders, you gasped as they pulled your books out one by one, until they reached your sketchbook.

“Well what do we have here? A sketchbook! Let’s have a looky here shall we?” He smirked, picking up the black book from your feet.

Flipping through your doodles and practices, you prayed they wouldn’t find your illustration of the picture Bucky had posted recently.

But they did. Just your luck.

“And it gets better! How ‘bout we show this to Buck when he gets here, hey? Is that what you want, Y/N? Attention? Well, sweetheart, that’s what you’re gonna get.”

Tears began to spill down your cheeks as he cascaded the sketchbook to the ground once again, the pencil drawing looking like a watercolour.

“Now, Y/N. How 'bouts we deal with you.” He spat, getting closer to your face. Grinning, he grabbed your hair and pulled your face up to meet his eyes.

Taking a harsh slap to the face, you looked into his eyes as he laughed, “Fuck. You.” you spat.

“What was that, Y/N? Say that again.” He looked shocked, but hid it. “I said fuck you.” He looked at you again, “You’re gonna regret that Y/N.”

Taking another hit, you saw the blood hit the concrete on the other side of the book.

“Hey!” A loud voice echoed from outside their circle, as the rest of the group scattered, you sank to the floor.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doin’?” Bucky asked the boy stood opposite you, as you let more tears flow. “You know what, I don’t wanna hear it. Back off.”

Bucky kneeled in front of you, smiling softly. “Y/N?”

“Y-yeah?” You held your nose in fear of it bleeding further.

“I’m so sorry the did that to you, I promise I would never have let them if I would’ve known. Are you alright?”

“Apart from nursing a headache and this nose bleed, I’ll be okay.” You smiled back up at him, his eyes glistening as he looked at you. “Shit, you need to get to the nurse.” He looked around you at the destruction of your bag, trying to pick up your scattered books.

“Did you draw this?” He asked, awe taking over his features. “Um, yes, I did. I’m sorry, it’s lame. I just saw the picture on my feed and I needed prac-”

“Y/N, babe, this is incredible.” He grinned from ear to ear, holding the book so delicately. “T-thank you, Bucky. It means a lot.” He slung your bag over his shoulder, offering you a hand as he led you to the nurses office.

“I’m still so sorry, Y/N. Can I please take you for coffee or something to make up for it?” He asked, brushing your hair behind your ear as you held tissue to your nose.

“I don’t drink coffee, but I’m definitely always down for pizza.” You laughed, Bucky joining you. “Well, pizza it is. Are you free tonight?”

- 6 months later -

Finishing the final sentence of your last-minute homework, you shoved the books into your bag as a knock at the door snapped you out of the world of your science work.

Opening the door with a smile, you saw Bucky, donned in his leather jacket and all black outfit.

“Mornin’ baby.” He smiled, pressing a kiss to your lips as you grinned into it. “Good morning, Bucky.”

“Did you sleep okay?” He asked, interlocking his fingers with yours. “I’d sleep better if my boyfriend wouldn’t keep messaging me every five minutes!”

“Well forgive me for caring about you!” He laughed, pressing a kiss to your temple.

“You know I love you really.” You nudged him slightly as he grinned. “I love you too, doll.”

relationship tutor masterlist

College AU. Bucky, a relationship novice, asks for your help in dating your friend. Unable to say no to him, you agree despite everyone and everything telling you not to.  (banner made by QUEEN @sighodinson)

“I want it to be slow, Y/N,” he explained, frowning a little. “Slow and meaningful. Build a foundation, get to know her, maybe let it grow into something serious.”

You had been watching the blue in his eyes from the moment he’d started speaking. There was a conviction in them that made the beating in your chest falter, you knew you could never say no to him. You had to stop yourself from grimacing. “Okay.”

italics denote deleted scene/drabble

Part 1: Organic Chemistry 

Part 1.5: drabble- bucky’s reasoning

Part 2: Advanced Equestrianism 

Part 3: Contemporary Sadism 

Part 4: Social Psychology 

Part 5: Introduction to Honesty 

Part 6: Remedial Date Design

Part 7: Critical Mural Analysis

Part 7.5: drabble- dinner date

Part 8: Twenty-First Century Romanticism 

Part 9: Intermediate Repression

Part 10: Basic Football Studies 

Part 11: Dead Sea Discourse 

Part 12: Cooperative Napping

Part 13: Competitive Confrontation 

Part 14: Communication Certification 

Part 15: Physical Cosmology

Epilogue: Post-Modern Fortress Architecture

completed: march 30, 2018

deleted scenes/drabbles updated: april 24, 2018

Siren Song

Main masterlist

Status: Complete

Pairing: CEO!Bucky x Reader (Little Mermaid inspired!AU)

Chapters: 8 + an epilogue

Summary: Tired to wait for the man you had had a crush on for years to see you as more than his secretary, you sign up for a matching app that showcases talent. Without seeing your face, WhiteWolf17 finds himself falling lured by your voice. But getting your boss out of your system is more easily said than done. 

Warning(s): Mutual pining, mention of car accident and depression, good old quiproquo, fluff. 

A/N: I’m not quite sure how many chapter will be written, I have like nine planned but things can change. This is my entry for @ciarawritesmarvel Disney AU 1K celebration challenge and I got The Little Mermaid. 



The beautiful fan arts you guys created for the fic. Thank you so so much!

The White Wolf Masterlist

Series Summary: James “Bucky” Barnes is the most feared man in New York. What happens when a flower shop owner gets tangled up in his empire?

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Death Do Us Part - Masterlist

Status: On-going

Pairing: God of Death!Bucky Barnes x Mortal!Reader

Summary: For centuries, the God of Death had known two things about mortals. One, they were his job, his to collect when their days came to an end, and two, they were obnoxiously odd beings. Their purpose ceased to make sense to him. Never did he understand why they created a life for themselves, why they loved, why they loved other mortals when they knew that none of it would last forever. It was nothing but sheer stupidity, but that was until he met you. A mortal unlike any other. A mortal that would make him question everything. A mortal that would teach the God of Death how to live

Based on screaming back and forth with @take-my-life-not-my-heart where we realized God of Death!Bucky needed to be a thing, so here is our fic baby!

Warning(s): Quite a lot of fluff, angst, smut, and God of Death!Bucky kinda deserves a warning of his own. 

Chapters: 10

Tags: Taglist for the fic is unfortunately closed! I’m blown away by your interest in the fic, I hope you’re gonna enjoy! 

This fic has already been blessed with a moodboard by the one and only, @take-my-life-not-my-heart ! Can be found below the cut! 

And not only that but the sweet @winter–cearig blessed me with a video (who even am I to have videos made for my fics I’m in shambles I swear) and it stole my heart, please be sure to check it out here

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ws!bucky x reader

In which Y/N gets captured to be the Winter Soldiers pet

Warnings: kidnapping, torture, swearing, angst and fluff

words: 4.5K

He had noticed her in the 60’s the first time. She had been at the Kennedy parade, smiling and squaring with excitement as JFK, and his wife Jackie rode by, waving and smiling. Her hair was in a tight, and high ponytail, slicked back and long as was the style of the time, and the jewel she wore in it glinted in his eye as his sniper rifle passed over her. He had seen the way her face crumpled into a horrified scream as he hit his mark expertly, and he had seen the way she looked so pretty as she cried into her friend’s shoulders, mascara dripping down her face, marking it with her grief. His caretaker at the time noticed his gaze, and muttering quickly in Russian, hit the comm on his ear and proposed a plan to his superiors without the Assets knowledge. 

The Asset hadn’t known how they got the right woman, or why she was here, but he assumed that it was a simple way to keep him coming back to base— a reason not to run. If he ran, she would never be able to again. 

He saw her the second time huddled in the corner of his room, the green-tinted fluorescent lights making every blemish and blotch on her skin horribly apparent. Her dress, similar to the some he had seen her in the other day, was torn and dirt stained. Her fingertips were bleeding, and her nails were torn and despite not even being in the same vicinity as her for more than five seconds, found his chest swelling with pride at her will to fight. Her eyes grew wide in fear as she noticed him— his hulking stature and muzzle and shaggy hair that was a little too heavy with grease— and immediately, he tried to make himself smaller. He fell to one knee and slouched his back and held out two hands in surrender— a sign of submission he had learned when the torture his caretakers went too far. Her fear lessened somewhat, but she refused to leave the corner of the room for the next few days— going so far as to sleep and defecating in that spot. Her fear paralyzed her, and Bucky woke every day on his too-springy mattress and hoped to find her clean and in a chair or something other than that horrid corner. 

They took her for the first time that day, and he cursed his hearing abilities, for he could hear her screaming in pain— from what, he never wanted to know. 

He found out eventually, as they shoved her back in wearing what looked like cheap underwear and a cargo shirt he wore under his uniform. Her skin looked like it had been pressure washed, and from the small dots hidden in the crook of her arm, he hoped they had taken blood from her rather than injected her with something.

“что они сделали с тобой, милая?” (what have they done to you, sweet thing?). His voice was raspy as he neared her. His movements seemed to be too quick for her liking as she backed away and pressed herself to the bars of the door she was shoved through seconds before. 

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